Highwater Academy

Chapter One: Intro

Danny Fenton ran down the sidewalk, adjusting his red and black plaid tie as he entered the gates of Highwater Academy, a large brick and stone high school campus, with sprawling lawns and tall iron fences that kept the surrounding forest out.

"Hey, Toshi!" The halfa called out as he caught up with a girl in a similar uniform to his own, save for her knee-length skirt and loose socks. Danny caught his breath as he slowed to match her pace.

"Good morning, Danny." The Demonhunter smiled warmly as Danny straightened. "You're late."

"I slept in." Danny shrugged, grinning. "Lucky the dorms aren't that far away, right?"

"Right." Toshi nodded. "Did you have another overnight homework blitz?"

"Of course." Danny rolled his eyes. "Do you think it would kill Mr. H to let us have some class time to study?"

"Oh, probably." Toshi laughed. "You know how he likes to lecture us."

"Good morning, Toshi!" A girl with short pink hair waved to the pair from her seat on the top of a picnic table, where she was talking with Raimundo, Ichigo, Juniper, Jake, and Lydia.

"Morning, Maigo!" Toshi called back as she and the halfa approached.

"Sleeping Beauty finally joins us, I see." Raimundo snickered.

"Oh, like it would have been so hard for you to kick my bed on the way out. Some roommate you are." Danny half-glared at the Dragon of Air.

"I did." The Latino boy shrugged. "You were the one that muttered obscenities and went back to sleep."

"If you two are going to fight every day, why doesn't one of you just ask for a room transfer?" Lydia looked up, putting her text book away.

"Because I wouldn't want anyone else to suffer." Danny and Rai answered in perfect synch, huffing as they realized what they'd done.

As June and Lydia stifled giggles, Maigo turned to Toshi. "So, as our class rep, you've got Mr. H's ear… you wouldn't happen to know anything about this off-campus field trip that we heard was being planned."

"As far as I've heard, it's nothing major." Toshi waved her friend off. "Mr. H just wants us to do some field exercises to prove we understand the material, and Ms. Moriko doesn't want us to do any of it on school property."

"Really." Jake half-sighed, putting his chin in his hand as he leaned on the table. "…And what could he possibly count as 'field exercises'?"

"For all I know, it could be something as stupid as counting tree sprites." Toshi shrugged.

"I don't think Mr. H would make us do something that boring." Lydia raised an eyebrow.

"You're right." Rai piped up. "He'd probably throw us into the ninth circle of Hell and tell us to 'have fun'."

"Don't say that out loud! He might hear you!" Maigo playfully took a swipe at the Dragon of Air.

Raimundo went to make a retort to the demoness, when the bell rang, cutting him off.

"Come on." Toshi jerked her head towards the doors. "Let's get back to the salt mines."

A/N: This is destined to be drawn out into a comic, so don't worry about knowing who's who. But then again, you should be familiar with Project: Demonhunter if you're here, so some things might pop out as being important. But I'm not saying that to put down spoilers or anything. :3 Also, I know the chapters are very short in the beginning, but that's only to keep the action going. The last time I tried this story out, it took me over two chapters and almost 30 pages to get to the good stuff. Then I got bored and frustrated and dropped it.

All characters are copyrighted to their creators. If you're not sure who someone is, feel free to ask.