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This is a re-written version of my fic From Time Past. The original is considered discontinued and eventually deleted. There are differences between this one and the original, though the overall plot is the same. This fic is also going to be simultaneously posted at LiveJournal under my username: talon1321(dot)livejournal(dot)com

Dumbledore appeared in Godric's Hollow, walking the short walk to the Potter home. As he did so, he noticed the lack of a Dark Mark. A small fire could be seen burning and dying on the second floor where the roof was missing, the house now exposed.

Dumbledore sighed heavily, "So it is done," He murmured.

Carefully, he made his way up the front path, pushing open the front door, looking around. James Potter's body lay on the floor, sprawled at the base of the stairs. He stepped over James' body, carefully taking one step at a time. He was aware of the fact that some Death Eater might still be in the house. The door to the nursery hung off it's hinges, blasted open. Dumbledore pushed the door open farther, and saw Lily's body on the floor. Harry Potter was laying on the floor, half asleep, his forehead bloody. Chloe Potter was standing over the boy, carefully wrapping a blanket around him. Both of their cheeks were dirty from crying. Chloe's left arm hung limply at her side, blood on the back of her head. She looked up when she heard Dumbledore step across the threshold. There was fear in her eyes, and she moved to put her back to her brother, to protect him. Slowly, Dumbledore stepped forward, kneeling down in front of the children. Chloe's eyes seemed to shine for a moment as she recognized the man, but they soon hardened. She whimpered slightly and backed up a little farther.

"Chloe, this is for the best. You must come with me now."

"Not witout Hawy," She said quietly.

"Yes, I am afraid it must be without your brother. He has a path he must tread now, alone. Voldemort made sure of that."

Silent tears slipped down her cheeks, and she shook her head. Dumbledore just looked at her sadly.

"Come along Chloe," He picked her up and she struggled to get free from his arms. "Hagrid will be along shortly to bring Harry to the Dursleys."

"No, no!" She screamed. "Not witout Hawy! Ma! Da! I want ma!" She continued to scream.

Dumbledore was beginning to lose his patience with the girl, "Shush Chloe. Or I will give you a sleeping potion," He said icily.

Chloe continued to cry silently, and struggle in Dumbledore's arms. Dumbledore walked out of the house, and turned to look to the sky as he heard a rumbling approaching.

"It must be Sirius and that motorbike of his. Hagrid will be along soon," He apparated on the spot, taking a still protesting Chloe Potter with him.

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