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Mitchie Torres walked back to her cabin after spending most of the evening with her boyfriend Shane Gray-yes the same Shane Gray that was in the teen band "Connect 3" with his best friends Nate and Jason. Mitchie couldn't believe it herself and she regularly had to pinch herself just to check if she was dreaming, luckily for her she wasn't. She rounded the corner of Lola Scott's Cabin while she was thinking of the evening that they had spent together.

There was a knock on the cabin door, Shane who was sat on his bed with a guitar in his lap. When he heard the knock he jumped off the bed completely forgetting about his guitar which fell to the floor with a "Thud" he ran to the door, flattening some of his hair down before he opened the door to reveal his girlfriend Mitchie who had a glowing smile on her face. "Well, come indoors my fair maiden" he said to her in a really bad English accent that sounded more Australian than English. Mitchie raised an eyebrow sceptically and laughed "Shane…please NEVER say that again Ok?" and wound her arms around of his neck. Shane pouted and said in a babyish voice "Fine…" he then wound his arms around Mitchie's waist and lifted her slightly off the floor and they started to kiss her. They managed to get over to the bed and they laid down and carried on making out. They never went any further because they both wore purity rings, but they knew that they would probably spend the rest of their lives together, nothing could tear them apart…or so they thought.

Mitchie had finally made it to the Cabin that she shared with Caitlyn who Mitchie assumed was at the lake side with Nate since they spent most evenings there together. Mitchie walked into the cabin and switched on the lights, she smiled contentedly as she walked over to her bed and knelt down on the floor and reached underneath the bed. She pulled out a battered black guitar case, she sat down on her green covered bed and got the guitar out of the case. She strummed some chords and started to sing a song that she had just finished writing that afternoon:

We were so different
But opposites attract
So my hope kept growing
And I never looked back

You're one of a kind
No one can change this heart of mine

She had only got around half way through the song when the door of the cabin burst open to reveal a figure dressed all in black, they had a mask covering their face. Mitchie had dropped her guitar in shock when the door had opened and once she saw the figure she stood shakily from the bed and asked in a tremulous voice "What-what do you want?" but she never got an answer because next thing she knew the figure darted forward and picked up her guitar and wacked it hard over her head.
She screamed as she fell to the floor. She watched in horror as the figure loomed over her with a knife. They raised their arm and then quickly brought it down into Mitchie's chest. She screamed a pain filled scream that could probably be heard outside and person knew this because they ran out of the door leaving Mitchie lying motionless in a pool of blood, her song book that had been open on the bed had fallen down onto the floor and had landed on the page that held Mitchie's song "Who Will I be?" Sadly this teenager wouldn't know what she could have been because now she was dead…

Well I did say that it got right into the action :D I'll update ASAP :)