"Breaking Dawn, Scene 12, Take 1!"

*Kristen is walking down Cullens' staircase. Billy trips*

Kristen: Augh!

Billy: Yikes!

Rob: So now we know why Bella is so clumsy!

"Breaking Dawn, Scene 20, Take 1!"

*Taylor is watching Kristen stand up*

Taylor: Oh… watch it, Kristen…

*Pregnant belly prop falls*

Kristen: No! Little EJ!

"Breaking Dawn, Scene 50, Take 1!"

Peter: Jacob's here, and Charlie's been calling us a lot. He thinks you're in Atlanta.

Kristen: Wait…Charlie is still here?

Rob: of course not, he was never here. Jacob is still here, Kristen.

Kristen: Sorry, words just got mixed up.

"Breaking Dawn, Scene 52, Take 1!"

Kristen: What are we hunting?

Rob: Elk.

Kristen: Ew.

Rob: That's not your line…

Kristen: It's not fair! How come Cam and Rachelle and Edi got to eat humans and I don't!

Rob: You're the one who wanted to play a vegetarian vampire.

Kristen: Wish Bella wasn't so picky.

Rob: Let's go hunt some stinking herbivores.

Kristen: That's my line! Everyone steals Bella's lines. It's not fair! I quit! I'm going to go steal the role of Jane, and then I'll torture you all! Mwahahahahahahahaha!

Rob: Looks like the acting stress is finally getting to her.