"Woohoo! Can you believe we're finally graduating?!" Judai asked, his excitement obvious.

"Yeah, these last four years have been the best of my life so far." Johan agreed with a smile.

The two got into Johan's car and went on their way.

"Oh yeah! And our freshman teachers all told us we weren't going to graduate! And look at us! We're graduating with AP diplomas!" Judai exclaimed.

Johan nodded. "I wonder how they're doing…"

~ In Happy Bouncy No Escape Psychiatric Hospital~

"They're graduating today," Mr. Mifune said to the other teachers in the cafeteria. He had only managed to last until Johan and Judai's junior year before he was admitted into the hospital.

"God help the world." Ms. Tamayori said with a shudder, eating some of her toast. Right after the end of their freshman year, she came straight to the hospital.

"Maybe it's for the better," Ms. Takogaki offered. "Maybe the police will send them to prison and be sentenced there for life?"

"The S.W.A.T team couldn't even get them four years ago, do you really think the police can catch them now?" Ms. Kurata spat, taking a drink of her orange juice. "They're nothing more than spawns from Hell! They will bring destruction to this world! They'll—" And she fell out of her seat, unconscious.

"Good call on the heavy sedative in her drink," Ms. Shimure said to Mr. Inaba.

He shrugged. "I was getting tired of her yapping."

Ms. Kurata had become super mean and legally insane, so she joined shortly after Ms. Tamayori. Ms. Shimure had extreme paranoia and feared that all of her good students would turn evil and bring the world to its knees. She came in halfway through their sophomore year. Mr. Inaba came in at about the same time when he realized he saw Johan and Judai everywhere, even when they weren't really there.

Ms. Takenaka was still teaching because she only saw those two for one semester. Although, she now suffered from a terrible migraine…

Mr. Shihomi was also still teaching and he saw them for their freshman year and their sophomore year. It was amazing he hadn't cracked yet. Mr. Morimoto was still teaching as well and he had had Johan and Judai all four years for journalism. He probably already cracked and just hadn't realized it yet. Mr. Kawasaki actually liked Johan and Judai, so he was still teaching and in fact, he often threw some badass parties and invited them to them. He probably liked being insane.

Even Ms. Umiko was there at the hospital, but that was expected. Anyone who pissed off the devils can't escape insanity.

Johan and Judai's other teachers weren't there only because they were a little bit ready for them and they never made the same mistake of putting them in all the same classes… at least until their senior year and all their AP classes.

"So what now?" Ms. Shimure asked.

"Hi everybody!" Johan and Judai exclaimed upon entering the cafeteria. "How's everyone doing?!"

After a couple seconds of silence, all the teachers screamed. The cafeteria went into mass hysteria and the teachers ran away, dragging Ms. Kurata's body away from there.

The cafeteria was now empty. The two looked at each other.

"I guess they're not doing so well." Judai said.

Johan took Judai's hand into his. "Wanna go to school now?"

Judai grinned. "Ok!"


"Hi Mr. Shihomi! How's Ari doing?" Judai greeted once they entered the freshman studies classroom. Ari was his two year old daughter.

Mr. Shihomi waved at them. "She's doing fine. She's been asking for you two."

Johan took a seat a the back table and Judai sat on his lap. "Tell her we'll visit her this weekend."

"Alright." Mr. Shihomi noticed his class get completely quiet. "Um, class?"

One of the boys walked towards the two with wide, curious eyes. "You guys are the King and Queen of the school, aren't you?"

Judai blinked several times. He was used to being called the Kings of the school but… "… Queen?"

Johan burst out laughing. Poor Judai.

"Well yeah, weren't you the bride at the wedding? And aren't you the um… the… uke?"

Mr. Shihomi began laughing as well. "Kenta, stop harassing them."

Judai blushed. Queen? "Johan! Stop laughing!"

The bluenette kissed his cheek. "I think it fits. A King needs his Queen after all."

Mr. Shihomi went back to grading some papers while his class messed with the two and asked them lots of questions. Those two were legends after all. And they were super nice.

Maybe that's why Ari liked them so much.


Johan and Judai, now sophomores, entered their first period, their AP world history class. They took their seats and looked around. Most of their friends were in that class.

Edo applauded them. "Congratulations. You've finally scared off our sub."

Mr. Shihomi was their teacher but he took a three week paternity leave because his wife gave birth to their daughter.

Judai pumped a fist in the air. "Sweet!"

Their substitute, Mr. Hirojo, for some reason didn't like him. He was fine with Johan but not Judai.

"So now what do we do?" Asuka asked.

Johan thought for a bit then got an idea. "Let's go on a field trip."

"To where?" Manjyome asked.

"Mr. Shihomi's house of course! It's been two weeks already, so his wife should be fine by now."

Judai jumped onto a table. "Come on everyone! Let's go!"

"How are we all going to go there?" Jim asked, as the class packed up their stuff.

Judai jumped into Johan's arms. "Not a problem!"

Their parents sent them two limos and they went to Mr. Shihomi's house.

Ding Dong

The door opened and Mr. Shihomi paled. "Dear God."

The class went inside and saw his wife, Rina, holding the baby who was crying.

Rina got a little scared. Blue hair, green eyes and dual colored brown hair and brown eyes? "You must be Johan and Judai."

Judai nodded and went straight towards her. He looked at the baby with innocent eyes. "What's her name?"


"Aw." Judai looked down and blushed a bit. "Um, can… can I hold her?"

Rina looked a little surprised but then her gaze softened. "Sure. Just be careful."

Johan walked up behind Judai who carefully took the baby. Mr. Shihomi was scared, but he relaxed when Ari stopped crying. She stared up at Judai and Johan with big, round eyes then began giggling.

Johan kissed Judai's cheek. "She likes you."

Judai smiled happily. Rina watched them. They looked cute with a kid.

"When you get older, have you thought about adopting?" Rina asked, curious.

"Good God no!" Mr. Shihomi cut in before they could answer. Mini spawns from hell… "Wait a minute, where's Mr. Hirojo?"

"They scared him off," the class replied, pointing to the two with the baby.

"… Of course."

Ever since then, Johan and Judai visited them at least twice a month and Ari got used to them. Once she began talking, she always asked for them. Oh, and Mr. Shihomi never left his class with a sub for that long again.


"Aren't you two supposed to be in your AP government class?" Mr. Shihomi asked.

"Oh yeah! I wanted to pull an end of the year prank! Let's go Johan!" And Judai dragged him out of there.

The class was left whispering. Those two legends were awesome in the eyes of the underclassmen.

"Mr. Shihomi," Kenta spoke, sounding determined. "You asked us at the beginning of the year what we wanted to do in our high school career, right?"

"Yeah." Uh-oh.

"I know what I'm gonna do!" Kenta said. "I'm gonna be like Johan and Judai!"

"God help me…"


The two went into their AP government class.

Asuka waved to them. "You two have the entire school staff scared out of their minds. What are you guys gonna do?"

They grinned. "You'll see."

"Well that grin of yours is never good, so I'm assuming you're planning something big?" Jim asked, coming by to kiss Asuka on the cheek.

The two had fallen for each other back in sophomore year and got together in their junior year.

"Like we said, you'll see."

They took their seats and began talking and messing around when they saw their teacher wasn't there and probably wouldn't be getting their anytime soon since he saw Johan and Judai first thing in the morning. And it was their last day there.

"Ne, Johan?" Judai began, getting out of his seat and sitting on Johan's lap instead. He always found that way more comfy than a chair.

"What is it?"

"What do you think was our best prank so far?"

Johan gave that question some time to answer. "I'm not sure. Why? What do you think it was?"

Judai shrugged. "I don't know either, but I know my favorite from last year!"

"Which one was it?"

"The one we pulled in our physics class last year, with the bottomless backpacks."

Johan chuckled. "Oh yeah, that was funny. Our classmates were scared for at least a week."



Johan and Judai appeared in their physics class.

"Phew! Thought we'd be late." Judai said with a grin as he took his seat beside the bluenette.

Manjyome leaned back in his seat and crossed his arms over his chest. "What were you two up to? Making out in the bathroom?"

The two didn't answer and simply grinned at him.

"Oh God I should've have asked…" Manjyome muttered, bringing a hand up to his face and sliding it down as he shook his head.

Edo reached over to pat his shoulder. "It's about time you realized that."

"Shut up."

Judai dug through his binder. "Ne, Johan? Do you happen to have my physics homework with you?"

Johan sat sideways in his seat and hauled his backpack off the ground and onto his lap. He unzipped it and smirked. "Let's find out." The class sans Judai stared in amazement after just a few seconds.

From his backpack he pulled out a binder, three textbooks, a skateboard, an alarm clock, a bowling ball—

"Oh! That's where I put it!" Judai piped in.

—a baseball bat, a laptop, a giant punk teddy bear—

"Teddy!" Judai hugged the bear close.

—a lead pipe that kept going and going and going…


Johan looked up and saw the pipe hit the ceiling. He tilted it down a bit and kept pulling it out. When he reached the end of it, he set it down in the aisle next to him.

Out came a folder. He opened it and smiled. "Here it is."

Judai took his homework. "Thanks Johan, I know that if it had been in my backpack, I would've lost it."

The class shifted their stare of shock towards him.

Judai felt the stares at looked around as Johan started to put everything but the punk teddy bear he'd given Judai back in his backpack. "What?" He laughed a bit when he caught the reason for their stares. "Oh yeah, compared to mine, Johan's backpack is neat."

Edo and Manjyome scooted their desks over a bit.

What'd they have in there, a black hole?!

They really are the spawns of Hell! The class thought.


"We would've never been able to pull that off if it hadn't been for our parents," Johan commented.

"Yeap! We learned from the best!"

"I liked the one we pulled last year with the hotel and Edo and Manjyome."

Judai grinned. "That was fun too."


"I can't believe you gambled our hotel money!" Edo exclaimed.

"I was tricked, ok??" Manjyome defended.

Edo sighed. "I don't have access to any money right now, I'm temporarily grounded."

Manjyome crossed his arms over his chest. "I'm... temporarily disowned..."

"What?! Then what do you suggest we do??"

The two seventeen year olds thought for a bit.

"Let's escape," Manjyome proposed.

"Alright, how?"

Simply leaving failed.

The next idea took them three hours to do. They spent the majority of that time playing rock, paper, scissors to figure out what they would do.

In the end, they both dressed up as maids.

It didn't work.

"That's it! Out the window!" Edo pulled out some rope from out of no where.

Manjyome raised a brow. "... Where did you get that from?"

Edo looked down at the rope in his hands. "... I've been hanging around Johan and Judai for too long."

Swinging out the window failed too since they were too afraid of falling from the fifty story hotel. And because of that, the window was now barred.

Edo and Manjyome fell down on their beds in exhaustion.

"How can Johan and Judai keep this kind of stuff up all day every day?" Edo mumbled into his pillow.

"Wait, that's it!" Manjyome shot up.

"What's it?" Edo raised his head. Manjyome rushed over to him and pulled him towards the phone. Manjyome sat down in the comfortable chair and Edo accidentally landed in his lap. The two blushed.

"Check that, maybe you've been spending too much time with Johan and Judai." Edo said. He quickly got off the raven's lap. "What's it?"

Manjyome shook his head to rid himself of the thought of him and Edo together. Sadly, he could see that working... "Johan and Judai!"

"What about them?"

"Those two can always get out of anything! I'm sure they could tell us how to get out."

Edo nodded. "Call them."

Manjyome pulled out his cell phone and dialed the number he unfortunately knew by heart.

"Hello?" Came the calm voice of the bluenette on the other side.

"Johan! You have to help us!" Manjyome wasted no time in getting to the point. It was already bad enough that he was stuck in a hotel with Edo of all people, but he was afraid that if he stayed any longer, he would turn gay and proclaim his love to Edo. Oh God, the silverette was right, he really had been spending too much time with the two dipshits!

"Manjyome? Who's us?" Johan spoke. Some rustling over the phone alerted Manjyome that Judai was getting near it. "Hi!"

"Me and Edo," Manjyome replied, "we're trapped in a hotel and we want to leave now!"

Johan placed the phone on speaker to keep Judai from falling while trying to listen in on the conversation from Johan's shoulder.

"Did you try leaving?" Judai asked. If they were stuck, just leave...

"Didn't work," Edo said, after Manjyome put his phone on speaker to save Edo from having to get too close to the raven to hear the two on the phone.

"How 'bout dressing up as maids?" Judai suggested. It worked for them sometimes...

"Did that. Still here."

"How 'bout swinging out the window?" Johan asked.

Manjyome and Edo sighed. They wanted to leave, not kill themselves. They heard a light tap on their window.

Looking to their rights, they saw Johan on a rope with Judai on his back, both grinning. Judai held a sign in his hands that said DIDN'T WORK, DID IT?

Manjyome dropped the phone as he ran towards them and pointed out the window with an accusing finger. "You too?!"

The two out the window laughed. Judai flipped the sign over and it said, JUST KIDDING.

The four were finally allowed to leave, but only because those two decided to get it all over with and just blow up the building.


"Ah, good times..." Johan said.

Judai nodded. "That became even funnier when Edo and Manjyome got together later in the year."

The door to their class opened and in came Fubuki and Ryo. The two had graduated back in the twin J's freshman year, but they came back to see their siblings and friends graduate.

"Hey guys! How's everyone doing today? Excited?" Fubuki asked.

Ryo rolled his eyes. "I think he's more excited for this than you guys are."

"Well of course! My little sister's all grown up now! So is everyone else! They're about to go into the world as young adults fresh out of high school, with big dreams and big wishes!"

Asuka stared at her brother. "What did you have to eat in the morning?"

"Chocolate chip pancakes with a full bottle of syrup and chocolate milk and a chocolate bar on the way here and a chocolate cupcake once we got here and—"

"Wow, no wonder you're so hyper." Asuka scooted away a bit from her brother.

Ryo and Fubuki had gotten together shortly after they graduated.

"Hi Ryo, hi Fubuki," the twin J's greeted.

"Hi you two!" Fubuki rushed towards them. "By the way, the movie you guys starred in was a complete success! I got an A on it!"

Earlier in the year, Fubuki came to them to ask if they could star in a movie he was making. It ended up being a dramatic, funny, yaoi. His teacher and classmates loved it.

"Glad we could help," Johan said.

"Yup! At least we know we could rely on a career of actors if all else fails." Judai said.

Johan looked at him, tightening his hold on the brunette a bit as he whispered into his ear, "But I don't think I would like it if you were to kiss someone else. I thought you were all mine?"

Judai blushed and shivered a bit. Over the years, Johan had become more romantic and daring. Judai had to admit, he liked it, but that usually led to—

"Alright, no need to make out in class you too," Asuka said teasingly.

The class laughed a bit at Judai's face getting redder. The bell rang and saved Judai anymore embarrassment. He ran out of the class with a laughing Johan at his heels.


"Were you behind all that?" Haou asked, his gold eyes narrowing at the bluenette.

Jehu raised a brow. "Behind all what?"

"Back in Shihomi's class and just now."

"Um, no. Johan's eyes would've turned amber, remember?"

"Right." Haou crossed his arms over his chest. "Queen? That's a load of crap."

"You're my Queen," Jehu said with a smirk.

Haou glared at him. "Say that again and I'm leaving you."

"Aw come on Haou, what Johan said is true. A King must have his Queen."

"I will wring your neck."

"You know, I'm surprised they've never caught on to us," Jehu said, changing the topic before Haou got too angry.

"Johan always came close to finding out about us," Haou pointed out, pretending to not notice the change in subject.

"But I stopped him from ever getting too close."

Haou nodded. "Their parents… or are they also our parents? Well whatever, they never caught on either. They just thought Johan and Judai were on crack sometimes."

Jehu laughed. "That was always fun." He thought for a bit. "I guess they could also be our parents."

Haou shrugged. "I'm surprised a social worker never came to take us away from them."

"Yeah, but hey, even the S.W.A.T team is afraid of them, you think a social worker will go near them?"


"I wonder what they're doing now…"


"AH! Ok! Ok! I'm sorry!" Sessue yelled. "You're right! You're completely and totally right!

Dante stepped out of the Andersen mansion to see what all the commotion about. He blinked when he saw what was going on. He then burst out laughing.

"Don't laugh you asshole!" Sessue exclaimed in anger.

"Oh I'm gonna laugh. That's damn funny."

Kari had Sessue hanging from a huge crane, upside down and tied by chains. Kari was operating the huge machine and looked satisfied with the outcome.

"I told you you'd see it my way!" Kari said with a smirk. Sailene popped out of the house with a beer in her hands and laughed at Sessue, then joined Kari inside the machine.

"You should've used my tank," Sailene told her.

"Yeah I know, but the closest thing I had to me was the crane."

Dante raised a hand to shade his eyes from the sun and looked up at his friend. "What got your ass in trouble this time?"


Dante looked at Kari. "What'd he do?"

"He said that he won the prank war he and I did back a few years ago, and I said I won it." Kari replied with a triumphant smile. "He now agrees that I won it."

Dante shook his head with a laugh. "So you can't get down from there?"

"Do you think that if I could I'd still be up here?!"



"Alright, alright."

"Kari! Can you put me down now?? All the blood's rushing to my head and I don't like it!"

Dante looked a the machinery curiously. "Hey Kari, can I give it shot?"

"What?! No! Kari! Don't let him—"

And just to spite him, she grinned. "Sure." She and Sailene stepped out of the crane and let Dante get in.

"You asshole!! You jackass!!" Sessue yelled. "When I got down from here, I'll kill you!!"

"Yeah yeah," Dante took over the controls. "Now, I think I saw a mud puddle some way that way…"

"What?! DANTE!!" Sessue whined.

Kari and Sailene watched their husbands leave the mansion grounds.

"God, if they weren't married to us, I'd try to get them together." Sailene admitted honestly with a shake of her head.

Kari shrugged. "They might as well be. S and M anyone?"

Sailene laughed. "Oh God."

"AH! DANTE!!" was heard in the background followed by Dante's evil laughter.

"The mud's gonna be a bitch to get out of the carpet." Sailene stated.

Kari nodded. "They can either go to the other mansion or they can sleep outside tonight."

Sailene took a sip of the beer she had in her hands. "Wanna go shopping before we have to go to the graduation?"


And they left, deciding to take the tank.


Johan shook his head a bit and looked around. It happened again. He couldn't remember for shit how he got to class, the last he remembered was following Judai out of class.

"Judai, how'd we get here?"

Judai felt a little dizzy. "We walked here…?"

"Do you remember it?"

"… No."

Johan sighed. He remembered trying to find out what kept happening back in freshman year, and he felt as though he'd gotten close, but he never found out. I bet we just have alter egos.

They spent the class reminiscing and talking since their AP classes were pretty much just party time.

"Hey guys," Sho greeted.

"Hey." they replied. "What's up?"

"Nothing really, just excited we're finally graduating."

"I know right? I can't wait!" Judai went back to being super excited.

Kenzan walked into the class and took a seat near the three. "Hey."


"So what do you guys plan to do after the graduation ceremony?"

Unlike pretty much everyone else, Sho and Kenzan didn't get with anybody.

"Probably party. A lot. At some random house." Judai answered.

Kenzan and Sho laughed. Those two never change.

"And you guys?"

"Party, with everyone else I guess." Kenzan replied. Sho nodded in agreement.

"Well, I'm bored." Judai stated from out of no where.

"Wanna go off campus and mess around the city?" Johan asked.

"Can we?" Judai asked, sounding really hopeful.

Johan nodded. "Let's go."

They waved goodbye to their friends and took off.

They went around the city for a period and came back in time for their math classes. Johan had AP calculus with Mr. Kawasaki and Judai had pre-calculus with Mr. Yamada.


And Judai joined Johan in class.

Next came their open period and the two went back home for a bit, only to find their parents missing, along with the crane and the tank.

"Man! I wanted to go back to school with the tank!" Judai whined.

Johan looked at the pool behind the mansion. "Wanna go for a swim?"


As they swam, they remembered when Judai joined the swim team back in their sophomore year. Johan had simply gone with basketball.

"I'm a great swimmer!" Judai had said. "I can swim through Twinkies!"

Johan kicked ass in the courts.

They went back to school for their AP world literature class and fell asleep in there.

Their next class was journalism 4.

"Thank God you two are finally going to leave this school," Mr. Morimoto told them.

"Aw, you mean you're not gonna miss us?" Judai pretended to be hurt.

Mr. Morimoto smirked. "I've known you for four years, I won't fall for your puppy dog eyes anymore."

"Then tell that to Johan because he falls for them every time." Judai deadpanned.

Johan looked away with a slight blush and Mr. Morimoto laughed.

"What are you two going to do for the grand finale?"

Johan gave a small smirk. "Who says this will be our grand finale?"

The door burst open before Mr. Morimoto could ask what he meant.

"Hey!" It was Rokuro.

"Aw, not you again!" Judai whined. "I thought we'd seen the last of you at your graduation!"

"Thank you Judai, you make me feel so loved." Rokuro smirked. "Hey Johan."

"Hey. Why're you here?"

"You're graduation, duh."

"I swear, you put itching powder in my outfit, my hat, my diploma even, and you'll wish you never met me!" Judai declared.

"Ah damn. There went the highlight of my day." Rokuro replied, feigning disappointment.

Johan laughed when Judai glared at Rokuro.

The bell rang.

Johan looked at Judai. "You ready?"

"Oh yeah!"

The three went left the class with a wave to Mr. Morimoto.

They went out to the football field where the rest of the graduating class was. Everyone was all dressed and ready.

Music was playing, the whole place was filled, and it was just really loud.

The bleachers were filled with their family and friends and the teachers.

Fubuki was there with Ryo and a video camera, recording everything. "Ooh! I can't wait to see what'll happen!"

Some underclassmen came to watch or to wish the class a great life.

Most of them came to see what prank Judai and Johan would pull on their last day there.

Mr. Kuyoski went up to the stage and took the microphone. "I welcome you all to the graduation of the senior class!"

Everyone cheered.

"For some of you, these last four years have been exciting, challenging, a new experience for all of you." He looked at Johan and Judai. "For others, these years have been Hell." He looked at the rest of the class. "All of you are now young adults, ready to face the real world. I wish you all luck."

Then everyone got called up one by one to get their diplomas. The valedictorian, Asuka, came after all of them and gave an awesome speech. Even Johan and Judai behaved through the whole thing.

Asuka finished and gave the microphone back to Mr. Kuyoski who looked a little nervous.

"Thank you, Asuka." He looked back at the graduating class. "Now, before we finish this and start partying," he stared at Judai and Johan, who were sitting together in the middle of the class, "please, please tell me you two aren't planning on doing anything."

They grinned and raced up there, standing next to the principal. "Ok! We have nothing planned!"

"… Really?"

"Nope. We're blowing up the school. EVERYBODY OUT!!"

It took a few seconds to get a reaction from everyone, but once they saw that those two were completely serious, everyone started screaming and running.

"Maybe we should've told them that we weren't gonna blow it up now, and that they still have at least five minutes." Judai said, watching the masses rush to the gates to leave, or at least to get to a safe distance from there.

Johan shrugged. "Just means we can blow it up faster."

Mr. Kuyoski jumped off the stage, stopped, then ran back onto the stage. "Can I just ask one thing?"


"Why are you blowing up the school?"

"We wanted to leave with a bang!" Judai replied.

Johan hugged him from behind. "That and, it was the only thing we could think of that could top our parent's graduation."

Their parents had dropped a bomb onto their school and when it exploded, it sent paint everywhere, even to nearby buildings. It had been permanent paint.

"The good news is, we beat our parents!" Judai said.

Mr. Kuyoski raised a brow. "Huh?"

"Our records," Johan clarified.

"Yup! Our parents got 600 detentions, 150 in-houses and 1 suspension."

"While we got 700 detentions, 300 in-houses and 3 suspensions."

Mr. Kuyoski paled. "You mean to tell me, you two made my—this school's—life Hell for the last four years just to beat your parents?"

"Well of course." Judai looked at him, confused. "Why not? We wanted to make our parents proud."

"Speaking of, where the hell are they?" Johan looked around.

A tank and a crane showed up as if on cue.

"Good job you two!!" Sailene and Kari yelled through a megaphone. "We're proud of you!!"

"You have our blessings for your future!" Dante and Sessue added.

"Thanks guys!" the two replied.

Judai looked at their parents closely. "Why is my dad hanging from the crane and tied with chains?"

Johan shrugged. "I don't know. S and M? At least he's not upside down."


Mr. Kuyoski shook his head. "There's really nothing anyone can do to stop you, is there?"

"Nope!" Judai chirped in happily.

"Don't worry about the school, we're paying to have it be rebuilt before the next school year starts." Johan told the principal.

He sighed. "Good luck in your future, boys."

And he left. Their parents offered them a ride but the two declined. Their parents left shortly after and the only ones still at the school were Johan and Judai.

"I love you Judai."

"I love you too, Johan."

They kissed then proceeded to get the hell away from there and fast.

3... 2... 1...



"DAD!!! Rua lit my doll on fire!!" A little blue-green haired girl exclaimed one morning.

"Did not! It's not my fault it fell onto the stove!!" Rua yelled back at his twin sister, Ruka. Johan and Judai walked into the kitchen to see a sad Ruka and an annoyed Rua.

"Rua, why did you burn your sister's doll?" Judai asked.

"Gah! I didn't do it! Why don't you believe me??"

Johan squatted down to be at level with his adopted son. "We would believe you if we hadn't overheard you saying how much you hated that doll and how you were going to burn it." He ruffled Rua's hair a bit, causing the boy to pout.

"Ah. Well I couldn't help it! That doll creeped me out!" Rua defended.

"Daddy, my doll…" Ruka held the destroyed doll in her hands.

Judai smiled at her. "I was going to wait to give this to you later, but now I think it's the perfect opportunity."

Judai left the kitchen then came back with a box. Ruka opened it, being careful with the wrapping paper. It was a brown puffball—stuffed animal with a tail.

"Aw! It's so cute! What is it?"

"It's called Kuribon."

"Thank you Daddy!" Ruka hugged him.

"Hey, why don't I get anything?" Rua looked sad.

Johan motioned with his head to go look outside.

Rua ran outside and saw he had… "A bike! How cool! Thanks Dad!"

Johan and Judai were twenty-three years old when they had adopted Rua and Ruka. They had gotten them as babies and the twins were now five.

They had to admit, they might not have put so much thought into it had it not been for Rina telling them about it.

Mr. Shihomi still gets scared whenever they come over.

The rest of their teachers and everyone was still alive, living happy and healthy. Mostly anyway, one could never say how the ones at Happy Bouncy No Escape Psychiatric Hospital were doing.

"Alright you two, are you ready for your first day of school?" Judai asked.

"Yeah!" the twins replied.

"Good, let's go then."

The parents took their kids to school.

"Have a nice day at school kids!" Johan told them as they got out of the car.

"Make sure to cause some chaos!" Judai said.

"Bye Dad! Bye Daddy!" the twins waved goodbye, then went into their elementary school.

Judai and Johan then went to work.

Guess what they were?


The funny part?

They were teaching at the school they had blown up ten years ago!

"Who would've thought, huh?" Johan asked as the two made their way back into the school.

"That'd we be teaching at the place we blew up?"


"I know I can't. I remember when we first started teaching here. Our old teachers got scared!" Judai laughed.

They really hadn't changed much from the years. It must be in their blood, because like their parents, they didn't look much older than high school students. That and they had two careers they followed, just like their parents. They doubled as actors on the weekends.

Speaking of, their parents hadn't changed much either.

Their moms were now top fashion designers and took their grandkids skydiving whenever they could and their dads were their unfortunate models. Their dads liked to take their grandkids out to blow things up. Rua seemed like he would follow in his parents' footsteps, but Ruka seemed to be a little more reserved. When she got pissed however, she made Rua's pranks seem harmless.

All in all, they were living happy lives.

So were their friends, who had gotten married, found sweet places to live and had awesome jobs.

Johan and Judai reached their hallway and they stopped in front of Judai's classroom.

"I'll see you during lunch like always?" Johan asked.

Judai nodded. "Yup! See you then."

They kissed then parted ways.

Before they entered their classrooms, a couple of seniors called out to them.

"Hey! Mr. and Mr. Andersen! Today, after school! Prank fight!"

The two teachers smirked. It seemed that kids these days would never learn that they couldn't beat the King and Queen of the school.

"You're on!"

No one would ever be able to beat them, because what no one knew was that, those two had everything planned. From the smallest annoyance to the biggest prank. They had even made a book right before they started teaching, one they ironically called Johan and Judai's Twenty Ways to Annoy Your Teachers.

Nope. No one would ever learn their secret.

The End!


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