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Ding Dong

"Hi Light—"


Ding Dong.

"Hi Light—"


Light leaned against the door. Why was Mikami so persistent?? Didn't he understand that no meant no?!

"Light, who was at the door?" L asked.

Light sighed. "No one important." He walked out of the living room and went up the stairs.

L opened the door.

"You're not Light!" Mikami exclaimed.

L slammed the door shut in his face anyway.

"Hey kids! You guys want to go beat up someone for me?" L called out.

Matt, Mello and Near chased Mikami down the street with bats full of nails.


L found Light in their room. "Light, are you having a problem with Mikami?"

"No, it's fine, I can handle it."

"I can go kick his ass for you if you want," L offered.

"I said it's fine." Light stood up and made to walk out the room.

"Light, are you alright?"

"Yes! I'm fine!" Light snapped. He walked out of the room and passed the kids along the way.

"Oooh, Daddy's pissy," they sang. "Dad, what'd you do?"

"Hell if I know."


Ring Ring

Light picked up. "Hi Light—"

Light hung up.

Ring Ring

"Hi Light—"


Oh his day just kept getting better and better.

Near walked up to him and pulled his pant leg to get his attention. "Daddy, what did Dad do?"

Light sighed. "Nothing. It wasn't him. It's just… nothing. Never mind."

He walked out of the room.

Near watched him leave. "And he wonders why this family is dysfunctional."


They all went to the movies, and Mikami was there.

Light and L dropped the kids off at home and went to a casino. Guess who was there?

Light felt his eye twitch when he saw the raven. "That's it, we're outta here."

"Aw, but I am winning," L whined.


"Fine." L cashed in his winnings and they left before Mikami could get them.


Light felt a headache come on. He'd been having a bad day that day and he was hoping for some rest at home.

All of a sudden, someone put a cloth over his face and Light felt his world go dark.

Light woke up some time later and felt some rope tied around his arms and legs. "I've been kidnapped and taken to my own house?!" He said when he recognized his surroundings.

Mikami stepped out of the shadows. "You keep rejecting me, Light! But not this time! We're all alone here, and I get to have you all to myself!"

Well at least I'm not tied to the bed and naked, Light thought. What to do, what to do… oh right. "AH! HELP!!"

As if on cue, L and the kids came home.


L raced up the stairs upon hearing Light's yell.

The kids followed and they opened the door to L and Light's room to see… Mikami trying to molest Light.

"Get off of Light!" L said before grabbing the back of his shirt and throwing him off of the brunette. The kids went up to their father and helped untie him.


"He will be mine! I swear it!" Mikami exclaimed, getting up off the ground.


"Good luck trying, asshole! Light is mine!"

"We'll see about that!"


"You tried to rape him! You think he'll love you now?!" L asked as the two stepped closer to each other, looking like they were in a death match.

"THAT'S IT!!!!!" Light yelled out, something in him finally cracking.

He pulled out a gun from hell knows where and aimed it at Mikami. "I'll kill you!!"

Mikami's jaw dropped. "What?? Why?! I thought you loved me!!"

"HELL NO!! And why? WHY?! You tried to rape me and you have the balls to ask why?! I feel as though you've been stalking me for thirty lifetimes!! I hate you, that's why!!!" Light made sure the kids were out of harm's way before aiming at Mikami again.

The raven let out a girlish scream then ran out of the room.

Oh but Light wasn't going to let him get away that easily. He chased him down. All around the house they went, Light not firing until he was positive the shot would be fatal.


"Muahahahaha! I've killed the biggest nuisance in my life at last!!" Light exclaimed in triumph.

"Yup, Daddy's on crack." Mello stated. "But, as long as he gets to do it…"

He led the kids out of the room and they all caused a rampage.

Matt and Mello ran outside and began to tip over some cars, shoot people, and just generally cause mass hysteria.

Near stayed at home and simply stabbed Mikami's dead body with his dart over and over again.

Light went outside with the kids and began shooting random people, showing that he had officially gone insane.

L watched them, having gone outside himself to see the chaos unfold. He sighed. "Well, they may be insane, but they are still my fami—HEY! Drop that jar of cookies!!!"

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