Author Notes: Hey Paradox coming at you with a new pairing. Do not worry; the Naruto and Kyuubi series will likely continue, but I needed a new inspiration. Give me some credit. I've written over 300 pages or 21 chapters. Yaoi warning male/male sex content. Note: this is set from before Shipuuden. Sasuke is not in this story.


Konoha: It was an average day for our favorite blond hero for the most part. He woke up at seven sharp and ate a bowl of cereal before training his ass off for four and a half hours. Then he went to Ichiraku's and downed five bowls of various ramen flavors. When he was sitting and eating though, he felt hotter than what seemed necessary. It was a clear day in April, but it was only sixty degrees or so. Naruto just passed it off though as he exited the stand.

"Aw mom, do I really have to go with you to go clothes shopping?" Kiba asked. "We aren't even buying me a shirt, so what's the point?"

"You have no missions today," Tsume began. "Just quit complaining. I promise it will only be an hour." Kiba frowned. Whenever his mom promised a length of time, it usually ended up taking three times the amount. Naruto caught sight of the Inuzukas and came over to talk to Kiba as his mother entered the boutique. Kiba saw him too, and he blushed before turning his attention to the store. Akamaru lay sleeping in the crook of his sweatshirt.

Naruto had been Kiba's crush for a while now. Even before he saw the boy's prowess in the Chuunin Exams, Kiba had liked him more than most of his other friends. He thought it to be a lost cause though, because Naruto didn't seem at all like a guy who'd be into that kind of relationship. "Oh, hey Naruto," the dog-boy called. Naruto waved back as he crossed the busy street.

"What're you up to Kiba?" he asked curiously with his trademark smile. Naruto always seemed to be cheerful when he was around people, but when he was alone, Kiba observed him to be rather depressed. It was confusing. The entire village seemed to dislike him, and it was every person he knew short of the senseis, Teuchi of the ramen shop, the Hokage, and the rookie nine including Team Gai. Kiba had an itch in his nose, so he snuffed it away, and he caught a strange aroma with it. It was slightly musky, but the scent was faint. Kiba just decided to ignore it.

"My mom's got me being her errand boy," the thirteen-year-old replied. "I hate going clothes shopping with her. She takes forever, and she isn't even buying me anything. It's so pointless." Naruto lost some of the joy in his smile. "How have you been doing?"

"I've just been training," the blond boy replied. "I can hang upside down by one foot." Kiba asked for Naruto to show him, and the boy happily complied and hung himself down from the store sign. "Hey Kiba," he began. "Do you feel kinda warm today? I mean, it's only like sixty, but I just feel kinda bleh."

"No, but then again, you are the most unpredictable ninja I know," Kiba replied. "You probably just overexerted yourself while training today." He noted Naruto's appearance and scent. Ya, he was very sweaty, and he was kind of flushed too. A random kid threw a rock at Naruto as he hung from the sign, and the boy fell after dodging it nimbly. "Whoa," Kiba said as he haphazardly caught the boy, tipping himself over too. Naruto held the back of his head as he tried to look and see who had thrown the rock. Kiba raised his head in time to smell a flash of anger come from Naruto, but it only lasted for a split second.

"Ouch," Naruto spoke as he felt the back of his head. It was bleeding slightly from his contact with the pavement. Kiba looked at it, but found that Naruto would live. Kiba's mother came out of the shop sooner than expected, and she looked down slightly concerned with Naruto. But when she caught a whiff of that musky scent that Kiba was dismissing, worry seethed within her.

"You alright Naruto?" Tsume asked as genuinely as possible. She had seen that he acted much like a normal kid, but she knew that he had the Kyuubi sealed in him. Her son helped the whiskered youth up, and Naruto thanked him before running off to who knows where.

"See ya later Kiba," Naruto called as he went for the rooftops.

"I assume you can smell that kind of musky scent in the air Kiba?" Tsume asked. Her son nodded. "I'm done; they didn't have anything really interesting other than a dress that goes well with my markings. You're getting to be about the age where I need to explain something to you, but not here, back at the house." Kiba was kind of curious, but he shrugged it off until his mother brought him home. "Oi, Hana, you still here?" Tsume called out.

"Ya, why?" Kiba's eighteen-year-old sister replied.

"I think it's time I gave Kiba the talk," Tsume told her. "You might want to sit down for this," Tsume warned. Kiba did as he was told before starting to drift off thinking about his blond crush. "Hey, stay with us." Kiba's eyes snapped back up. "Okay, you're thirteen now, and your body is maturing. Grr, there is no easy way to do this," Tsume commented.

"Let me try," Hana interjected. "Kiba-Kun, you've seen what happens when Kurumaru or any of the other male dogs goes into heat right? They do…things. You're right mom," she admitted. "This isn't easy."

"Don't tell me I'm gonna start humping every walking thing!" Kiba exclaimed. "Do you even realize how humiliating that would be?"

"Your dad embarrassed himself too," Tsume told him with a grin. "But, hah…I put a leash on him." More like locked him in a crate after you had me, Kiba thought to himself. "Oh, and I should be fair and warn you that all Inuzuka males are bi from the day they are born." Hana looked away, and Kiba went red in the face, but he did that on purpose. His mom had actually just sanctioned his relationship with Naruto if Kiba could make it work. "Aw, I see my little Kiba already has his first embarrassing gay crush. Might I ask with whom?"

"Ew, no" Kiba replied abruptly. He was normally very bad at dodging questions, but his mother believed him. "Although, don't you think it's a bit embarrassing for me to know that my sexual preference is predetermined?"

"I'm saying you don't have one despite what your young mind is telling you," Tsume replied flatly. "I suppose I can let you go now, but tell me when you start feeling flushed or start having…thoughts…okay?" Kiba grimaced and nodded before going out the door. "I probably should have told him to avoid that Naruto kid."

"Why, he seems like a perfectly normal boy to me," Hana commented. "I also don't think Naruto would be one willing to go for that kind of relationship, do you?"

"He might not," her mother began. "As per the Kyuubi, who knows?" Hana put on a curious expression. "It just so happens that I picked up a different scent on Naruto today when I was out shopping with Kiba."

"How much do you have to torture the poor boy?" Hana asked with a laugh. "Kiba's your son, not your servant. And so what? Naruto always smells weird."

"I think he's going into heat like I suspect Kiba will be soon too," Tsume told her quietly. Hana froze at this. "Don't ask me why, because I'm no expert, but I think Kyuubi is going to be screwing with him more as he matures. Just keep an eye on Kiba when you can." Hana nodded.

"Now where can I find Naruto at this time of day?" Kiba asked into the air. "Eh, I could just go check his house." The Inuzuka boy set a course for the abandoned part of town where he knew the boy lived.

Naruto sat on his bed with the window open and his shirt off. He closed his eyes and tried to enter his mind. After a couple of minutes, he found himself in the familiar wet corridors. He went up to Kyuubi's cage. "Wake up already," he spoke calmly. The fox stirred, and two crimson eyes showed back at Naruto. Kyuubi had become nicer, but he was still a twisted jerk.

"What is it brat?" he asked as he yawned. Kyuubi then paused and stretched his senses into Naruto's body. Going by the fact that Naruto wasn't wearing a shirt, was red in the face, and sweating, Kyuubi came to one conclusion. "Oh, this won't be fun," he spoke. "I have some furniture in my cage if you want to sit down," he offered. Kyuubi shrunk down a bit, and Naruto stepped between the bars easily. He had crossed the shield several times, but Kyuubi couldn't hurt him in here if he tried. Naruto found that everything was a mix of bright reds and deep blues.

"What the Hell is up with my body fox?" he asked angrily. "I know you're behind this." Naruto had found out and learned what Kyuubi could and couldn't do to him, but this was new.

"Sit down first," the redheaded human form spoke before tossing Naruto into something like a beanbag with feathers in it. Kyuubi wore a red and silvery ninja suit, and nine tails flowed behind him. "Okay, how old are you?" he asked. Naruto frowned before answering.

"I'm thirteen and a half," he spoke out in annoyance. "Can't you remember anything? What's my age got to do with this anyway?"

"It is a bit out of my control," the ruby-eyed male spoke as he lay on his own bed. "I mean, I can use this situation in various ways, but I can't stop it from affecting you. Only you can." Naruto was about to ask a question, but Kyuubi beat him to the point. "I'm a demon, but you're my vessel. That means that as a canine, you're going into heat for the first time." Naruto's jaw dropped. "That means you have become mature enough to be useful in sexual activities."

"Nearly dead fox says what now?" Naruto asked threateningly.

"You've begun producing seed, and that means when I would normally go into heat, you do it for me," Kyuubi replied. Naruto had on a very awkward look. "Hey, it isn't all bad. I can help you attract a mate if you so wish, and it isn't like you'll go on a rampage. You'll just become more and more desirous over the course of two months until Mating Season would end. Your body will feel hotter and hotter, you'll have strange dreams about people you know, and you'll feel the need to relieve yourself. I also don't care which gender you do it with. I'm a god when it comes to mating, so it doesn't matter. Whoever you want for a mate is okay by me, but the person might not be at first. That reminds me; you've had a crush on that Kiba kid for over two years now. How about him?"

"You perverted son of a bitch," Naruto spat angrily. "I'll admit it; I do have…feelings for Kiba, but there's no way he'd want me like that." Kyuubi raised an eyebrow. "He and I are good friends," Naruto said as his anger and sorrowful acceptance grew, "and that's all we'll ever be. He's a guy, and he's good looking enough for a lot of girls. I'd have a better shot with Sakura." Naruto had started crying, but Kyuubi got up and rubbed them away with his own fingers. "There's no way he'd be interested in me," Naruto spoke quietly due to the lack of breath that comes naturally from crying hard.

"Try following your heart instead of your mind Naruto," Kyuubi told him reassuringly. "And don't forget…if you really want him, I know ways of attracting curious and unsure males. It can be something as small as a pheromone to something big and intimate like physical techniques. It'll be another two days or so until I would go into heat, so you can think about it until then." Naruto and Kyuubi heard knocks resounding from the boy's front door. "You've got company." Kyuubi threw Naruto out of his cage quickly, and Naruto woke with a start.

"Coming," he yelled happily. It was rare that anyone came near his house, so company was always welcome unless it was pranksters or people wanting to beat him up. Naruto opened the door to find Kiba of all people standing there. "Oh, hey Kiba," he said out of surprise. "Come on in." The dog-boy had Akamaru on his head as he stepped in.

"It's nice to see the inside of your house doesn't look as bad as the outside of everyone else's," Kiba told him. Naruto's smile and eyes dropped. Oops, Kiba thought to himself. I'm an idiot. "Hey, that isn't your fault. It isn't very fair how the rest of the village treats you." Kiba sniffed the air silently, and Akamaru picked up the scent too. It was just a little stronger than it was back at the marketplace.

He smells funny, Akamaru mentioned. Only Kiba understood his whimpers and moans and growls, so he just nodded.

"So what brings you here?" Naruto asked.

"What brings you to be shirtless?" Kiba asked. Naruto blushed, making his skin turn a deeper shade of red. "Hey, are you sick or something? Sit down and drink some cold water." Naruto nodded and showed Kiba to his kitchen. As he reached up to get a glass, Naruto realized that he had forgotten to run his dishwasher again like just about every week. He frowned and resorted to walking on the ceiling to get a glass from the top shelf, but he became frightened when Kyuubi's seal showed up from his chakra use. He made sure to hide it from Kiba. God only knew what would happen if he found out the blond's secret. Naruto landed gracefully on his two feet and got ice from his freezer. The chilly air brought him relief as the seal faded away.

"So," Naruto began after taking down a large gulp. "What did you want me for? No one usually visits me all the way out here." Naruto then looked back at Kiba, and he was removing his jacket to show his well built body showing through the standard shinobi under armor shirt. Naruto got down another glass and a bowl and filled them with cold water. "Here you go," he said as he put the bowl down on the table for Akamaru and handed Kiba a glass.

"This is kind of embarrassing," Kiba started out. "My mom kind of just explained that I would soon enough be going into the clan heat." Naruto was stunned and a bit intrigued. Why was Kiba telling him this? "Look, I don't think I can…"

"Just say it Kiba," Naruto told him flatly as he kept smiling. Kiba couldn't resist that smile. Naruto was an amazing creature, always masking sorrow with happiness. He was good at it too.

"Um, this is hard to admit but," Kiba began. Naruto got caught up in his own thoughts, and he closed the distance between them and kissed Kiba right on the lips. The Inuzuka wasn't sure on how to read this, so he went with his instincts and shoved the boy off of him.

"Oh god," Naruto spoke softly. "Kiba, I didn't…" Kiba and Akamaru were gone and out the door without a word. "Oh no. DAMN IT!" he yelled before falling on his knees and pounding his hand into his linoleum floor. Naruto began crying and blaming himself for probably wrecking any chance he had with Kiba. "I'm such an idiot. Now he'll probably just scorn me like the rest of the village. He'll probably rat me out too. Damn it!" he said again as he gave one last pound with his sore fist.

"I think you're overreacting," Kyuubi told him. "In fact, I think he likes you." Naruto stopped his sniffling long enough to listen. "Go about the next couple of days normally, and if he avoids you, don't push him unless I tell you to. If he doesn't rat you out or just start hating you, ask him about today and thank him. I wouldn't worry too much though, and I've never been wrong in this department, something Nibi hated me for when I stole her bed partner ninety years ago. That was priceless."

"You think I still have a chance?" Naruto asked.

"Heck, with me guiding you, you've got a boatload of them," the fox replied. "Now, go eat some dinner and take a shower. Your heat scent needs to develop more before it mixes well with your own scent." Naruto wiped away the last of his tears before redressing himself and going to a restaurant. "Oh, and don't masturbate at all. It might make him think you just found another if your hormonal scent changes at all." Naruto nodded before entering and finding a table. He didn't even know what the fox was talking about though. "You'll feel the need to relieve yourself, remember? Resist the urge during the night or I'll possess you and make you sleep." Naruto nodded before a waiter came to him.

Kiba sat in a tree panting from his sprint. Naruto, his crush had kissed him. Nothing made sense at the time, and he just ran away scared like a puppy.

You're an idiot sometimes, Akamaru told him. You've got his smell on you though. Take a bath, because it's kind of annoying. Kiba sniffed himself, and he did in fact find Naruto's scent on him.

"I probably just hurt him badly didn't I?" Kiba asked in a resigned tone.

"Hurt who now?" his mother asked from above him, scaring the daylights out of Kiba and making him fall out of the tree.

"Mom! Why'd you go and do that?" Kiba asked angrily as he brushed the dirt from his jacket. Tsume jumped down along with Kurumaru, her most trusted and loyal dog, and her biggest too.

"I knew you had a boy crush," she said with a sly grin. "Now all I have to do is find out who you're crushing on." Kiba tried to run, but Kurumaru pinned him. Tsume leaned down and sniffed…and paused dangerously. This was not a good sign to Kiba. Kurumaru took a whiff too. "You've been to see Naruto it seems," she said quietly. "If it wasn't for the Third's old orders, I'd explain this to you in detail, but I forbid you from seeing him unless you are with at least one other person or until I say otherwise. It seems like nothing happened other than an innocent kiss, because he doesn't even have saliva on you, but just do as I say and find someone else. Hopefully you 'hurting him' will be enough to deter him, but don't pursue Naruto Kiba. You will deeply regret it if I find that you do."

"What's wrong with me seeing Naruto?" Kiba asked as he tried to work his way out from underneath Kurumaru's foot. Tsume kicked dirt in his face.

"You aren't allowed to know," Tsume half-yelled at him. "Let's put it this way. If he won't tell you himself, it means he's just trying to use you. Your scent is changing too. Damn my luck. I'm only warning you this once Kiba. If you ever come home with only his and Akamaru's scents on you, I will skin you. I don't care if you have to embarrassingly rub yourself on Sakura, Hinata, or whoever to get the scent sunk in, but make sure of it." Kurumaru gave a low growl in his throat before releasing Kiba.

"He probably doesn't even like me back," Kiba said quietly. Akamaru peed on his face. "Hey!"

You're a complete moron plus three, the little white fur ball told him. I'm no expert, but I was watching from another angle. He was worried that he had frightened you as you ran away.

"Well, he kind of did," Kiba replied. Akamaru bit his cheek lightly, and he shut up.

Naruto kissed you for Hell's sake! Akamaru practically yelled at him. I think people do that when they're in love. He was also worried that he had invaded your personal space because he cares! You're as dense as your mom's famous cheesecake.

"So what do I do?" Kiba asked.

Talk to him dumb-dumb, his dog replied. Just ask him and be honest. Trust me on this okay? Kiba nodded. He went inside and had dinner with his sister and mom. Hana's cooking was great. The whole time though, Tsume explained Kiba's situation to her. If Hana ever caught him and Naruto alone together, she was to either beat the crap out of Kiba on the spot or bring him to her. This is not going to be easy, Akamaru whispered to his master. Kiba gave the tiniest nod in reply to show that he had heard.

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