Chapter Three: Aftermath Class

"How was I supposed to know what he was thinking?" Raimundo threw his hands up as he walked backwards down the hall in front of Maigo, Lydia, and Jay after the class ended.

"You couldn't have known." Maigo shrugged. "But really, what else could you have expected from someone like Mr. H? Besides, it was inevitable."

"What does that mean?" Jay leaned over.

"You have a demonic teacher that's giving lectures on stuff like the easiest way to kill dragons and the best way to bribe Cerberus into leaving you alone… and you tell me that something's not up." Maigo shrugged.

"So, do you like being psychic?" Jake swung his arm around Raimundo's shoulders as he caught up with the group.

"Get off my case, man." Rai shrugged the American Dragon off. "I didn't know."

"Nobody did." Juniper shrugged, as she fell into step beside Maigo. "Though I suppose this'll be interesting."

"How do you get interesting out of what just happened?" Rai threw his hands up.

"Well, they have to be teaching us these things for a reason, right?" Juniper shrugged. "I mean… it's not like they're doing it just for kicks, right?"

"Maybe they are." Toshi shrugged. "Maybe this is all just a huge cover-up for something, and they're just trying to keep us busy."

The Demonhunter kept walking down the hall as her friends stopped dead in their tracks. Realizing she was alone, Toshi turned around to face their bewildered stares. "Hello, I'm kidding. Of course they're doing this for a reason."

"And what reason would that be, exactly?" Jake raised an eyebrow.

"To get a proper education." Toshi shrugged. "This isn't public school, you know."

"We know." Danny started. "Though I, for one, am totally looking forward to spring break. I was thinking of visiting my parents."

"You do realize that Moriko is totally going to schedule our trip for that week, right?" Toshi chuckled.

"No she won't…" Danny shook his head.

"Actually, that's the plan." A woman's voice interrupted the halfa. "I don't want you kids to have to miss out on your schoolwork, so I've agreed with Mr. H on the condition that he take you when school is not in session."

"What?!" Danny turned to face a woman with magenta hair pulled up into a bun, dressed in a conservative blouse and skirt with a dark school crested cardigan. "That's ridiculous! What about the kids that wanted to visit their families?"

"You'll have three weeks to figure that out, Mr. Fenton." The magenta haired woman crossed her arms. "I will not have you wasting a quality education."

"Principal Moriko…!" Danny was cut off by Moriko's upheld hand.

"I have told Mr. H. that he is to only be gone two days. You will have the rest of the time to do as you please. If you like, I can arrange for you to head back to Amity Park instead of returning to the school at the end of the trip." The principal adjusted her glasses. "Does that sound fair?"

"Yes ma'am." Danny nodded, slightly crestfallen.

"Good to hear." Moriko smiled, patting the boy on the shoulder as she passed through the rest of the group. "I look forward to judging your midterms, by the way."

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