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Leah's POV (Ten Months Later)

Raising my eyes, I saw Emmett walk in, holding Rosella's hands as he helped her walk through the living room, her little grin showing her pearly, white, new teeth. She was eleven months now and Embry was sure she'd be walking soon. I was certainly relieved the worst of the teething stage was over. The entire process had made Baby very unhappy. She'd become fussy and only wanted to be cuddled with a toy she could chew on in hand. By the time it was nearly done, she had two front teeth to show off and now, she had even more.

Even though I had her much longer than Edward and Bella would have Renesmee, time passed way too quickly for me. I enjoyed every minute of it, though. There was the time I didn't believe I could have children and even though I menstruated now, I still believed Rosella would be a one-time miracle. Jasper was convinced otherwise and promised me that there would be another one. He had made a habit of inhaling my scent every morning to see if it became similar to a vampire's again like it had when I became pregnant with Rosella. Carlisle said if it did happened, that would be the main sign that we were once again expecting. There was no doubt in my mind that I'd be ecstatic about another one, or even a few more but there was doubt that it would happen. We would see soon enough.

Rosella had only recently began to use the couch, coffee table and anyone's legs to pull herself upright and stand up. She would topple over, sure, but she always pulled herself back to her feet, strengthening her leg muscles and excercising her balance. I was merely happy just to be able to see this.

Ten months ago was the day she'd been kidnapped by the evil and wicked Ladislau. We'd been driven to hell and back with not only worry but the fury that someone would even try something so terrible as to take an infant from her parents. I almost died because of that bastard. Rosella almost died. To this day, we had been extra careful to listen to the happenings in her room while she slept. There were times when Embry would shift and sleep right outside her door just for his own security.

At the moment, he was watching a basketball game beside Jacob, laying on his stomach. Emmett let Rosella down with care and she crawled over to her Embry, climbing onto his back and playing with his thick, black hair. He turned to smile at her. Jasper had definitely warmed up to him a lot more but never hesitated to throw an 'I'll kill you' gesture if Embry annoyed him enough.

"Emby," Rosella mumbled.

That's what she called him. She wasn't too good with the R's yet nor the 'th' so Seth was 'Sef'. I can't even pronounce her attempt at the 'uncle' she placed before it. She said few words but most of it continued to be incoherent speech.

"Daddy. Daddy. Daddy." One of her favorite words, of course. She made her way to Jasper whose attention left the newspaper in his hands to turn to his precious little girl.

"Hello, little Wolf," he pulled her up and pretended to eat her side, making her shriek with laughter. There was one thing I knew he would never tire of. If she was ever frightened or crawling away from someone who chased her playfully, she always went to him. Jasper loved knowing it was him she trusted to be her guard.

Rosella's dark hair had gotten only a little longer and Alice usually tied it into a little ponytail on top of her head. Alice promised that once it was a little longer, she'd be able to do some real work. I had to remind her that if Rosella's hair got too long, she might end up looking like one of those mop dogs, the Komondor...though it would be kind of funny. A mini-mop running around. We'd dump her in the lake and let her loose on the house. Esme would never have to lift a finger again.

Jasper put Rosella on her two feet, steadying her gently and my eyes widened as she took a step away from him, promising her next stage already.

"Everyone, look," Jasper said quietly. I got on the ground fast, holding my arms out to Baby as she wavered in her step, nearly falling backwards onto her butt. Esme's breath hitched and Embry's eyes went wide, but somehow, Rosella managed to keep it up.

"Come to mama, Rosella," I crooned. "Walk to me..." Another step and Jasper's expression turned to one of fondness. I kept beckoning to Rosella, who now had a look of determination on her face. I let out a shaky breath. When she gave that look, I saw myself in her face despite her similarities to Jasper. Rosella was going to be one of the best wolves the tribe had ever seen, I was sure of it.

"That's it, Rosie," Embry said softly. Yet another step and Rosella suddenly smiled, losing it and taking the last steps clumsily and way too fast. Either way, she made it into my arms with a giggle. I let out a squeal and kissed her cheek, my arms in a tight embrace around her little body while the others gave comments of approval and a little applause. Renesmee sat on Jake's lap, giving a loud whoop with Emmett.

"You did it, Rosella," I said, swelling with pride as Jasper came over to join us, his lips claiming mine and then Rosella's head.

A perfect moment was here and now. Jasper, Rosella after her first steps, myself and my family all around me with no immediate worries. The obstacles overtaken ever since becoming a wolf astounded me to no end.

I did things I never thought I'd do. I made friends with freaking vampires, for crying out loud and not just any vampires...Rosalie and the one I hated the most! Bella! I also married a vampire, namely the one who used to creep me the most. Although Jasper knew this and found great amusement in it, we would never tell Emmett. He would never let us live it down. Shhh! We're keeping that on the down low.

Sam. My lover. My betrayer. Now friend and brother. He made me fall and boy, did I fall far. That pain hadn't existed for a long time now and getting through his wedding was no longer my biggest breakthrough.

Switching packs. That didn't take much decision but it had been big to swear loyalty to that buttsniff we all know as Jacob Black. We hated each other once and when I came into his pack, I was surrounded by his friendship and protection. He helped me up after my fall and never once did that stupid grin of his die down. I owed him so much for this.

Imprinting. It was Jasper. He was the one who helped me walk again. It was him who took away my pain and completed me without ever using his empathic gift. Because of the imprinting concept which I used to detest so much, I finally made peace with Sam, my life and more importantly, myself. My every miserable belief was thrown back in my face ever since and you know what? I really didn't mind. I could find love. I could have children. I could have friends.

I could be happy. I was happy.

Judging from all of it though, none of it would be a walk in the park. Volturi would come. We would have to fight. Some massive changes would be happening and it was very much possible that it was the status of the vampire leaders or even our lives.

A life as a werewolf was never going to be easy but cuddling into Jasper with Rosella between us, I decided, I would like it just fine.

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