Chapter 1:

"Annabelle, you worthless lump get up and clean this room. You'll be having a new roommate soon, later today actually. So hurry up!" The grouchy voice of the headmaster scratched. I slowly got up and scratched my red blonde hair. I looked around at the same old boring grey walls that I saw everyday of my life. I looked around at the mess surrounding me, piles of clothes, and shoes, papers, and books, lots of books. I rubbed my blue green eyes and climbed out of bed. I started to randomly pick up things. My hands picked something that was book-shaped wrapped in a shirt. I slowly unwrapped it.

"Peter Pan" I read out loud. The sound of it on my tongue felt like a lullaby sung to me when I was a baby. Like someone's arms wrapped around me, whispering in my ear. It felt like home. But I had no home. The warm light that had surrounded me was gone, leaving behind cold unwanted feeling. Nobody loves me nobody ever will. I live in the local orphanage; I'm the oldest child here. It's not that I'm vindictive or anything, I'm just different. I constantly have my head in the clouds dreaming of a better place to be than where I am. I slowly opened the book. I started to read of Neverland, of Tinkerbell, of Peter, and of Wendy. I read the whole book. I felt connected to Wendy somehow I don't know why but I was. There was a knock on the door. I looked around at the room; I'd wasted the whole morning reading. I quickly shoved everything under my bed. The knocking continued.

"I'm coming." I yelled, stuffing the last shirt under my mattress. I ran to the door and I opened. "You must be my new room-" I stopped cold. In front of the door was the biggest, cruelest looking, boy I'd ever seen. I took a deep breath and stepped back.

"So shrimp, you're my new roommate huh?" All I could do was nod. "Well we've got to get something straight, I rule this nest. I'm the oldest boy here in this joint, and you're the oldest girl. How old are you again?"

"12" I answered meekly.

"I'm 16 so I'm older, I'm better, I'm more powerful, I'm smarter, and I'm more everything. So shut up and let me beat you up like a good little girl."

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