Boom, Boom, Boom: —• this is what happens when a certain prince starts singing "boom boom boom" •— belfran —• and a certain frog hat-wearing boy stumbles into the room •—

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It was a boring day at the Varia, so boring not even Prince the Ripper could do anything about it, despite his attempts. He was now sulking on the couch, throwing insults at Squalo from time to time, but, mostly, he was just… There. He was only on the freakin' couch because he made Squalo his target for "target practice." Needless to say, Squalo didn't take it lightly, and was now glaring at Bel, making sure he didn't move too far.

The silence was killing Bel, and he groaned in frustration, a rare show of emotion. "Dammit, Squalo, give me my fucking tea!" Yes, in Squalo's anger, he took Bel's tea. That didn't sit well with the prince.

"Get it yourself," Squalo replied smugly, smirking at Bel's answering wordless shriek. It didn't last, however; Bel abruptly sat up, and Squalo could almost feel Bel's glare. He began edging away uneasily. Bel wasn't one you should mess with when he's pissed off. The insane grin returned to the prince's face, more maniacal than usual, and Squalo, despite his best effort, screamed like a girl. A very manly girlish screech, mind you—oh, who am I kidding? It was so girly everyone was at the door in an instant, staring at the occupants of the room. "Who screamed?" Lussuria asked curiously.

"Ushishishi, he did," Bel jeered, jerking a finger in Squalo's direction.

"Wh-what?" Squalo stammered, and, determined to keep his pride, exclaimed, "You were the one who screamed, dipshit!"

"I couldn't have, because I am a PRINCE," Bel pointed out.

Fran blinked, raising a hand to fix his teetering frog hat. Everyone nearly fainted from the cuteness of his thoughtful expression (well, not EVERYONE… It didn't seem to affect Bel much, and Xanxus remained as stony-faced as ever.). "I agree with the fake prince," he said finally, his tone neutral. "I have never heard him scream, but, judging on looks, Squalo would be the likely culprit of such a girly shriek."

"WHAT THE FUCK." Squalo stared at Fran in disbelief, questioning the boy's sanity and thinking process.

"Just because you don't agree with my thoughts does not mean you should use such vulgar language," Fran muttered, looking away from the swordsman.

"Okay, show's over," Xanxus sighed. "We'll just go back to doing whatever."

"Boom, boom, boom, I want you in my room," Bel sang under his breath, remembering a catchy song he once heard.

Fran chose that moment to open the door, looking confused. He was still new there, and had trouble remembering where things were, not that anyone blamed him; it was a rather large place, after all. He raised an eyebrow at the prince's choice of song, having heard the line Bel had sung. "Uhm…"

Bel blinked, looking up, and tilted his head to the side slightly. "What do you want, peasant?"

"Got lost," Fran mumbled, a light pink staining his pale cheeks. It took a few seconds for Bel to realize he was blushing.

A smirk found itself on Bel's lips. "Ushishishi, don't tell me you're blushing!"

Fran's hand immediately went up to his face, before slowly lowering it. "Why do you have to act like that's funny?" he sighed, exasperated by the prince's attitude. He suddenly realized that he had walked over to Bel's side of the room. No one dared to go onto Bel's side. Fran stiffened, sure he was going to die when Bel realized Fran had treaded upon sacred territory.

"Because it is," Bel murmured, sounding oddly subdued as he reached upward, and Fran tried not to cringe unsuccessfully, thinking he would resort to physical violence. Seeing Fran flinch, Bel allowed his hand to drop back onto his lap. "Hey, peasant…" Bel looked toward his cold tea on the table on the other side of the room. "Find Squalo and tell him to bring me new tea."

Fran nodded jerkily, and turned to leave, but Bel's hand on his shoulder stopped him before he could take a step. He froze, taking in shallow breaths as Bel used him as support to half-sit, half-lean on him. Bel's breath was hot in Fran's ear as he whispered, "Thanks," before kissing Fran on the cheek briefly, wrapping his arms around Fran's waist. They stayed like that for several minutes, until Bel released Mammon's replacement as a sign for him to leave. Fran gladly scurried away, fumbling to open the door and finally succeeded, practically running out of the room.

Bel touched his lips with a faint smile—a genuine smile, one that the others had never seen before.

Bel was going to keep Fran, oh yes, yes he will.

BRM: Okay, I'm sorry, it's only a slight fluff and cracky. xD BUT! I'm inexperienced with writing a developing relationship, so this is kind of like practice. I chose Bel and Fran because, well, they're obviously so cute together XD They may not be canon (I wonder if they are o.o), but I love them together. This will NOT be a one-shot, I have decided that on the spot. There will be tons of BelFran one-shots in here, continuing this one, all with some fluff and possible crack-y-ness in them. (Yes, it all started with Bel singing, "Boom, Boom, Boom." SO SHUT UP.)

Before you ask, no, I am not following the KHR storyline. Why, you ask? IT MAKES THESE ONE-SHOTS FLOW BETTER!

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