Author's notes:

This story is rated "M" for a reason. It has mature themes, and adult situations. I will be clear right now, though, that there will be no graphic sex scenes. If you're looking for a lemon, you won't find it here. This story is about how Vivio lives her life, as well as gives a clear notice on Syn, a character I always use alongside Vivio. An interesting thing about this story is that it is already completed at the time of posting the first chapter. Which means that for those of you reading this as it comes out, you can be guaranteed a new chapter every two to three days. Why not post all at once? Well, I wrote this as a series of short parts (60 total) on the AnimeSuki forums over the span of a few months. I gathered them together and am currently in the process of proofreading. I also want to give people time to read and comment/review. Since this story is so different from everything else, I'm really looking forward to what people have to say. I do realize that this story isn't for everyone, and I respect that. For the people who will consider it, I ask that you read a few chapters before passing judgment. Despite the name, this story is not about Vivio having sex. It is about how she struggles in life, meets someone who's interested in her, and overcoming her past. Yes, there are adult moments, but they are not the focus of the story. The characters are. With that said, I truly hope you enjoy one of my favorite works that I have written.

"And cut!" The director called out, pleased. "That'll do it! Thanks for your work!"

A few calls of 'nice job!' or 'good show!' rang out as the few people on the set started wrapping up. I was given a robe to cover my body by an assistant, who also complimented me on another well done job. I smiled at them and made my way to my dressing room. 'Vivio Takamachi' was written on a star on the door and the cool air inside made me sigh out pleasantly. I removed my robe and made my way to the small section that was boxed off with glass and had a small shower head above it. The water rushed over my body and I began to lather my luffa to wash away the sweat clinging to me and my hair.

My life wasn't what I though it to be. Growing up, I had always expected to be some type of mage, to fight alongside my mothers and protect people... Now...after that incident...

I shook my head to clear it. There was no point in looking into the past. I was twenty two now, and my mothers are in heaven. I had made it on my own for several years now and despite what some people think, being a porn star wasn't as bad as it's made out to be. I was getting famous and was paid good money for just one shoot. I worked for a company that gave me full benefits as well as a paycheck for a few hours of work that rivaled an average person's weekly salary. Still, sometimes I reflected back on everything that I had done. At first, I was just desperate. I lost my military benefits when I turned eighteen, and I couldn't seem to find a job. I was hungry, starving actually, but too proud to live off my parents' friends. Odd how that pride made me where I am now. It was harmless at first, just a few photos for a lingerie magazine, and then I received a letter for an interview as a model. I took it for the money, and gradually showed more skin before I was scouted by this company.

"Vivio, the hottest thing to happen to adult films," they had proclaimed. I was flattered and shocked and scared all at the same time... The first film made me cry at night, ashamed that I sold my virginity for money... But I needed food, I needed rent, and no one knew about what I had done. The second scene was worse and I actually threw up that night. Lying in bed, hugging myself, crying how I shamed my mothers...

Then the third scene, the fourth, the fifth... I became used to it, and people started to get to know me. I wasn't like the bimbos that walked around sometimes, and I actually made friends. They comforted me, and explained things to me. I was treated with respect, and not like some slut. Actually, I became really good friends with a few of them, and I no longer felt ashamed at what I was doing. It was a job, and the producers were respectable. My list of "will dos" was small and simple, and my first feature video was very tasteful, as it had a real story and only one sex scene.

It sold out and pulled a record for most sells. I released a sequel, which also was well done, and broke my own record for that one. From then on out, I was a "star" and not just "an employee". I was making it on my own, and I didn't think my mothers would be ashamed of me, even if I was an adult entertainer. I did my best, and work didn't reflect my personal life. I was very reserved with myself and didn't even show off my stomach when dressing casually. I had a modeling job on the side, also released by this very well respected company. In fact, I might even be getting a contract to be a regular in it. Also I was sought out to appear at certain clubs, both public and private. My life was pretty good, and I was proud of myself for being able to go from the shattered little girl that I was to a mature adult living her life.

I think my mothers would be proud that I never gave up hope.


Vivio laughed at the joke that was just told and shook her head in an amused manner. Her friends were all drunk and were currently having a contest to see who could eat the most hot wings in a row without drinking anything. As to not get caught up in the contest herself, the girl excused herself from the table and walked to the bar of the nightclub. She sat next to a blue haired girl and ordered a strawberry daiquiri to sip on while the harder stuff settled in her stomach.

"Hey," The girl spoke to her after a few moments. "What brings a pretty little thing like you here?"

Vivio looked to the side and grinned, slightly tipsy, at the mis-matched eyes looking at her. One red, one blue, the Heterochromia was pronounced fully. "Are you hitting on me?"

"Yup." The woman propped her cheek up on her palm and looked at Vivio with an amused smile. It was obvious she was crossing onto the drunk side but the cheerful expression on her face made Vivio stay at her seat.

"I'm celebrating a new DVD release," Vivio answered the first question asked of her.

"Oh? Favorite movie come out?" A smile came paired with a giggle. "I'm Syn, by the way."

"Vivio," she introduced herself. "And no, I work for a company that just finished one. It should be on the market in a few weeks."

"Hmmmmm," Syn hummed while chewing on this information. "Better than me."

"What do you do?"

Syn suddenly looked a little sad and crossed her arms on the bar before resting her chin on them. "I got fired today."

"Oh, I'm sorry..."

The blue haired one closed her eyes. "My boss was hitting on me earlier and I turned him down... A few days later I'm fired for something so stupid it doesn't even make sense..."

"I see..." Vivio felt sad for the girl sitting next to her. 'Such a pretty little thing too... No wonder she's drowning her woes.'

"...and I don' know how I'm going to pay my bills," Syn was still talking, eyes lightly glazed. "I'm already a month behind on my rent...." She looked up as the bartender came to her, giving her a questioning look asking if she wanted another glass or not.

Vivio took the bottle the man was holding and filled up Syn's small glass with it. "Go ahead, it's on me."

"...Thanks." She took a drink and gave it an appreciative look. "You said your name was Vivio?"


"Pretty name." Syn turned to face her once more. "Want to talk for a while?"

"Sure." The blond nodded and poured herself a glass as well, tapping it to her new friend's before each drank it down. Once the liquid settled a moment the two started talking, only stopping so the star could wave to her friends when they finally called it a night. One hour passed, then another, and finally she realized that while they were conversing the bar had pretty much emptied out. "So," Vivio spoke sleepily, barely keeping herself up anymore. "What.... What now?...Syn?" She looked at her new friend, who was apparently too drunk to even speak anymore. The blond tried to stand up but quickly sat back down. "Ugh..." Looking at the bartender, she reluctantly requested the obvious. "Cab?"

"Coming up," He told her, pleased to help out the customer that spent so much money that night. "Can you pay your tab tonight, Eyes?"

Vivio groaned. "Can I just give you part? Bills coming up." She tried desperately to think of how much she could part with. "Will forty be okay for now?"

"Sure," He waited patiently for the slow moving girl to give him the bills. "Thank you."

Vivio tried to speak with her new friend again. "Oi... Wake up." No sound came to her besides steady breathing. "For the love of..." The handful of minutes that passed while waiting for the cab gave her no luck with the sleeping new friend. "I can't just leave her...."

Struggling to stand, she tried to pull Syn onto her back but ended up collapsing herself. Too weak to move, she allowed the bartender to help her to her feet and assisted in stumbling to the cab, where Vivio gave her address.

After laying down for almost fifteen minutes, Vivio found the strength in herself to not only pay for the ride but also to haul the still sleeping girl to the elevator where they leaned against the wall. The floors went by slowly and she weakly dragged the girl to her apartment. Depositing Syn onto the couch consisted of tripping and luckily making it in time. Now free of the burden, the drunken girl stumbled to her bedroom and fell onto the blankets, closing her eyes and going to sleep almost immediately.

When the morning light came, Syn awoke reluctantly and pushed herself up from the couch. "Wha... where am I?"

"My apartment." Vivio said lightly from the kitchen. "You passed out last night and I didn't feel comfortable leaving you on the floor at the bar... here," She bent over and gave the girl a glass of water and some medicine. "Don't drink more than you need or you'll get sick."

"Um... Thank you." Syn took the pills and swallowed them. "God this is so embarrassing..."

"Really, I don't mind. I think it's an amusing way to meet someone." Vivio went back to the kitchen and started messing around. "Would you like some breakfast?"

"I... I couldn't-"

"Relax," Vivio was amused at her. "Really, I'd like to cook for you. I haven't had company over in ages."

"...Thank you." Syn sat properly and took another gulp of water before sitting the glass down and looking around the room. A simple apartment with a living room going immediately from the front door with a small kitchen across from it. From there a small room held a washer and dryer. A bathroom door was on the wall, followed by another one a short ways off where she assumed the bedroom was. Several pictures littered the walls, showing the girl and her friends. One in a special looking frame caught Syn's attention and she walked over to it. "Your family?" She asked curiously.

Vivio looked over at the image and nodded even though the girl had her back towards her. "Yes."

Syn looked at the people with interest. A blue haired girl, a red head boy, a pink haired girl, a blond, and two brunettes all smiled around a younger version of Vivio. "I see... you visit often? You all look so happy."

Vivio slowed her cooking lightly before picking back up. "My parents are gone... I haven't seen the others in years."

"...I see, I'm sorry." Syn, for once, felt as if she had opened her mouth and inserted her foot.

"It's okay, I have lots of friends at work."

"Oh? Should you leave soon? Will you be late?"

"I'm not working today." Vivio told her lightly. "I won't be due in for another two weeks or so."

"Interesting, what do you do?"

"I'm... in acting." Vivio smiled, realizing that last night must still be blurred for the girl. " Do you like your eggs sunny side up or scrambled?"

"Scrambled." Syn walked over to her and watched. "... Can I help?"

"Get the milk out?" Vivio felt a small grin tug at her lips. 'I can't remember the last time I had someone over... I like not being alone.'

After eating their fill the two girls did the dishes together, much to Syn's insistence. Once done and dried, Vivio finally stated the obvious. "I guess we should go pick up our cars from the bar."

"Yeah," Syn agreed lightly while frantically patting her pockets to see if she had her keys.

"No purse?" Vivio asked while getting her own and putting it over her shoulder. "I didn't see you with one so I didn't take one with us..."

"I don't carry one, gets in the way." Syn found her keys and cell phone in the same pocket, pulling them out to show her friend that she was ready.

"Hm," Vivio hummed to herself and went to her door, holding it open for her guest. "Can I get your number? It'd be good to have a new friend."

"Sure," The two swapped phones on the way to the elevator and entered them in as they went down. "This is a rather nice apartment complex compared to mine." Syn looked around after she got her own phone back and pocketed it once more. "I live... well I can't really compare it to here... where are we?"

Vivio laughed to herself as they went outside into the cooling Fall air. "We're on the north side of town, more to the east."

"I see, I shouldn't be too far..." Her eyes looked around and mind mentally tried to calculate their position while still struggling to ignore the hangover still lingering in the back of her skull. "Ugh, maybe I should put off job hunting until later... but..." She sighed, knowing that she needed a job immediately. "Don't suppose that little acting thing you do needs a spare on the set?"

Vivio had to repress laughter. "No, I don't think you'd really like it. What do you want to do?"

"Honestly?" Syn raised her hand to flag a taxi and this time opened the door for Vivio. "I'll take anything at the moment, but I wouldn't really mind being a chef somewhere."

"I... don't know of any place." Vivio paused to tell the driver where to go and the two talked casually about different places. "You could just buy a newspaper and check the help wanted ads."

"Yeah..." Syn looked away and felt her spirits go down a little. "Um... Can I ask a really embarrassing favor?"


"Can I... Borrow a dollar to buy a newspaper?"

Vivio could feel pity welling up for the girl in front of her, a small connection being reached as she remembered a time where she was in the same situation. "Yeah, sure... I know exactly what that's like, trust me." She got some money from her purse and gave Syn enough money to get some lunch or dinner as well. At first the extra amount was refused but after only one counter, Syn took it

"I promise I'll pay you back." The bar was reached and Vivio paid the fare before getting out and standing by the blue haired girl. "Thank you, Vivio."

"You're welcome. It was nice meeting you, let's keep in touch okay? I don't really go out that much so I'd like it if we could hang around sometime."

"Yeah, let's do that." Syn nodded at her and the two looked at each other once more before waving lightly and splitting up, going to their own cars.

Vivio looked over at her cell phone ringing next to her laptop and grinned at the name that was on the small screen. She hadn't heard from Syn in three days and was about to call the girl herself once she was done with her business. "Hello," She greeted into her cell.

"Hi," Syn's casual greeting came back. "What are you up to?"

"Replying to emails," Vivio mused while lightly skimming a letter from one of her fans detailing what they would do to her if they had a night alone.

"Oh? You get a lot?"

"A handful." The blond looked at the number remaining and repressed a sigh to see that it was still over fifty. "It's part of my job. I have to update my web page and answer fan-mail.

"Oh? What's your URL?" Syn sounded interested.

Vivio glanced at the web page and laughed nervously. "It'd rather embarrassing if my friends looked at it..."

"Oh, no problem then." A chuckle made Vivio relax. "Oh, the reason I'm calling: I got a job and have my first paycheck. It's not very much since it's only for half the week, but I'd like to pay you back for everything."

"Oh don't worry about it!" A few clicks deleted some email that she wasn't even going to attempt to reply to. "I did it because I wanted to." She pasted a standard reply to another email from her group of saved responses and clicked the send button. "I'd feel bad if- oh!"


"One second please." Vivio read the email again, grinning at the contents. 'A request to buy a private video! Nice, that's an extra two hundred dollars!' After skimming the email and confirming that she would do it for the person, she gave a price and sent it back. "Tell you what, Syn, I just got some extra money, how about we go get some food? My treat."

"But I want to pay you back!"

A giggle. "Come on, let's celebrate your new job. You can tell me all about it tonight. Please? I am going to scream if I have to sit in front of this monitor anymore."

"Well... Okay, but I'm driving. I'll at least pay for the gas."

"That'll work. Shall I go to your place?"

"I'll pick you up... Say an hour?"

Vivio nodded to herself. "Okay, an hour it is then."

"Good, it's a date then." Syn's voice was highly amused.

"Keep your mind out of the gutter, Syn." Vivio replied out of habit.

"Oh... ouch. Denied."

"Ah! I didn't mean that!" Vivio scooted back from her desk and gave the phone her complete attention. "Sorry, I'm just used to being hit on and-"

"No, it's okay, I said it so-" A small silence passed over them.

"Okay, okay! One date." Vivio rolled her eyes. "It's a date."

"Cool! See you then, ja!" The phone clicked off and Vivio flipped her phone closed.

"An hour," she thought aloud while moving back to her desk. "I guess I can finish this up later..." She looked at the emails remaining and groaned. "I really should finish it...." Her eyes started skimming again, clicking each email into categories of "really perverted" "semi perverted" and "personal reply". After mass mailing standard replies to each one, she looked at the five left that needed her own words and set about giving them an honest happy reply that they were her fans. After debating about it, she giggled and adjusted her web cam and pulled up her shirt and bra, clicking a picture while giving a peace sign as an added bonus for making her smile after rooting through all the trash she had to deal with.

"Now, to get ready for my date." Vivio walked to her closet and felt her lips still smiling as she moved to get a modest long sleeved shirt and jeans that weren't quite baggy but still didn't show any of her curves. "I wish I had time to shower... Better put on perfume." She halted her walk to the bathroom and shook her head. "Wow, I'm really considering this a date... how long has it been?"

Once in the bathroom, she hovered her hand over a brush and then quickly snatched it up, fixing her hair so she would have time to put on a little makeup as well.

When Vivio heard the knocking on her door she grabbed her purse and went over to it quickly, stopping just for a moment to check herself one more time. "Hey Syn." She greeted her while locking her door behind herself. "You look nice today."

"Thanks," Syn looked over Vivio while she was eyed herself. The blue haired one had on snug fitting jeans, boots, and a long sleeved shirt that wasn't tight but still made notice of her small chest more than a normal fitting one would. Her hair was up in a high ponytail and swished behind her with every step. "You look nice as well."

"Thank you very much." Vivio was a little amazed at how Syn opened the door for her when they reached the car and sat in it comfortably. She immediately noticed a faint hint of a cleaning solution that was masked almost perfectly by a nice smell that seemed...almost like the Fall season in itself. 'How cute, she must have cleaned up her car for our date.' She rewarded the girl with a grin when she got in. "I like your car."

"It's old, but it gets me around." Syn gave a lopsided smirk at the compliment, feeling a little embarrassed from it. "Where do you want to eat?"

"Doesn't matter."

"Me either..."

The two looked at each other before Vivio played the standard 'get away without answering' card: "I'm paying, so you pick."

"Well then...What kind of food do you like to eat?"

"Anything." Vivio found this new game to be quite amusing, and avoided the question neatly three times before her friend gave up and picked a place that she wanted to eat at. "So, tell me about your new job? They paid you the first week without a hold back?"

"Yes, it was really helpful."

"So where is it?"

"I'm a clerk at the clothing store in the strip mall down town. I do the cash register and stuff."

"Sounds fun, get to meet a lot of people."

"I'm not really a people person. I tend to...I guess you could say that I have a wise-cracking attitude. It makes some people not like me."

"Oh?" Vivio started playing with the radio. "You seem really kind to me."

"I like people who hold good conversation." The way Syn said it made the other girl realize the obvious flirt. "You seem really smart."

"I graduated high school, no college."

"Same. I was going to go into the military."

"Why didn't you?"

"Mom wouldn't let me." Syn reflected back on it. "I was going to sign up but mom said that I wouldn't be able to handle it and refused to let me join. I got really mad and one thing led to another. Before long, I got so mad at her for being so over protective that I moved off on my own to prove that I can handle life."

"I'm sorry..."

"Nah, we made up after a few months. She invited me to come live with her again but I really did want to make it on my own... kind of a personal goal, ya'could say. So here I am, struggling along with the rest of the world. How about you?"

Vivio blushed, realizing now that Syn wanted to know more about her and what she did with her life. "My parents died when I was younger, as you know, and when I turned eighteen I lost my benefits and support so I was on my own. My parent's friends all wanted to help me but because of what happened with my parents, I couldn't be around them... call it a phobia... So I moved off and after a while I just... stopped talking to them." She looked out the car window, voice getting a little softer. "I decided that I'm better leaving the past behind me and moving on." Looking back, she smiled. "I'm making it on my own. Sometimes I have enough money to splurge, sometimes it's a little tight, so I try and balance it out."

"I see," Syn nodded at her. "That's really respectable."

"Thank you, you too."

"Thanks." Syn's lips twitched upwards slightly. "We've said that a lot today."

"So we have," Vivio agreed.

By the time they made it to the restaurant and got a table, the blue haired one felt her stomach growl at her. The place was crowded, many tables being full of chattering people and waiters zig-zagging through the black and white tiled floor. "Ever eaten here?" Syn noticed the girl looking around.

"Actually, no. I didn't even know this was a restaurant." Vivio picked up the menu off the table and glanced over it. "Little no name brand places like this normally have the best food."

"Yeah," Syn agreed while looking at the girl. Already knowing what she wanted, she took the time to simply take in her new friend. The way her hair curled around her ears, the side-up ponytail, and the crystal clear eyes seemed to sparkle in the light.



"You're staring at me."

" 'Cause you're pretty." Syn grinned at the sudden blush. "Not used to being complimented?"

"Ah, well... Not by..."


"No, I mean, just not so... randomly. I just realized that most times it's just... hollow. When you said it, it was just... I don't know, nice. Topic change; how old are you?"

Syn laughed happily but still allowed the focus to shift. "Twenty three."

"A year older than me." A waiter came to them next, moving their focus away from each other in favor of ordering.

"Thanks again for dinner." Syn spoke to her friend while standing at Vivio's doorstep once more. "Next time I promise I'll pay."

"Next time?" Vivio asked with an amused tone. "Confident I'll go out with you again?"

"Yes, I'm awesome." The girl put a hand on her hip and posed lightly. "Really, though, I had fun."

"Me too." The blond's smile got bigger when Syn stepped forward a bit.

"Kiss on the first date?"

"Yes." Vivio waited until Syn got close enough and placed a finger onto her lips. "But only on the nose." With that, she pecked the tip of her friend's nose and opened her now unlocked door. "Goodnight, Syn." She sang to the confused girl.

"Mou, Goodnight, Vivio." A small wave was given and after the door was closed a small sigh came out. "So close too..."

"I heard that!" Vivio called from inside, making her friend blush furiously.

Syn made it back to her car and drove home with a content smile on her face. Reaching to her cell phone, she hit a speed dial and waited three rings before a familiar voice picked up. "Hey mom!... No, ha ha. I was just calling to tell you something... Yeah... I met a really nice girl."