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This scene takes place during the 27th chapter, when Togawa is outside during the break and Azumi comes to join him.

"Don't worry. It's not that they don't want to play."

Togawa was doubtful.

"Think so?"

"You can't rush it, just take one step at a time" Azumi answered, as wise as ever.

"Heh. Easy for you to say."

Kind Azumi, never-loses-her-control Azumi, snapped.

"Really? 'Easy for me to say'? Guess what? You're not alone on this! I've been here probably since the beginning, helping you, helping the Tigers, what for? To have Mister pitying himself 'cause he's not sure about his own choices!"


"Yes, I know!" Azumi interrupted him, angered. "I know it's difficult for you to refuse to transfer in a national team, your dream! You're torn between this dream and the duty you think you have towards the Tigers, that's why you're so harsh with its members! Do you think I'm blind, Kiyo?"

Despite his astonishment, Kiyoharu couldn't help but smile at the reminder of his nickname.

"It's been a while no one called me like that…"

"Well, you better be used to!"

Sighing, Azumi made her way towards Kiyoharu, before lying on the floor, her head on his amputated leg.

"It's time you see you're not on your own for this one, Kiyo" Azumi said softly.

Kiyoharu had never been used to such a behavior. Hesitantly, he stroked her hair, not knowing what to do.

"I know" he answered huskily.

"So why do you react as if you were alone and had to do everything by yourself?" Azumi asked, puzzled.

"I guess I've never been good at sharing."

"It's never too late to begin" the manager pointed out.

"Yeah, you may be right…"

"I'm always right" Azumi scolded playfully.

Kiyoharu let out a small chuckle. They stayed there a while, without actually speaking, far from the Tigers, the Dreams or basketball.


"Hey Togawa!" "C'mere, quick!" "Hurry!"

Hearing their teammates' shouts, the two friends broke apart promptly.

On their way to the gymnasium, they began to think that from now on, they could rely on each other…