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Shane felt as if someone had shocked his heart, it happened again, a third time, a fourth time, Shane wanted it to stop he just wanted to see Mitchie wherever she was…maybe she would forgive him…after a fifth time the shocks to his heart stopped and Shane relaxed slightly, he tried to open his eyes to see where he had landed when he jumped, but his eyes felt as if they had been glued shut. He sighed in frustration at not being able to open his eyes and then he heard Mitchie again:
"Shane? Shane can you hear me? Please wake up…for me…please?"
Wake up? He wasn't sleeping…or was he? He really couldn't tell. He attempted to open his eyes again, and this time he succeeded and he found himself looking up at a white ceiling covered in bright white lights. He scrunched his eyes at the amount of light that there was, and he moved his gaze to look at his surroundings, he was in a bed with rails and white sheets in a room with mint green walls, and white tiled floor. He looked to the side of him and saw a sight that he would never forget: Mitchie. She was starring at him with red, watery eyes, tear stains ran down her cheeks, but she had a smile on her face.
"Shane! Thank God you're finally awake! You gave us all such a scare!" All Shane could do was stare at her in disbelief, he had…killed her, and yet here she was sat at the side of a bed he was lying in. Did this mean he was dead? But surely he should be in Hell, after killing so many people, and any place that Mitchie was surely was Heaven, yet here they were together…this really didn't make sense to Shane, he wanted to say something…anything, but all he could do was make his mouth open and close like a fish-he didn't know what to say…he was too confused.

When Shane hadn't said anything, the smile on Mitchie's face faded
"Shane? Are you Ok? I better go get a Doctor!" and with that she left the room.
When she returned with the Doctor, she found Shane with a frown on his face; he looked as if he was trying to piece something together in his mind about something that didn't make sense.
The Doctor told her to stay near the door while he checked Shane over, so she did as the Doctor walked over to Shane and he said:
"Welcome back Shane. My name is Doctor Franklin, I just need to check you over to make sure you are Ok and everything is functioning as it should be Ok?" Shane simply nodded, and Doctor Franklin got to work doing his little tests, like making Shane follow his finger with his eyes, checking that his pupils dilated properly, getting him to wiggle his toes, squeeze a stress ball in his hand and get him to talk-everything seemed to be fine.
"Well Shane, I can say you are going to make a full, speedy recovery!" he said with a smile, and departed the room leaving Mitchie still stood by the door. She gave a small smile and slowly walked over to Shane's bed.
He still had a look of disbelief on his face as she sat down in the hard plastic chair that was by the bed.
"M-Mitchie?" he asked, in a small voice.
"Yeah Shane, It's me, Mitchie" she said, putting a hand on top Shane's.
He starred at her hand and then said:
"Am I dead?" Mitchie gasped and shook her head.
"No! Of course you're not Shane! Your alive…what you made you think you were dead?"
"I-I killed…you…didn't I?" He said, not looking Mitchie in the eye.
"Shane…Don't worry it was just a dream…Do you know why you're actually in hospital?"
Shane shook his head, and so Mitchie retold the story.

Mitchie and Shane were just coming out of one of the buildings after a street Dance class and they were sweating from head to foot from the vigorous dance steps. They slowly walked over to the lake and walked to the end of the little dock.
"God I'm sweating like…like a very sweaty person!" Mitchie said, laughing as she wiped some of the sweat off her forehead. Shane smiled at her and said
"I've got a perfect way to cool you off…you'll love it…I promise!" he had a mischievous smile on his face as he picked Mitchie off her feet, and threw her into the icy water of the lake. She came up to the surface and gasped at the temperature of the water. She swam closer to the dock and raised her hand for Shane to pull her out of the water, when he grabbed her hand she pulled hard on it so Shane went flying into the lake just behind her.
Mitchie knew something was wrong when it took Shane longer than it should of to get back to the surface, when he finally did his face was pale and he looked to be in pain.
"Shane? What's wrong?" Mitchie worriedly asked.
He answered her worries by his eyes rolling up; his eyelids closing and he went under the water, sinking. Mitchie noticed clouds of red on the top of the water-blood.
"SHANE!" She screamed, as she dived under the water to get Shane back. She reached him and with some difficulty she managed to swim back up to the surface with him, by that time Brown had heard Mitchie's screams and come to see what the matter was. His faced paled as he saw Mitchie struggling to keep both her and Shanes head's above the water.
"It was so hard to keep us both above the water, but I managed to swim closer to the dock…" Mitchie said, reliving the memory of that day...

Brown ran along the dock and got on his knees at the edge and stretched his arms out in front of him to grab Shane, from a struggling Mitchie, she swam closer to the dock with an unconscious Shane and managed to hand Shane over to Brown, who pulled him out of the water and laid him flat on the dock. He saw the reason for Shane's unconsciousness: he had a long rusted metal rod stuck into his stomach. Mitchie climbed out of the lake and was by Shane's side in a flash, when she saw the rod stuck in Shane's stomach she gasped in shock.
"Oh God this is all my fault!"
At that moment Shane groaned and his eyes fluttered open, he looked around in bewilderment and said in a whisper
"Am I going to die?" Mitchie quickly got out her cell phone and dialled "911"
"No Shane, you're going to be ok…an ambulance is on its way…just stay awake for us ok…" Brown reassured Shane, as Mitchie told the person on the other line where they were and what had happened.
"If-if I'm not going to...die …then why can I see my mom?" Shane asked, starring with unfocused eyes at a spot just past Brown's Shoulder.
Mitchie who had just come off the phone gasped, remembering Shane telling her about when his mom had died in a car accident.
"Shane! Please stay with us! You're going to be ok! I promise!" Mitchie said holding Shane's cold wet hand in her own, then to Brown she asked in desperation:
"Can't we pull the rod out?" Brown shook his head, and said
"No it would be worse for his body if we pulled it out…the ambulance should be here soon…he'll be ok don't worry!"

By now Shane was only semi-conscious and his eyes kept opening and closing, his breath starting to get shallow, all three of them could hear the wail of the sirens that were coming closer and closer.
Shane closed his eyes in defeat and let the slumber pull him under
Brown put two fingers onto Shane's cold clammy neck and found that he had a rapid thready pulse.
Just then the ambulance arrived and the back doors flew open and three paramedics came running towards the three of them. Two of them were carrying a stretcher between them, the third paramedic helped the other two get Shane onto the stretcher and put an oxygen mask over his mouth and nose. The two paramedics then lifted the stretcher up and started running to the ambulance shouting things like

"Blood pressure dropping!"
"loosing too much blood!"
"possible infection of the wound!"
"He's going into shock!"

They got Shane loaded into the ambulance and then drove away to the hospital. Brown and Mitchie followed behind in the battered "Camp Rock" van…"When we finally got to the hospital, you were already in surgery, they were gong to remove the metal rod, but they said you were going into shock, and that you had lost too much blood, they said you needed a blood transfusion…and I have the same blood type so I said that you could have my blood…" Shane looked at her in shock as she carried on:

They quickly got Mitchie dressed in one of the hospital gowns and led her towards the operating room that Shane was in, she tried hard not to look over at Shane as she was lying down on the operating bed, but she ended up having one quick glance over at him-she now wished she hadn't looked. Shane was a ghostly white under the bright lights of the room, and surgeons were stitching up the bloody wound on Shane's stomach, a nurse had a wet cloth and was wiping it over Shane's forehead.
"Now, because of the dirtiness of the rod that was in Shane's stomach, he has caught an infection, so at the moment he has a high fever and we need to bring it down a little before we start him on the antibiotics that will get rid of the infection…" the doctor, who was setting up everything for Mitchie to give Shane her blood said to her. She mutely nodded and looked quickly away from Shane.
"Now when we attach the needles you'll feel two pricks, and when we switch on the machine you may feel some slight discomfort but after a few minutes you wont feel anything…now are you sure you want to do this?" the Doctor asked her, she simply nodded, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The Doctor put the two needles into her arm and got Mitchie to slowly lie down, so she could be comfortable and not disrupt the tube that would take blood from Mitchie and into Shane. One of the surgeons put two other needles into Shane's arm and the Doctor walked over to the machine and said "Is everybody ready?" then he switched on the machine.

At first the process was painful for Mitchie and she gripped the side of the operating bed until her knuckles were white, but she kept saying over and over in her head that she was doing this for Shane! Like the Doctor had said, the pain had subsided after a few minutes of the machine being on, and Mitchie slowly relaxed her grip on the side of the bed, she opened her eyes again to see the surgeons separated so some were around her bed and the rest were around Shane's bed.
"How long will it take for Shane to have enough blood?" she asked one of the surgeons that was in her line of sight, the kind surgeon smiled and said
"Well were gonna' have both you and Shane hooked up to the Machine fro about 40 minutes, because then Shane will have a safe level of blood and he can build up the rest himself but also you will have a safe amount of blood left…since you're giving Shane quite a bit of blood you're gonna' feel quite weak and sleepy for a while, so just to let you know so you're not worrying you can get some sleep while the machines on and we'll wheel you to a room when you come off the machine ok sweetie?"
Mitchie slowly nodded already feeling the effects of the machine making her tired, and she let her eyelids close…

"When I woke up I was in one of the hospital private rooms, the room next to this one actually…" Mitchie said, stroking Shane's now very wavy hair.
"When I had built some of my strength up I came into see you…the Doctor's said you were in…in a coma…and I've been sat with you ever since…Nate and Jase have been too! In fact they only left for the first time in a week, just a few minutes before…before…" Mitchie couldn't continue because tears started to brim in her eyes.
"Before what?" Shane asked, wiping a stray tear away from Mitchie's cheek.
"You…you seemed fine…the doctor even said you were making progress…but then when Nate and Jason left…you're…you're heart stopped…"
Shane remembered the feeling like he had been shocked in the heart…that must have been when his heart stopped.
"But…but now you're awake! Just promise me you'll never scare the crap out of me like that again!" Mitchie said, laughing slightly.

At that moment the door opened to reveal a tired looking Jason, he was looking blankly at the floor as he said:
"Nate's just gone to get a cup of coffee, Mitchie do you-" he stopped dead in his tracks when he looked up to find Shane awake.
"OH MY GOD! SHANE YOU'RE AWAKE!" he said, running over to the bed and engulfing him in a brotherly hug.
Both Shane and Mitchie laughed at Jason as he got a chair from the edge of the room and moved it next to Mitchie's, as he did so he flicked his bangs to the side, that was when Shane saw a hole on Jason's forehead, it was surrounded by dried blood
"JASE! What's that on you're forehead?" Shane asked, panicking slightly.
Jason gave him a puzzled look as he moved his hand over his forehead trying to find the thing on his forehead, when he couldn't find anything he turned to Mitchie and asked
"Can you see anything on my forehead Mitch?" Mitchie looked and shook her head
"Nope…there's nothing there…Maybe you're just feeling a little tired Shane…its probably making you see things…" as she said this she took off her jacket to reveal a short sleeved white v-necked t-shirt. Shane practically jumped a mile in fright when he saw that Mitchie had a small hole in her chest, like Jason's it was covered in dried blood, it looked like a stab wound…
"Mi-Mitchie…you're…you're chest!" Shane said, pointing at the hole.
Mitchie gave him a worried look, after looking down at her chest and seeing nothing. She then stood up and said
"I'm gonna' get a doctor to check you over again Shane…something must be wrong!" and she quickly walked out of the room. A second after Mitchie had left, the door opened to reveal Nate.

Shane screamed when he saw Nate, his face was a horrible blue color-the exact same colour it had been after Shane had…hung him…some of Nate's bones stuck out through his skin, showing that they were broken.
All three of them had the injuries that had killed them in his dream…but now he didn't know which world was reality and which was the dream…

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