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Ding Dong

Light sighed and walked over towards the door. He was tired and wanted to relax but obviously, that wouldn't happen any time soon. He opened the door.

"Misa?" She stepped in and closed the door behind her.

"Hi Light!" Misa threw herself on him. "How are you?"

Light stopped himself from groaning. Not Misa of all people!

"I'm fine Misa, how are you?" Light asked, trying his best to sound nice.

"Yay! Misa is happy that Misa's Light is fine!" Misa squealed, not letting go of Light and the death hug she was giving him.

"Yeah…why are you here?" Light asked, carefully pushing Misa away and just getting to the point.

She looked up at him and smiled happily. "Misa just came by to see Misa's Light!"

"That was very nice of you Misa, but I'm really tired today," Light began.

Misa looked like she was about to cry. "Is Light kicking Misa out??"

"No, no, it's just that—"

Ding Dong

Light groaned and went to open the door again. Would people just give him a break?! He opened the door.

"Mikami?" Not Mikami!

"Hi Light." Mikami greeted cheerfully.

Misa glared at the newest arrival. "Light, who is this?"

"Misa, this is Mikami, he's my—"

"Friend. Very close friend." Mikami finished for him.

Light was thankful for his self control right there, or he would've just lashed out on Mikami. How dare he call himself his very close friend?! How could he even call himself his friend?! Light was going to say stalker! Not friend! And besides, Light's only very close friend and only friend was L!

"Friend?? Why is Misa's Light hanging out with weirdos like him??" Misa asked.

Ooh, stalker fight, Light thought, amused.

"Weirdo?! At least I'm not a gothic blonde bimbo!" Mikami said.

Misa puffed out her cheeks. "Ugh! You're not only weird, you're mean too!" Misa clung herself to Light's arm. "Stay away from Misa's Light!"

"Your Light?! Light's not your property!" Mikami shot back.

"Guys, guys, as much entertainment as this is, I think you two should go, I don't want any fights here," Light said.

Misa and Mikami glared at each other. Misa looked back at Light.

"Goodbye Light! Have sweet dreams!" Misa gave him one last bear hug and walked towards the door, glaring at Mikami who hadn't even come in yet.

"Goodnight Light," Mikami said.

"Night you two." Light nodded.

His two stalkers left and Light closed the door. He leaned his back against it and sighed in relief. Finally, he could rest.

The phone rang.

"Damn it." Light cursed. Would he ever get a break?!

He answered it. "Hello?"

"…Did I call at a bad time?"

"Oh, L…no, you didn't call at a bad time, I just had an encounter with Misa…"

"I'm sorry."

"And Mikami."

"…I'm really sorry."

Light laughed. "Don't worry about it, I'm just glad they're gone. Will you be coming home soon?"

"I'm on my way as we speak. I'll be there shortly."

Light yawned. "I would wait for you but—"

"I understand Light, you can go to sleep." Man, people sure had a tendency to cut him off.

"Thanks L."

"I'll just find an interesting way to wake you. I did find that one tickle spot you have right behind your—"

"Goodbye. L." Light said quickly and hung up, slightly red in the face. L loved to embarrass him! They weren't even a couple!


And neither Misa nor Mikami could tell he liked L.

They must be even dumber than I thought, even Matsuda can tell! Light thought, making his way over to his bed. He climbed in after taking off his shoes and hoped Misa and Mikami wouldn't come at the same time ever again.

Misa and Mikami came to Light and L's house at the same time three more times after that, the last visit resulting in Misa throwing a potted plant at Mikami who dodged it and insulted her. Light only got them out that time by saying he wouldn't talk to them ever again if they didn't leave that moment. They left and continued to argue outside.

Light told L everything since he was never home when they came. L always laughed. Probably at Light but he didn't really care.

"They might end up killing each other," L had said.

Ding Dong

"Here we go again," Light mumbled before opening the door.

"Hi Light!" Misa greeted, as cheerful as always. She looked around and smiled when she saw Mikami wasn't there.

That's it, if this keeps up, I'm moving. Light thought.

Misa walked inside after closing the door. "Misa is happy Mikami isn't here!"

"Of course you are," Light muttered.

"What?" Misa asked, not having heard him.

"Nothing." Light smiled. "How about I make us some tea?" So I could put a sleeping pill in it and make you leave!


Ding Dong

"Oh no," Light groaned. He went and opened the door. Mikami.

Misa screamed angrily. "Why do you always come here you weirdo?!"

"God! You're like a banshee! You're so annoying!" Mikami yelled back.

Misa glared at him. "You're one to talk! You're weird, annoying, ugly, a stalker, desperate, an attention whore and stupid!"

Light blinked and hid his laugh. Watching those two argue was very amusing.

"And you're a whore that wants to get into Light's pants!" Mikami glared at the blonde.

Misa was smart enough to notice that today, Mikami was wearing contacts instead of his usual glasses. Misa guessed it was to impress Light or something.

"So you wanna impress Light, huh? Well let's see how impressed he'll be after I'm through with you!" Misa pulled out a nail file. She was so pissed she forgot to talk in third person, Light noticed. She rushed towards Mikami and stabbed him in the eye. Then the other eye.

Mikami screamed in pain.

"Die!!" Misa yelled.

Go Misa, Light inwardly cheered. Hey, he wanted Mikami gone too.

Misa stabbed Mikami everywhere.

"AAHH!!!" Mikami yelled.




Mikami was dead. How, Light wasn't sure but guessed it was due to blood loss.

Misa cleaned off her nail file with Mikami's shirt and put the nail file away. She turned to look at Light with a smile on her face.

"Yay! The weird guy is gone now! Is Misa's Light happy?"

"Sure…" Light said. "How about that tea?"

Misa was out like a log not even halfway through her tea. The sleeping pill Light slipped in there was the strongest out there and only L used them to help out with his insomnia. Light had tried one once by accident and he didn't wake up till two days later. And L said they didn't work!

The door opened. In came L. He looked down at Mikami's dead body and Misa's sleeping body. He looked up at Light.

"Told you."

Light laughed. "She killed him with a nail file."

L shook his head. "Sad when a man gets killed by a nail file. Oh well, we can drop the bodies off later, I know the perfect place."

"I'm not going to ask…" Light sighed. "You do know Misa is still alive, right?"


"Oh L."

L smirked. "Save it for the bedroom."

L ducked as a chair came towards his face. "Aggressive today, are we?"

That night, L slept in the living room with the dead body and Misa because not only had Light completely soaked L's entire bed with cold water, he also decided to dump a mountain of ice on it, making it impossible for L to sleep on it.

L hid his laughter as he thought about Light.

"He so likes me."

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