Kristen Stewart-Bella Swan

Robert Pattinson- Edward Cullen

Jackson Rathbone- Jasper Cullen

Peter Facinelli- Carlisle Cullen

Anna Kendrick- Jessica Stanley

Michael Welch- Mike Newton




Taylor Lautner- Jacob Black


"Twilight, Scene 12! Take 1!"

*Waitress brings food*

Kristen: This isn't what I ordered.

Director: Just go along with it!

"Twilight. Scene 43! Take 1!"

Kristen: How old are you?

Rob: Seventeen.

Kristen: You don't seem seventeen.

Rob: Cut! Kristen, that's my line! And it's in the book!

Kristen: Oops.

"Twilight, Scene 74! Take 1!"

Rob: I leave you alone for two minutes, and the wolves descend.

Kristen: Hey, if you're allowed to foreshadow, I am too! I bet if I have a baby with Edward, Jacob will imprint on her!

Rob: Kristen, shut up! And the audience doesn't even know what imprinting is!

Kristen: Hmphh.