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The biology lesson was boring. Extremely boring. So boring that Johan and Judai were thought to be dead since they'd been sleeping for so long.

Sho and Jim exchanged glances. They nodded and decided to wake up their friends.

Jim reached over from his seat and shook Johan's shoulder. He quickly ducked as Johan's fist came flying towards his face. Even when he slept, he had pretty good reflexes. Jim shook him again and finally Johan awoke.

"What?" Johan said lazily.

"Wake up," Jim said.

"Whatever." Johan looked over at Sho and saw him trying to wake up Judai. Sighing, Johan decided to do it. He reached over to his best friend and shook him a bit too much and caused Judai to fall out of his seat. Judai woke up on the ground. He looked up at Johan who silently mouthed out an apology. Judai nodded, knowing his boyfriend didn't mean to push him out of his chair.

"Stay awake," Johan whispered to him.

"Fine." Judai whispered back and sat up on his seat. Amazingly, their teacher didn't notice the fall or anything.

Judai opened his backpack and pulled out a very small container. He spilled the contents of the container on a piece of paper.

Johan bit his lip to keep from laughing since he knew what Judai was going to do.

Judai sighed. He lowered his head and sniffed what he had placed on his paper.

"OH SHIT!" Judai yelled, holding his nose tightly.

The teacher, Ms. Takagaki, turned around from her lesson and faced Judai.

"Judai, what's going on?!" Ms. Takagaki demanded.

The class laughed at Judai and at what he said.

"Ah! Fuck! It burns! I'm never sniffing crushed peppers again!"

"Judai," Ms. Takagaki called out. "Detention."

"I know."

Monkey: Ok, well hope you guys like the chappie =3 And I won't be using any of the actual teachers in the show in here simply because I don't want to put them through all the hell that is Johan and Judai. =) And to clear a couple things up, I don't think I'll go into detail with Johan and Judai's relationship because I don't know how to even though I love spiritshipping...I'm a failure! TT^TT Oh and they are all freshmen and have the same classes I do since they're the only classes I know a high schooler has =D Thank you for reading this story!