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Kiba: The dog-boy woke up to find himself in Naruto's strong and protecting arms. They had not had sex the night before, because both young men were very tired from the mission they had shared, and they had made a promise to only use Kyuubi's room when they needed privacy. The fox kept trying to get in on the action, and eventually Kiba felt like Naruto was cheating on him and not valuing their relationship, surrendering both their bodies to an immortal demon fox who could get all he wanted after Naruto passed away from old age or the seal broke. His mate would not allow it anymore, and so he promised to only bring the brunette there when absolutely necessary.

Kiba was wearing his tiger pajamas which Naruto had lovingly gotten for him on his birthday. The other items which he had enjoyed were safely tucked away in a false backing of one of their dresser drawers. They had not known at the time that the pajamas came with a night cap also made from the striped pelt, and so Kiba was wearing that too. He yawned and snuggled up with Naruto. "Well, it's your birthday now," the brunette spoke quietly. Naruto wore his pajamas with the walrus cap as he slept. Tsume already had two pictures of them hugging in their sleep with these garments on, and they had gone in the clan album of romances. They really were adorable together, as is true with every strong person with a soft side. Kiba just traced one finger over the front of Naruto's left shoulder as he rested his head on the blond's chest. He really couldn't feel any better. It was his mate's birthday, October 10th. Although a tradition of the village fell on this day too, the celebration of Kyuubi's defeat followed by the mourning of the Fourth Hokage's death. Kiba remembered what Tsunade had told him about Naruto's heritage. Naruto knew from experience that going into the village on a festival day would bring him harm, but Kiba would make sure the hurtful secret of the blond's father would never reach his ears.

He laid in Naruto's arms until the blond woke up with a yawn. Naruto opened his eyes and was joyful to find his mate patiently waiting in his arms. "Good morning Kiba," he spoke before they shared a light "good morning" kiss. It turned more passionate of course due to Kiba's wishing him a happy birthday through the gesture. He hugged Naruto and deepened the kiss, eventually bringing the blond to fall back onto the pillow. "Hey, you can't be that horny already can you?" Naruto asked humorously after lightly forcing a loyal and loving Kiba off of him. "If it were Mating Season, I wouldn't be suspicious. You can hold it until tonight or until we shower, whichever comes first."

"It's not that," Kiba told him softly. Naruto let him back down, and Kiba went on his side, and Naruto faced him as a caring hand rubbed over his whisker marks, causing him to relax and shut his eyes. "I'm just really happy and excited. I didn't forget; it's your birthday today." Naruto's eyes opened, and at first he was expressionless, but he closed the distance between them, hugging Kiba tightly and kissing him passionately. "Hey, it's your birthday, not mine," the brunette giggled after receiving such a grand treatment from his stepbrother.

"Yes, but you deserve a reward for remembering," the blond told him with a soft smile.

"Just being with you…and maybe some cuddling…is plenty for me," Kiba responded. Naruto was more than happy to oblige. He drew the sheets over them, and he held his mate closely so he could nuzzle the brunette. His mate of course nuzzled back in acceptance of his love. Naruto snaked his hand under Kiba's soft pajama shirt and massaged his abdominals. While it was a pleasurable touch, both of their bodies knew when and when not to get ready for a session. The two boys had done this many times, sometimes in the mornings, sometimes before going to bed, and sometimes before or after mind-blowing sex. This touching was proof of their bond, a willingness to share happiness, and also the proof that one could show restraint. Kiba began tracing his seal, echoing the same feelings as he massaged his mate. "Hmm, I hope you have an awesome birthday Naruto."

"As long as I get to see you," his blond replied, the two rising above the sheets as they nuzzled some more.

"Aaaaww," Hana exclaimed. "Damn you two. You're too cute! Anyway, Naruto, what would you like for breakfast? I know you really don't have a breakfast favorite, but I'm sure there is something you like."

"Would it be too much trouble to do those fruit-stuffed pancakes?" the blond asked hesitantly. "If it is, a bowl of cereal is"

"No trouble at all," his big sister replied as she flew back downstairs. It was instantaneous, and bewildering to Naruto. He turned back to Kiba, and they both smiled softly before nuzzling some more and kissing, their hands locked together by their fingers.

"Hana's the best," the blond commented.

"I thought I was the best," Kiba said in purposeful jealousness. Naruto smiled and rolled his eyes before bringing their faces extremely close together.

"You…are just the best…at other things my little mate," Naruto told him with a small smile still on his face. Kiba adored that face. He had lost what little chubbiness he had in his face, Naruto's baby fat gone forever. "Kiba, you're an awesome guy, and I love spending time with you in so many ways," the blond pressed as he snaked his hand into Kiba's underwear. "Some of them being more…personal, than others, but when it comes to cooking, your sister is the absolute guru, no ifs ands or buts." He had gripped the brunette to make a point, but Naruto drew his hand back out and kissed Kiba lovingly, receiving a hug and a bright smile in return. "Now, we are both sweaty, and I vote on showering. What do you think?" the blond asked, already knowing the answer.

"Grab some clothes already Naruto," Kiba replied as he climbed out. The blond giggled to himself before following suit. They walked carefully into the hallway to avoid Tsume's nuggie, and her room was empty except for Kurumaru. "Morning Kuru," Kiba spoke, not really paying him much mind.

"Good morning pup, Fox-Boy," the black dog responded. Naruto was no longer perceived as a threat, so the dog simply left him alone unless they trained together. Kurumaru still firmly believed that Naruto and the Kyuubi were fusing together, slowly but surely, but he couldn't find it affecting the blond's actions other than his sexual preferences and the heat. In short, Naruto was literally an Inuzuka both in name and body. "I'll go tell Tsume-Sama that you're awake. Enjoy your shower." Naruto and Kiba entered the master bathroom, and they placed their clothes on the counter next to the sink. They spotted themselves in the mirror, and it was apparent that the blond had gained four and a half inches on his stepbrother. Naruto just distracted his mate by kissing him and working on carefully pulling his pajama shirt up and over his head. The blond turned it right side out before neatly folding it and putting it on the counter with his tiger cap.

"I'll turn on the water," Naruto declared before Kiba seductively walked up behind him and took hold of the bottom button. The blond waited for Kiba to slowly undo all nine buttons, and when his own top was folded up neatly, he took his revenge by nibbling Kiba's ear until he fell to the floor laughing. "Serves you right," he told his stepbrother before turning the warm water on. Kiba of course came up behind him again, but he massaged Naruto's abdominals from behind. "Apology accepted." They lightly kissed each other, and Naruto turned around so that he didn't have to strain his neck. He took hold of Kiba's waistband and slid the pajamas down until they fell on their own. The blond of course folded them up and put them with the tiger top and cap. Kiba relieved him of his pants too from behind, and in unison, their boxers were removed, Naruto wearing his deep golden yellow and black ones, and Kiba wearing dark red ones.

"Is it hot in here or is it just you?" Kiba asked as a mock pickup line.

"Hey, don't sell yourself short," Naruto told him as he brought their bodies into full contact and began massaging the dog-boy's ass and kissing him lovingly. He skillfully walked them into the steamy shower and closed the door before continuing his pleasuring of Kiba. The brunette broke off when he was out of breath. "I love you," Naruto told him.

"Hmph, ya, I kinda figured," Kiba replied. "AHH!" he exclaimed when his ass received a tighter squeeze. "Kami thank you for giving him those hands." The brunette melted under Naruto's touch; he was just too damn good. Both boys were becoming erect, and they could feel it as their members fought for space in the little area between their bodies. "So, what do you want for your birthday?" the brunette asked in all seriousness as he wrapped his hands behind his lover's neck and leaned back a bit. Naruto smiled at him lovingly.

"I just want to be with you," he quietly insisted. Kiba snuffed and dropped his head a bit with a smile.

"Now Naruto, that simply won't do," he said like a customer used to getting what he or she wanted. "I know," Kiba spoke as he quickly raised and then dropped his eyebrows. He kissed his mate passionately and massaged his torso and his seal. The brunette slowly licked his way down Naruto's body, playing with his nipples and driving the blond fox insane. Kiba had learned about a month ago that licking of the body could really turn a person on. Rodrigo, his mother's younger cousin told him that, but Naruto had a spot which was just too sensitive, his seal. "Shall we play with this first?" Kiba asked. Naruto went wide eyed and attempted to stop Kiba, but hot tongue hit cool flesh on the spiral. He lost the ability to breathe for a few torturous seconds, but then Kiba began moving through the spiral, working inward slowly but surely.

"F-F-F-F-F-Fuuuuu-u-u-uck," Naruto barely managed to get out amongst the shivering. Kiba's tongue dipped into his navel, and that brought temporary relief, but it was not to last. "FFFFFF, damn you," he spoke, knees shaking, threatening to give out. Kiba finally lifted off, and Naruto put his hand on the built-in bench to support himself.

"Quite the thrill isn't it?" Kiba asked. Naruto panted heavily and gave him a hard stare, but his mind came up with a brilliant revenge. "Hey, you wouldn't hit me over," the brunette began. Naruto closed the distance between them and began licking his right clan marking. "Hagh," the dog-boy breathed in. His legs gave out immediately, but Naruto caught his mate to be fair. "Don't tell me you were…I'm sorry Naruto," Kiba spoke in apology as he hugged his stepbrother. He felt terrible for torturing his mate so.

"Hey Kiba?" the blond asked. His stepbrother lifted his head, and his apologetic eyes met Naruto's soft and forgiving ones. "You can do that, just not in here. I'd feel much safer if I were on a bed already." Kiba nodded and hugged him tighter. "Hey now, something like that couldn't wreck my birthday. Where's my go get 'em stepbrother?"

"Locked in a crate for a little while," Kiba responded. "I'm sorry Naruto." The blond kissed him lovingly and massaged his abdominals in forgiveness.

"Hey, we still have two little problems which need solving," Naruto told him with just a touch of deviousness before gripping both himself and Kiba in his hand. The brunette shivered, but he smiled back at his mate. They kissed passionately, and then Kiba went down on all fours. He then decided though that sitting was more comfortable. Both boys were at full attention and had the desire to get moving within the steam.

"Hm, you're pretty horny today Naruto," Kiba spoke next to his member, teasing the blond cruelly with his warm breath. He went just a bit closer to the head. "Would you like some help?" Each little burst of hot air was tantalizing, and Naruto wanted more. Even though he hadn't yet received an answer, Kiba began licking the side of the blond's shaft. Naruto relaxed and sighed under his ministrations; he smiled and closed his eyes, and Naruto lightly rubbed Kiba's left cheek and clan marking in thanks.

"Mmmmm," Naruto hummed/sighed as Kiba went from tip to base and swirled over his head. That tongue was too good. "Kiiiba." His brunette needed no more encouragement; he swallowed Naruto whole, causing his fox to shiver and moan. Naruto couldn't do anything now. He was at the mercy of Kiba's mouth and throat. The brunette slid all the way back before taking Naruto completely back in quickly. "Ahhhh, yes," Naruto sighed. Kiba came off with a pop and gave him a few pumps.

"You like?" he asked.

"Do you really have to ask?" Naruto inquired. Kiba jerked him a bit roughly, gathering his full attention. "Yes, very much Kiba."

"Then enjoy," the brunette spoke before taking his head back in. Dog-boy was nice and hard. When he was sucking his best friend's dick, how could he not be? Kiba began jerking himself off as he pleasured Naruto with his tongue. He bobbed up and down, sometimes deep-throating Naruto, sometimes using his tongue to bring his fox into the heavens.

"Kiba I love you," Naruto said with a sigh. He began lightly thrusting into Kiba's mouth, and his boyfriend matched rhythms. "Ah, getting…mmmm." He was barely audible, barely able to comprehend anything else but the pleasure he was receiving. Kiba was an experienced jerker too, and so they began drawing close to their respective edges. The thought of Naruto cumming in his mouth was a total turn-on, and it made Kiba hornier. He began jerking himself faster as his tongue played with Naruto's soaked weeping cock. "K-Kiba," Naruto breathed. His mate moaned on his dick as his own orgasm came to him, and Naruto felt the sticky liquid hit his legs. "Mmmm Kiba," Naruto moaned as he lightly took hold of Kiba's hair. His seed spilled into the brunette's waiting mouth, and Kiba focused on milking the blond of every last drop. "Oh-h-h-h, damn," the blond ended before he drew back and collapsed onto the bench panting. Kiba shared his load with his mate before they each swallowed some and kissed.

"Happy birthday Naruto," Kiba spoke. Naruto smiled back at him and gave him a loving kiss. "Time to clean up…"

Ten minutes later, they emerged from the steamy bathroom with wet hair and new clothes. Their pajamas were put on the dresser before they headed downstairs. Naruto heard her coming, and Tsume missed catching him for a nuggie. "Oh, so you want to play Naruto?" she asked before getting on a devious look. She chased him all over outside, inside, and on the roof. Kurumaru was the one to pin the blond so that Tsume could work on him.

"Ah-a-ah-a-ah, oooouch," the blond complained as his scalp was grinded on. He used Kyuubi's chakra to heal it up. "Thanks Mom," he spoke a bit sarcastically.

"Happy birthday Naruto," Tsume told him before bringing her boy back inside. "Sit down and enjoy." The blond smiled with puppy dog eyes when he saw the assorted stuffed pancakes. "Fresh berries that have been reduced by Hana herself, so perfect. Eat while they're warm." Naruto wanted to dig in, but Kiba fed him his first bite to be romantic, and the blond kissed him in return before chowing down.

"Happy birthday little bro," Hana announced as she came back inside. "How are they?" Naruto held up a raised thumb. "Good. They were kinda makeshift. I've already got your dinner planned out, but I think you guys have missions today. When you get back though Naruto, you can relax the night away."

"I can live with a mission on my birthday," the blond stated. "Besides, it's the festival day too." Everyone took on a more morose look. "Plus, I could never ask Kiba to take an untested drug to get us both a work-free day." He took the brunette's chin in his fingers and kissed him lovingly. Kiba smiled back at him when they were done. "Aaah, thanks again for the pancakes Hana-Neesan. I'll see you guys later," Naruto called as he went out the door.

"Better get moving Kiba," Tsume told her son. "Your uh, friend called about a band."

"Awesome!" the brunette exclaimed. "Thanks Mom." Kiba kissed her on the cheek and flew out the door, but he was careful not to catch up with Naruto.

"Make that the second time in history Kiba kissed me on the cheek," Tsume told Hana. "I guess Naruto's kinda raising him too."

"Hm, feeling a bit stepped on Mom?" Hana inquired. "I know you wanted to raise him into a better man than Dad, but he's already there. It can be hard to let the people you love go, but Naruto treasures him above everyone else. Kiba's still yours for another four years, but there isn't much else you can teach him. Naruto taught him to give you respect, and everything else was stuff you taught him." Tsume was fully crying her brains out for only the second time in her adulthood. The first time was when her husband left.

"I love him so much," the woman spoke. "I want to keep my son." Hana hugged her and comforted her. "Naruto better not ever leave him, or I will give him a piece of my mind. And Kiba better not give him a reason to either."

"Jeez Mom," Hana told her. "You're more tightly wound than Aunt Beatrice's braids. They'll be fine. Now come on, we need to decorate." Tsume nodded and rose to help her daughter.

"Hey Kakashi-Sensei, hey Sakura," Naruto called as he came down the path, keeping a constant ear out for people wanting to give him trouble.

"Naruto, you didn't stick to the roofs?" Sakura asked him a bit in shock. "You could have been hurt."

"And that's why we're not staying here," Kakashi told them as he closely watched a man hatefully eyeing the jinchuuriki in secret. "Shall we head up to her office?"

"I just hope Baachan can give me a break," Naruto told them. "By the way, did you forget what day it is?" he asked as they entered the Godaime's office.

"Good morning…and happy birthday Naruto," Tsunade spoke from her desk. Kakashi blushed. Oops, forgot to mention that, he thought to himself. Sakura hugged Naruto though. She was especially not allowed to forget, because Kiba personally handed out the invitations. "We've got a C-Rank for you guys. It should take most of the day, for obvious reasons." Naruto just rolled his eyes, but he knew sticking around would cause problems. This was the day the village was supposed to have freedom from him, or rather, Kyuubi. "I have a friend who knows the story a bit better than everyone else, and she happens to supply a lot of my healing herbs and fresh specimens. Her name is Reima, and she lives in a cabin up north of here. She tells me she just developed a new plant via splicing capable of production several very powerful counter toxins. Reima only has three living specimens, and I need one close by in case of emergency, and I need to figure out its exact strengths. Your mission is to go there and bring back the plant alive. Normally this would be a D-Rank mission, but due to the rarity and strength of this new creation, it necessitates higher level guard." Tsunade handed Kakashi a map and a note meant for Reima.

"Whoa, that place really is north of here," Naruto commented. "Thirty miles away? Yeesh. Might as well get to it then."

"I tried to find a mission with the right time length Naruto," Tsunade told him with a straight face. "It might go a bit longer than you would like, but it was the best I could do."

"Thanks Tsunade-Sama," Naruto replied. "Come on Kakashi-Sensei," he whined impatiently. "The sooner we get done, the sooner I quit annoying you."

"Is that a threat?" the white-haired man asked. Naruto smiled deviously. "Well then, I guess the need presents itself." The three blurred off to find this special healing plant.

Kiba had just exited a store with Naruto's special present hidden safely in his jacket pocket. "Well, time for the daily grind," he told Akamaru. Kurenai and the others were patiently waiting for him at the agreed meeting point.

"Hey Kiba," Hinata spoke. "Did you get something special for Naruto-Kun's birthday?" Her teammate smiled back.

"Sorry guys, but we're running a bit late," Kurenai cut in. "By the way, tell Naruto happy birthday from me. Come on, Tsunade was expecting us five minutes ago." They all rushed up to the Hokage Mansion and into the blond woman's office. "Sorry for our late arrival Tsunade-Sama."

"No problem," the Godaime replied as she set down some tax papers. "I just wished Naruto his happy birthday." Kiba smiled at hearing this. "He'd much rather spend the day with friends, but the public isn't very…inclined to have him around." Hinata and Kiba both became more depressed-looking as they peered out the Hokage's window. There were people wearing Kyuubi costumes, but all those showed were malice or a bloody fox with knives sticking into it. There were stands with various games which either mocked the demon fox or revered the Fourth by mocking the Kyuubi. "Ya, not very fair to make Naruto stick around, and he wouldn't be safe either," Tsunade spoke, bringing the two back to her attention. "Anyway, you're mission, regrettably, is to help set up one of the attractions." Kurenai and Shino were stunned, and Hinata and Kiba were shocked.

"Forget it," the brunette spoke. "As if I'm helping anyone with this."

"You think I want to?" Tsunade asked with a genuine face of apology. "Every team besides Naruto's was assigned with helping setting up the festival. Kiba, I know you absolutely loathe doing this, but try to think of it this way. You're doing it grudgingly. If it's an issue with thinking you're betraying Naruto, remember this: you didn't want to and didn't give it your full effort. Hinata, the same goes for you. Trust me, Lee wasn't very happy about this, nor was anyone else. You guys have been assigned to help with setting up the theatre for the annual performance." Kiba smirked. "Ya, there's a lot you can do to slow that one down," Tsunade replied with a smile and a wink. "Go on. Help them with setting up, but don't make it obvious."

"Hai, Tsunade-Sama," Kiba replied, also with a wink. If he didn't really help at all, he could go back to his house that night and not feel guilty, and maybe everyone could share with how he or she "helped" wreck the festival. Ya, Kiba could do this with a steady conscience. Team Eight left with smiles on, except Shino, because he never smiled anyway, but he did have a happy/hopeful feeling inside. This might actually be fun. A few bug-eaten costumes here, and wiring which had shorted due to eggs being where they shouldn't there. This would be the time the village received its just rewards, well maybe not the vengeance Naruto deserved, but certainly a good smack to the face and a kick in the pride.

"Let's hope the village doesn't blame Naruto for this," Tsunade mused. "Of course, Tsume would beat the crap out of them if they did. Shizune, prepare a place in the greenhouse for our new arrival later." Her apprentice nodded before leaving the office. "For once, I'll be happy to pay the damages."

Naruto was rushing his comrades on the way up. "Come on guys," he called. "It's been twenty minutes, and we've barely covered seven miles. Kakashi knew the blond was normally eager and impatient, but Naruto was being a slave driver.

"Calm down Naruto," his sensei told him. "It's only ten-thirty. Besides, isn't it easier to sneak back to Kiba's when it's dark? We'll be back with plenty of time to spare."

Naruto turned back to look in front of where he was going. "Sorry," he spoke in genuine apology. "I just want to spend the day with my friends is all." His sensei was silent. What else could really be said? Kakashi nodded to Sakura, and they sprang ahead of Naruto, at first surprising the blond and then making him smile in thanks.

Tsume and Hana meanwhile were getting the balloons into the net. It was always the hardest task. The two hi-fived when it was done. The house looked great, and now Hana could focus on her cooking. She had a double chocolate cake coming up for Naruto, with hot fudge on the inside and a scoop of ice cream when it would be served.

"Alright Hana, I'm gonna head out. Do you need anything?" Tsume asked as she stood at the door.

"Nope, and have fun Mom," her daughter called back. "Wait, maybe bring back lunch?"

"Sure," Tsume spoke before exiting her home. The Inuzuka mistress smiled to herself as she thought about Kiba's and Naruto's affection. She was jealous, "but they're so cute," she spoke calmly. Sure, maybe grandkids would be out of the picture, Hana still having no signs of getting the "right guy," but Tsume couldn't help but admire her son and Naruto. Kiba was extremely defiant at first, but it was for the right reasons, and Naruto had ceaselessly made her proud. The blond had done everything right except for taking her son so abruptly to his first time, and even that did not deter Kiba from loving him. Naruto had suffered at her own hands, but he still loved Tsume like she was his real mother. "He's…perfect," she admitted softly. As long as the blond felt he was loved, he could suffer through anything. "What kept you going before Naruto?" she asked herself. Naruto's was a will to beat the odds and gain praise. An ounce of kindness looming anywhere was something he chased with a passion. And now with everything his heart ever wanted surrounding him, he still remained the amazing person he was before.

"And Kiba used to always ignore me," the woman continued. Her son talked back a lot and used to laze about whenever possible. Was he really daydreaming about Naruto for the past two years? Sure, the thoughts of rutting hadn't even begun to enter the young heir's mind back then. Kiba probably just dreamed about holding Naruto close and comforting him, sharing a first kiss maybe, and maybe even declaring him as his boyfriend, but he was so innocent and pure at the time. It took actually getting the feelings out on the table and two years of health lessons for the two to understand the sex. Tsume smiled as she thought about it. Her son, Kiba, again being unlike his father, ended up bottoming. He wasn't a jerk or a horny control freak; Kiba found that he enjoyed Naruto's strength and ability. The boy had not complained of being the uke, and Naruto had been the perfect gentleman and asked. To top it off, Naruto had happily invited her son to enjoy it the same way he usually did. When it comes to sex in general, there is lust, but their love of each other never took the back seat. Naruto was never an animal, and Kiba monumentally apologized when he slipped up, not that it was entirely his fault.

"They won our contest too," Tsume spoke aloud as the dojo came in sight. Naruto had been a bit surprised, and Kiba had blushed red for days. The trophy wasn't a cheesy heart shape; it was a simple gold cup with twin handles and an inscription: to the truest mates, Naruto and Kiba Inuzuka. May your lives be long together and your bonds grow strong. The blond and Kiba were forced to publicly kiss, and the brunette ran home in fury. Naruto just put the cup on the highest shelf in their room, and it was almost never brought up. When either of the two was sick, the other would always spend all of his time to comfort the other, many times costing the boy his health. "Uuuh, they would just spend hours laying in each other's arms," Tsume spoke. "I really do wonder, just how many guys would come out of the closet if this were better accepted. If Naruto and Kiba declared themselves to the public, it would cause a riot, but I wonder if we'd convince a few to try." Naruto's friends adjusted to the fact easily, and Ino had gotten photos of the both of them posing. Shizune had the only film in all of Konoha, but there was a new yaoi girl coming to take her place. It was true: both Kiba and Naruto looked sexy in their own rights, and you couldn't tell they were gay by looking at them. That was one of Tsume's pet peeves. If she heard someone saying stuff about some guy being gay because of the way he dressed or how his face looked, she had to get in the ring and punch someone later. Most of the Inuzuka male population had learned how hard she could hit, and Tsume had almost killed a seventeen-year-old guy by punching him in the gut and rupturing his liver.

"Good times," she spoke as she entered the dojo. "I'm surprised Han doesn't hate me for that. I guess it's a good thing though. He and Naruto are great friends." Naruto had a talent with making friends in the younger people, but children who had adopted their parents' ways were impossible to convince. Naruto had been ambushed by kids crazy for getting their parents' praise several times. He had taken punches to the face and getting drawn on, and he had endured the ridicule as well. The blond was in no way weak, and everyone in Konoha knew it. Since no one could ever say he or she was hurt by him though, that seemed an impossible quality. Naruto was strong in morals, integrity, and in physical matters. He stopped his super intensive training after Kurumaru chose to leave him alone, but Naruto paid the dojo a visit at least twice a week. "When he and Kiba inherit the clan, Naruto'll make a great leader." Something Tsume was also awestruck by was the actual beauty the two could produce together. If you saw Naruto and Kiba wrapped together in a sheet kissing, nothing else in the world could distract you. When the two went for proving their love to each other, absolutely nothing else existed or mattered. Kiba would be laying on top of Naruto with only his chest exposed, holding the back of the blond's head and holding one of his hands while kissing Naruto softly and yet intensely.

"If guys could see them, we wouldn't have sexual offenders," Tsume mused. "We'd have a lot more guys pairing up and really figuring out what love is." When the woman spied on her sons, all she could do was smile in pride. During their first Mating Season, there was of course, lust involved in the actual rutting, but nothing was animalistic. Everything was controlled while being wild, and neither of the boys had hurt the other at all, unless you considered the occasional hickey "hurting." Naruto also never showed signs of being unstable with Kyuubi or being unfaithful. Every single gesture, every single night, every single kiss…was absolutely filled with his love for Kiba. Once the issue of Kyuubi vs. Naruto was solved, never once had either she or Hana doubted the legitimacy of Naruto's feelings. There were of course things that came up during their time together, but never once had Kiba thought his stepbrother was using him. Every time there was an argument or an issue to get around, neither one ever disrespected the other, and they always gave each other time to explain, to think, and to right any wrongs committed. Tsume admittedly got annoyed with the constant streams of small apologies. "I'm sorry" would be spoken six-hundred times before the apologizer would finally let the issue down. "Love does a lot of things to people I guess," the Inuzuka mistress ended before stepping into the lobby of the dojo.

"Where should I put these speakers?" Kiba asked the director.

"Oh, that set goes to the left front stage pillar," the man stated before going back to his clipboard. Kiba purposely tripped on a wire and dropped them as he fell to the ground. The director was horrified. Those were expensive. "No, it's no big problem," the man insisted. "How about someone else handles the big stuff? Go help with the props or something. Okay people, good progress. Another hour or so and we should be good to go," he called to the whole crew. "And our actors are top notch this year. Should be a great performance." Kiba walked off to find something else to mess with. Shino and Hinata had done their best to help screw stuff up too. Cords had been chewed through and frayed by his insects, and Hinata had "accidentally" stepped on one of the mics during transportation. "Where in Hell are our good supplies people?!" the director yelled. "These wires are wrecked! And where are the Hokage and Kyuubi costumes? Someone is gonna pay if I don't get my hands on those soon." Kiba had sort of hidden them in a crate, but he couldn't sneak off with anything that obvious.

"All for you Naruto," the brunette spoke quietly as he smirked at his work. He then casually walked off and successfully avoided suspicion. Shino gave him a subtle hi-five.

About an hour and a half later, Naruto and his team made it to Reima's cabin. "Well, come in, sit down," she spoke welcomingly. "Sorry to hear about your troubles," the woman spoke in the direction of Naruto. "Since it is noon, would you like a quick meal? I have a fresh pot of venison stew. It goes very well with my freshly baked bread, and it's been seasoned to perfection.

"Thank you, that would be nice," a sweaty Kakashi told her. They had run like madmen up the mountain, and Naruto was very thankful for that. He was smiling, and he wasn't sweaty at all. "After that, Lady Tsunade said you had a special plant ready for us?"

"Ah yes, my Holliper Plant," the slightly old woman replied. "Holly and Juniper brought together. The pink berries produce compounds which render many snake bites harmless, and it can do a lot of other things too. Here's your soup, eat up."

"Thank you, Reima-San," Naruto spoke up.

"You're quite welcome child," she replied. The blond fell in love with her venison stew, but he limited himself to three bowls. "Yes, this is an old family recipe: stewed venison, beets, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, and many herbs and spices. I'm glad to know you enjoyed it." The woman put the dishes in her sink and gestured for them to follow her. "This is my greenhouse, and that is the plant you are after," Reima spoke as she pointed to a labeled pot. "They will eventually grow into full-sized trees, but you don't have to worry about that yet. Now, if you wish to keep this plant in its best health…actually, I'll just write it all down for Tsunade-Sama." The woman wrote a stunning amount of notes as Sakura put padding around the pot and put it in a sack. "Alright, that should do it," she spoke before handing Kakashi a stuffed envelope. "And good luck birthday boy," Reima commented. Naruto turned quickly in surprise, but she disappeared in a gust of wind and random leaves.

"Come on Naruto," Kakashi called. "We'll be getting back really early, but can we walk down the mountain?"

"Sure," the blond replied quietly as he looked back at the cabin. The party set off for the Leaf Village.

"Nice sparring with ya Biran," Tsume called as she left the dojo. The big guy waved back with his unbruised arm, but he still hurt all over. He winced before sitting back down on a bench. "Okay, and Hana wanted something to eat." The Inuzuka mistress picked her up a Cajun chicken salad before going back to the house.

"Haaah, done," Hana commented as she looked at her little stepbrother's cake. "He'll love it." She put it in a cake container and put it in the freezer. "Now I can rest."

"Hana, I'm back!" Tsume called. The girl looked up in disappointment, but when she saw that her mother remembered the food, she was happy all over again. "Cajun chicken salad for you. I'm guessing you're done?"

"Yup, and dinner's halfway done too," Hana replied. "Naruto loves my spaghetti, but I made the meatballs this time. Since he likes spicy food, I put some hot pepper pieces in them too. All that's left is getting te noodles cooked. The tomatoes are reducing as we speak. Thanks by the way," she spoke before digging into her hot salad.

"Wow Hana, at least you get some time to relax today," Tsume commented.

"Well, I guess I should really be thankful," her daughter replied. "I just hope Naruto enjoys his birthday."

"No one ever goes disappointed when you cook Hana," her mother replied. "Quit worrying and relax. Take a steam shower or something. I can hold down the fort." Her daughter gulped down the last bit of chicken and followed up on her advice. "I wonder if the village will ever stop holding this festival," Tsume mused as she plopped down on the couch. "I wonder if they'll ever figure out that they're wrong." At current point, that seemed hopeless, but who knew what could happen in the upcoming years?

Everyone had "finished" with their missions, and now they had nothing to do. And since they knew Naruto would not turn up until much later, it became apparent that boredom would spread. They looked around and realized the only thing to do would really be watching the festival, but that would betray Naruto completely. "No," Sakura spoke definitively. "Protest if anything, but I'm going home and wrapping my present. If you're gonna go ahead and follow them, don't bother coming to his party." The girl seemed quite passionate about this, and Kiba was too. He ran back to his house, and the others all left too. "I hope he likes it," Sakura spoke as she finished wrapping up her gift.

"I'm back," Kiba declared as he walked in the door. His mother was snoring on the couch. "HEY MOM!" he yelled in her ear, scaring the living daylights out of her, and pissing her off too. "Oh no."

"You lousy little ass," Tsume spoke dangerously as she rubbed her right ear. "Come here!"

"Aaaaah!" her son yelled as he ran. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry," he kept declaring. Kiba made it outside, but Kurumaru was eagerly waiting. "Oh crap!" the boy spoke before managing to dodge the black wolf's pounce. That dodge allowed his mother to get him from behind though. "OOF!" Kiba spoke as he landed on his face.

"You're getting better," his mom spoke. "But you have a long way to go before you can match Naruto. Now, as for your punishment…" CRACK! Kiba howled/screamed as his mother's hand came down on his behind. Being the overpowered super-bitch that she was, Tsume delivered full strike force, causing a gunshot of a hit. CRACK! "There, you get one for each cheek. That'll learn ya." Her son was crying in pain as she got up. "You won't have the ability to sit for a good long time, and now it'll hurt tonight. Have fun explaining it to your boyfriend."

Kiba just laid there sobbing over his sore ass for a good half hour. Gino came by, surprisingly without Mido, and he helped his cousin get up and get back in the house. "Thanks," Kiba told him with a sniffle.

"No problem, although you might want to think about ice," the boy told him. Kiba limped into the kitchen and slipped on an ice cube.

"YEEEEAAAAHOWOW-OOOOW!" Kiba wailed after landing on the tile floor. Gino had to hold his ears and Akamaru just ran outside. Shen and Raija both whimpered and tried to keep the noise out under the sheets of Tsume's bed. Gino got him over to the couch, and the brunette plopped down on his front and screamed into a cushion.

"Sorry about this Kiba-Kun," the boy spoke before going into the kitchen and getting two large bags of ice. "With any luck, Tsume-Sama's hits will heal quickly." Kiba hissed and tensed as the ice was laid on his backside.

"Thanks Gino," he spoke. "Sorry about that. Hey, you coming to Naruto's birthday party tonight?"

"Sure, wouldn't miss it," his cousin replied with a smile. "I'll try and warn Naruto-San ahead of time to not be rough with you tonight. I assume you were gonna try and make it extra enjoyable?"

"Kinda yeah," his younger cousin admitted. "It's strange, being able to talk about this stuff so easily." His cousin snuffed.

"You and Naruto are so alike it's scary," Gino told him. "I have some time to myself; Mido headed off to the festival, so I told him not to come to Naruto's birthday. I can stay and chat a while. So, you guys have been together nearly eight months. Congratulations. How's he kiss?" Kiba was a bit confused by the question. Why would Gino be asking? "Come on, I'm interested. I remember back when you first discovered Mido and me being together. You said 'bleh, that's just gross. Heck, I'm no gay sissy; I'm straight.' Then Tsume-Sama gave you a clout to the top of the head. Were you lying, or did you just sort of fall in love with Naruto?"

Kiba turned his head and stared distantly into the wall for a while. "I, guess I just kinda got interested in him, or his life at first," the brunette began. "He always acted cheerful and cocky in Iruka-Sensei's class. It was fun hanging out with him in general, but I was always curious about why so many kids avoided him…and why our parents shunned him, telling us to avoid him. Naruto would try to hide it, but I always saw how he'd get increasingly sadder as each kid left who paid him attention. That was back when we were eight. I started watching him from time to time when Mom would let me alone. Naruto would always be silent and kind of dark when he was alone walking the streets. He never smiled when he was alone. In fact, I'd see him cry a lot. Naruto'd start tearing his clothes or training to the point of exhaustion. I kept and eye on him like that until I was ten. Since he seemed so lonely, I tried to be his friend and maybe his rival. When I turned eleven, I just saw him randomly swimming in a pair of green and yellow trunks, and I found that I liked the way he looked. My feelings just didn't make sense at the time. I wanted to be near him more, and after we joined the ninja squads, we had the occasional joint mission."

"Interesting start, do continue," Gino told him. Kiba repositioned himself with a wince so that he could be more comfortable. "Easy."

"I noticed him training hard, and he looked…appealing in a sense, if that makes any sense," Kiba told him.

"You mean kinda like he looked handsome, but your young mind didn't know the meaning of sexy?" Gino asked perfectly.

"Ya," his cousin replied eagerly. "I kinda got inspired, and I worked hard too, trying to impress him a little. He was always so confident thinking that he could beat anyone if he tried. I'd get him gifts on his birthdays, and I loved seeing him smile. Then we had the Chuunin Exams, and he actually beat Akamaru and me. I was impressed, and kinda, hooked."

"You fell in love with his strength and ability to rise above the odds," Gino told him. "Good qualities to have. But you loved him for his personality first though."

"I don't know exactly when I started loving him," Kiba began, "but ya…I liked him… a lot. After I saw his body swimming, I guess I found him cute and attractive, but not in that sense yet. Then all that stuff back in April happened, and here we are. Mom kept me from seeing him alone, we both encountered our first heats, and I found out he loved me too. I can barely remember the first time we had sex. Hana says that's because I was drunk on pheromones at the time, but Naruto didn't hurt me at all. That's how I knew. All I can remember is his face and his smell. I could get lost in that scent for eternity and be happy. And I know that he helped me enjoy it a lot. Now I don't even care that he seduced me the first time. Because now I have gotten to enjoy it so many times and in so many ways with him. Naruto has never hurt me, even though I kinda did a couple times. We've shared positions, and he never tries if I say no. I can lay in his arms, and he isn't automatically horny, and the same is true of me. And everything he's said to me…it's…heartbreaking…and amazing."

"A much wilder story than Mido's and mine," Gino commented. "We met, shared an awkward first kiss, had our parents warn us about our first heats and about being bisexual, and we kinda met each other during the third week. It was on that one path in the woods with the soft moss everywhere. Mido and I looked into each other's eyes, and we could see the pain, desire…and the love in each other. He took me into his arms and panted with a smile. I took his head in my hands and kissed him, and things progressed from there. We found a relatively flat part of the ground where it was soft and not muddy, and we just held each other closely for a while. Then our bodies began luring each other, and we got lustful. I didn't care at the time, but Mido's inner self was the more dominating one. We gained our relief, and our parents allowed the relationship. I've been with him ever since. You still haven't answered my question though: how does he kiss?" Kiba blushed and smiled.

"With his heart," he replied. "Softly, passionately, forcefully, strongly, reassuringly…every conceivable way, except abusively." Kiba's speech was soft as he happily thought over his perfect mate. "When he kisses me, I get taken to someplace away from the world. He's told me the same. When we're in bed, I feel more alive than at any other time. It feels right, and I can feel his will to love me coursing through his body. There have been times, when we've both felt something deeper, in our souls, calling. It's like, they want to escape our bodies and bond together permanently. It's amazing, and almost frightening, but I know he's frightened too, and that makes it reassuring. Naruto never hides anything from me, his emotions, his past, anything. So when I can tell he's afraid, I feel confident, because it means he's afraid of losing me."

"The first day I saw you two," Gino began, "I knew you were meant for each other. It's a good thing he has that fox sealed up in him, because he isn't afraid to express himself around you. He's confident he will be accepted, and he has this family to thank for that, especially you. Most guys who have thoughts about other guys begin thinking they are abnormal, wrong, disgusting. They force themselves to dismiss and reject their feelings. And since most guys think it isn't normal, when many are told by a guy that they are loved by other guys, they panic. They begin hating people who have been longtime friends or comrades. Their minds, and society, tell them that it is an abomination, but it is natural; it's love. Naruto probably had similar fears and doubts, and we all know you did before Tsume explained it to you, and you explained it to Naruto. No one can ever fully understand a bond of love, but you better keep treasuring it, or your love will wither, and Naruto will be broken forever."

"I won't ever stop loving him," Gino's younger cousin softly declared as he smiled and tears of joy flowed down his face. "I will be his forever, and he will be mine, my mate and my friend." Gino smiled; his cousin understood perfectly. He patted Kiba on the back softly and nodded before leaving the house. "I will be his light, and Naruto won't ever stop loving me either," Kiba whispered before falling asleep.

Several hours later, Hana and Tsume came in the door. "Get your lazy ass up before I hit you again," the mother spoke flatly. Hana paled.

"Don't tell me you" she began worryingly.

"Spanked him hard," her mother ended for her.

"Hey, it's Naruto's birthday," Hana protested. "How could you be that stupid? I'm pretty sure he was intending to have a romantic night with Kiba. I believe the ass needs to be intact in order for sex to work out between guys."

"Kiba will just have to deal with the burning pain," her mother replied as she put some supplies in the fridge.

"Naruto won't let himself get to it BECAUSE Kiba's rear is practically on fire!" Hana scolded her. "You could have waited to smack him until tomorrow. Great, now I'm gonna have to spend time healing your son's butt. Way to go Mom."

"I'd rather not go deaf thank you," Tsume replied. "Next time he'll think before yelling in my ear to wake me up. As per Naruto not getting some tonight, he can just take a double dose or however much he wants when Kiba is feeling better." Hana just eyed her in disappointment.

"Welcome back guys," Kiba spoke from the couch. "I am feeling much better than I was earlier, and no, you won't need to waste time trying to heal me Sis. Naruto can easily do it in a matter of seconds, and it isn't super bad anymore." He said that last part with a wince as he got up. Kiba lightly limped to the sink and poured the water from the bags into the sink. "Naruto should be getting back soon right?"

"Heeey!" a familiar voice called from the front door. Naruto looked sweaty and tired, but he was happy to be home among family. "Come here Kiba," he spoke before hugging his mate and kissing him lovingly. "Aaah, much better. Is that homemade spaghetti I smell?"

"Yup, your birthday dinner," Hana replied. "Go shower Naruto; you smell like you fell in a swamp."

"I kinda did," the blond replied with a blush. "But ya. Do you think you could wash my jacket tomorrow Hana-Neesan?" His sister nodded. It would be the weekend. "I'll be back in fifteen," Naruto spoke before kissing Kiba lovingly and heading upstairs. Kiba decided to set of the GameCube for later.

"So Naru-Chan, how do you intend to treat your pup tonight?" Kyuubi asked in his normally sadistic manner as Naruto undressed.

What are you getting at? Naruto replied. I'm gonna be the same as always, a good mate and his lover.

"Not quite what I meant," Kyuubi told him. "Apart from being the awesome guy you usually are, is there anything special you intend to do with Kiba once you're in bed?"

Um, I intend to have an awesome night with the guy I love, the jinchuuriki told the fox.

"Ug, you really are dense," the fox commented as he shook his head. "Since it is your birthday, you better exercise your position in one of two ways. Either be extra rough on his ass, or make him do all the work like a good little Uke." Naruto didn't like the way Kyuubi was speaking about his mate, and it angered him as he scrubbed his pits.

We're not demons remember, the blond spoke. Humans don't have such crazy power play like you do.

"You both have feral instincts," Kyuubi retorted. "It is customary among demons, common animals, AND humans, to be given special treatment on birthdays. The way you acted during your pup's birthday was good, but over the top. He still should have been gentle. The erotic dress and your dare I say, MARVELOUS form, were special treatment enough. If you were mine, I will admit that I would beg to see you in that form. You Naruto are one sexy beast of a human when you're like that." Naruto grimaced and stopped his conversation. He dried off and went downstairs to find a meal waiting.

"Happy birthday Naruto," Kiba spoke as he kissed the blond before sitting down in a cushioned chair. Naruto just dismissed it as he was kissed again, passionately.

"Alright," Hana spoke eagerly as she gave each person his or her portions of spaghetti and garlic bread. "This was relatively easy for a birthday dinner. Enjoy." They spent an hour and a half talking and eating, and Naruto had a bowl of the sauce as tomato soup before finishing. "Now, I present you Otouto, with your cake." Hana brought it out from the fridge before ladling searing fudge sauce into the center cavity, adding an enormous ball of vanilla ice cream, putting more of the sauce over that, and placing the fourteen candles on it. They serenaded the blond his happy birthday before Kiba kissed him and he blew out the candles. Hana cut them each a slice, and Naruto happily dug in. Kiba just watched him, his matured face being so impossibly attractive. He had spaced out, and the blond mashed some cake into his face.

"Hey," the brunette complained as the blond laughed and pointed. He smashed some in Naruto's face, and they licked each other clean. "Happy birthday Naruto," Kiba spoke before lovingly locking their lips together. The doorbell sounded, and Tsume opened the door to find Ino and Sakura the first ones to arrive. Ino brought a flash camera and took a snapshot of the two kissing while being blissfully unaware. "Hmph, you like Ino?" Kiba asked as he wrapped his arms around his mate and began licking a whisker mark seductively. The white blond shivered and took five very quick photos. "Come on in. I've got the GameCube set up." The girls placed their gifts on the table, and Naruto got to beating Kiba in Smash Bros. "I let you win," the brunette declared twenty minutes later when everyone had arrived. Each one had gotten a slice of the rich dark cake, and Gino had come as promised. "Now, as part of your present from all of us Naruto, we helped slow down the festival in various ways."

"Huh?" the blond asked. "What do you mean?"

"We broke a few things 'accidentally,' I hid costumes, and what all did you guys do?" Kiba asked with a devious smile as he sat next to Naruto on the couch. Each person explained how an attraction got wrecked by him/her/bugs. The blond smiled thankfully the whole time. It was most certainly a gift he deserved. If people were going to shun him worse on one particular day each year, then they should suffer for it.

"Thanks you guys. You're the best," Naruto told them before lightly kissing Kiba. They played a few card games, and truth or dare before getting to the presents. Everyone became terrified as the bottle pointed to Naruto on Ino's turn. "Oh no," the yellow-haired jinchuuriki commented. Everyone had on a look of fear.

"Truth or dare?" the girl asked. Naruto of course picked dare. He still needed to mature a bit, but that could wait. "Hm," Ino hummed before grinning widely and perhaps evilly. "I dare you to undress both you and Kiba down to your boxers and kiss."

"Oh of course you dare that!" Neji exclaimed. "What the Hell Ino? Jeez, videotape them in secret why don't you? I am not watching this."

"I would if I had a video camera," the girl replied. "Gonna chicken out Naruto?" she asked. His look spoke otherwise. "Hmm, hMmm," Ino hummed as she photographed the boy getting Kiba nearly naked. The brunette was at first completely resisting, but his mate's tongue was too good for him to deny him. "Damn you guys for being this hot." Both boys were bare to the boxers, and they lay on their sides kissing. Kiba's hand moved up to the visible seal, and Naruto's hand moved to a red fang tattoo. The blond popped off, and Kiba didn't seem pissed, although he would have had every right to be.

"Okay, you got your dare and your photos and the mortification of every guy I know," Naruto told Ino as he pulled his shirt back on. Gino however seemed like he had enjoyed the show, perhaps a bit too much, although he wouldn't violate his younger cousin by stealing a night with the blond. No, he'd find a way to make Mido do the same thing with him. "Conquered your fear of publicity Kiba?" Naruto asked the brunette.

"No, but my fear of Ino is way smaller," he replied before lightly kissing Naruto again. "Anyway, how about we get to your presents." The blond nodded. "Let's get the pervert's one out of the way first." Kiba gestured to Ino. The girl pouted and handed them a rectangular box with silver and orange trim. It turned out to be a grooming kit.

"You both should really comb once in a while," the girl told them. Sakura was up next. She had used her skills from Tsunade to create a jar of a wonderful aroma which appealed especially to canines.

"It took a month of work, but happy birthday Naruto," the pink-haired girl told the blond. He hugged both her and Ino to be fair. Neji was up next.

"Cool, I like Metallica. Thanks a bunch Neji," Naruto spoke. It was an album set of CD's, and Lee's gift was a CD player. Ten Ten gave the blond and Kiba matching headphones with fox heads on each ear cover. It was bought at the festival, but they were high quality, and they didn't portray Kyuubi as being evil.

"We couldn't come up with good gift ideas, so sorry about me being a traitor, but now you can have some peace and quiet," she told her friends. Naruto smiled and continued working through the gifts until only Kiba was left. He handed the boy a huge box with wrapping paper of the midnight sky including stars.

"Hope you like it," the brunette spoke. Naruto slowly opened it, not wanting to give into impatience. The top of the white box opened to reveal two things: there was a great, big stuffed nine-tailed fox, and beneath it was a large winter blanket which could cover their bed. On it was of course Kyuubi.

"That serves as both Kiba's and mine," Hana spoke up. "He wanted you to know that he thinks you're a lovable and adorable fox." Her brother blushed and tried his best to hide himself. "And he loves you very much. There's a card attached to the stuffed animal. I uh, kinda changed the eyes and removed the snarl upon the request of your mate." Naruto and Kiba both blushed. That was a word that was meant to stay between them. The blond opened the card. "Naruto, I really wanted to make your birthday special, but I couldn't find any good gift that really showed how much I cared. Since the festival was coming up, I knew it would sadden you, so I changed the symbol of Kyuubi for you. I also wanted you to be warm this winter. Love, Kiba," The blond read. Tears came to his eyes as he smiled. "I love you too." It was a total "Aaaaaw" moment. Kiba ran over to him and hid his physical pain like he had been doing for the past few hours, and he kissed Naruto passionately. "I'm really glad you guys chose me over the festival. I know it would have been a lot of fun."

"We wouldn't be having much fun if we felt guilty about leaving you alone Naruto-Kun," Lee spoke up. His gift had been a sweat suit of course. "Besides, what kind of friends would we be if we didn't celebrate your birthday with you?"

"Happy fourteenth birthday Naruto," Sakura spoke before kissing the blond on the cheek. He blushed, but he smiled back. Kiba smiled too. "Let's sing it one more time guys." They sang through the birthday song one more time and clapped as Kiba shared a kiss with his lover. Each person bade the blond goodbye as he or she left. Naruto then smiled and kissed his mate lovingly, Kiba straddling him as the blond lay on the couch.

"It's nine-thirty boys," Tsume spoke up. "I don't care if you want to kiss or do it for the rest of the night, but do it in your room. And please don't leave the other too bloodied up or exhausted to help clean up tomorrow. It's Saturday, so it is chore day." Her too boys got off the couch, and Naruto was the first one to race upstairs, no doubt to prepare for the sex which was obviously coming up. Kiba had a slightly harder time, each flex of his thigh muscles bringing stinging pain to rip through his body. "Don't go easy on him Naruto; Kiba likes it rough," Tsume yelled upstairs. Her real son rolled his eyes, but she raised her hand dangerously, holding it horizontally. Kiba had to suppress yelping as he went upstairs. Akamaru was already in his little doggy basket, and Naruto was waiting on the bed, still in his clothes.

"Ready Kiba?" he asked as the brunette shut their door.

"First Naruto," Kiba began. "I do have one more thing I want to give you for your birthday before we get to that." The blond threw his legs over the side of the bed and sat up. Kiba went painfully down on one knee, but his face didn't give him away. He pulled the small, black velvet box from his pocket. "Naruto, I know…two guys…can't really get married," he began as he also began opening the box. Naruto's eyes widened a bit, and his mouth hung partially open. "But…will you accept my undying love?" The blond's eyes were fixated on the golden ring inside the box. Is he…proposing to me? Naruto asked himself.

Say yes! Ino thought to herself as she hung down with a video camera. The boy's room was lit enough that she could see them. Naruto had set the lamps on low for a romantic effect. "Kiba…I," the blond began. His brunette was sweating, unsure of himself, unsure if his gift would be accepted or not. Naruto got off the bed and hugged his stepbrother. "Kiba, I will be yours forever, and you will be mine as mates should be." Kiba's heart soared into the heavens as he hugged back, and Ino had to suppress her scream of joy.

"Naruto," Kiba began as tears left his eyes. "There's an inscription on the inside." He took out the folded piece of paper, and Naruto turned up the lamp light. "Naruto, I never could tell you how much I felt for you, loved you. I saw such a beautiful creature sitting in the ugliest cage of depression and hatred. You were a graceful fox full of the will to love, and I could not help but stare. Your voice called out to me, and my heart told me to follow. It may have been awkward, but we broke the lock on your cage; we set you free. It might have been hormones, but what came from that is something I cannot help but treasure. You will always be my loving fox and dearest friend, and even in the shadows of your despair, I cannot find fault with you. When the day comes when another can accept you into her life, I will cheerfully spur you on. This ring symbolizes my love for you, but do not hold yourself to be alone. I will never grow jealous, or spurn you for trying to be with a girl who can love you. I will hold true to my vows, and you will be free to have her love. Naruto, I will love you for all time, and I hope you will not stop loving me, but do not be afraid to find love in another. Accept that love, and protect it as you have protected me and I you. This is the promise of the Inuzuka Clan: I will be your guide, and you mine, until you can find a woman capable of seeing past the Kyuubi. When you find her, let our time together help you cultivate a new life, raise children, and be a father. Also know, that if your relationship fails, I will always be waiting to hold you in my arms again as your faithful mate, Kiba Inuzuka." Naruto was silent as he stared into Kiba's eyes. His tears and his look told everything, and Ino realized that this part of the tape was never meant to be seen by anyone, not even her."I love you Naruto." Kiba was instantly strangled by the blond's great grip on him. His arms held him close and strongly, and Kiba thought he might actually die of suffocation. "I spent four months writing and rewriting that," he spoke.

"It's perfect, just like you," Naruto told him. "Kiba, thank you, for being my light. My mate, I love you." He carried the Inuzuka to the bed, and Naruto put the ring on his left ring finger. Normally, rings would go on the right hand, but the blond used that hand for things in which a ring would become a hindrance or possibly a threat to health and safety. Ino's perverted side wished to stay and film, but her moral self told her that filming this would violate their privacy this night more than any other night. She shut her camera off. Yaoi may be the greatest concept in existence, but Naruto and Kiba…love each other, she thought. I can't, not when it's this pure. When there's more lust and less, well, there's never less love, but no tonight. Ino ran back home to isolate the part of the video in which Kiba proposed. All the rest would be deleted she promised herself. And that was one thing she intended to keep, her promise. One of these days though Naruto, I want to see what you and Kiba can do. Naruto laid his mate down softly and put the ring box on their dresser. "I guess I owe you a ring for your next birthday," the blond spoke before climbing up and joining his stepbrother. He held Kiba's hand with the one carrying the ring. The cool metal against his skin was a new feeling for the brunette, and he loved it.

"Want to cuddle up with your stuffed Kyuubi?" Kiba asked as he picked it up off the floor. Naruto smiled, and he put it up near the headboard. "Want to cuddle up with me?"

"Of course," Naruto spoke softly before lightly claiming his lips and opening the box of chocolates Hinata had gotten him. He bit a solid dark chocolate truffle in half before giving the other half to his mate. They savored the fruity sweetness of seventy percent cacao before kissing deeply and taking the tasting to a whole new level. "They say, chocolate is an aphrodisiac," the blond stated with a small smile as he lovingly felt over his lover's face. Kiba mewled and pushed his face into the touch as he clan marking was felt over. He smiled and shut his eyes and purred. Naruto found it both adorable and profoundly amazing. Their lips came together again as he began lifting Kiba's shirt. "Would you like to enjoy making love with me tonight Kiba?" he asked like the perfect gentleman.

"Naruto, I will gladly make love to you," the brunette replied before slinking from his shirt and slowly removing the blond's. They kissed, the brunette lying provocatively on his mate, holding his face and tracing each individual whisker mark. Naruto, who still didn't know about his lover's injuries, lightly brought his right hand up and massaged Kiba's tight ass through his pants. It was the lightest touch the brunette had ever received, but he winced visually.

"Something hurts you my mate?" he asked guiltily.

"Mom, kinda spanked me earlier for waking her up," Kiba admitted with a blush. "I, didn't want to tell you because it should be your night to relax and have fun." Naruto nuzzled him and licked up his neck, but the blond's hand began emitting Kyuubi's chakra.

"Kiba, I would have felt awful for torturing you if I had been rough when you were injured," Naruto told him. There was no scolding, no sadness, only calmness. "Never hide anything from me. You can trust your mate as I trust you." Kiba smiled and lightly kissed him in thanks as he felt the pain of swollen flesh fade away. He didn't realize it; neither of them did, but Kyuubi began screwing with his brain a tiny bit, disobeying Naruto. After he was healed, the brunette's hormones came out in spades. His fangs grew, his nails became claws, he grew a tail the same shade of brown as his hair, and two triangular dog ears appeared on the top of his head. Naruto was partially afraid, but Kiba licked his neck submissively and lightly chewed on him, making the blond shiver and moan happily.

"K-Kiiiba," he mewed.

"Naruto, since it's your birthday, I want to give you something like you did for my birthday," Kiba spoke as he supported himself on his arms. "I am no mutt, but take your dog tonight, nice and rough."

"Kiba, you feeling alright?" Naruto asked. The brunette smiled seductively. "Kyuubi," he said accusingly.

"Oh quit blaming me and make love with your mate," the fox spat in a perfect lie.

"Naruto, I know it's your birthday and all, but I think you look extra sexy in your fox form," Kiba spoke softly as he ground their hips together lightly. The blond mewed, and Kyuubi began screwing with his pheromones. Naruto became slightly less aware and less caring, and hence, less rational.

"Oh really?" he asked before going through a couple of hand signs. A puff of white smoke surrounded the two, but Kiba smiled happily when he saw the thickened whiskers of his mate. Naruto was also adorned in cute, puppy-like canines, claws of his own, and a swaying long, red, furry tail. He kept his eyes though. Naruto knew that Kiba felt intimidated by them when Naruto was the one wearing them. Those cerulean orbs were what distinguished the blond from his inner demon. "Is this what you mean?" Kiba kissed him lovingly, and Kyuubi dropped his control of Naruto's hormones. Once he was used to himself and Kiba being in these forms, he wouldn't feel like he was being a bad mate. The truth was, Kiba's hormones had been left to settle too. The two boys stared at each other's faces, purred, kissed, and did everything to show their love to each other. Arousal lifted into the air, and Sakura's developed scent helped it be more tantalizing. Naruto felt over his lover's back, and Kiba nuzzled him as the ring touched his heated flesh. Two clawed fingers from each hand snuck into his pants on either side of his hips. Naruto slid them around Kiba's body, making him desirous to get freedom for his bulge.

"Naruto, please don't tease me," he begged. The blond had never heard his mate beg, and so he honored Kiba's request. He smiled wildly when he spotted the familiarly enormous bulge in the dark blue boxers. "Aaaah," the brunette sighed before carefully going onto his back and letting the blond pull his pants off smoothly. Naruto allowed his mate to remove his pants too, and they lustfully played with each other before taking care of their boxers. Their naked forms were amazingly beautiful, both boys handsome enough to catch a demon's eye if either one so wished. Kiba lay above his mate kissing him passionately, licking over every crevasse in his mouth, and Naruto relaxed as he enjoyed his mate's touch. He took Kiba's head in his hands and massaged the marks as they were meant to be, lovingly. "Naruto, I love you," Kiba spoke as he stared into the cerulean orbs of his lover. Naruto stared into his eyes and grasped his manhood lightly with the ringed hand. "Nnnnn," Kiba mewled.

"I love you too Kiba, my beautiful mate," the blond replied before using his elbow to support himself, slowly pumping Kiba, kissing him, and wrapping their tails together. The brunette felt so unbelievably loved. Souls touched once more, threatening to melt their consciousnesses into one.

"Tonight Naruto, I will be the one to pleasure you," Kiba insisted after somehow regaining conscious thought. He pulled Naruto's hand off of his dick softly before going on his side. Kiba licked Naru-Chan's neck submissively and teethed over it, sending shivers down his lover's spine. Moans here and there encouraged him. He bit down lightly on his shoulder-neck junction, marking Naruto with a hickey. Two tiny cuts instantly healed up, but Kyuubi knew the mark was meant to stay in place for a while. Kiba licked over the peach fuzz of Naruto's inner chest before blowing lightly on one of his nipples. The blond arched up trying to gain contact with something. "It would seem we both desire this." Naruto smiled at him and stroked his cheek lovingly. Kiba lightly tweaked one rosy bud in his clawed fingers, the occasional scratch making Naruto moan more intensely from further stimulation. The brunette also took the other nipple into his mouth, lightly chewing, but never with his sharp canines.

"Oh Kiba," the blond moaned. "Nnnnn." His mate kissed him, and Naruto ravished his mouth this time. Something told him to cut himself on Kiba's canines, and a couple drops of blood entered their taste before Kyuubi healed him up. It fired up their desire a bit more, and Kiba knew exactly what do to.

"My gifts to you Naru-Sama," he spoke. Sama, being such a respectful term was foreign to the blond, and his love for his mate increased as he smiled. Kiba licked the head of Naruto's manhood.

"Ah! Kiba," Naruto sighed after thrusting up and trying to gain contact. Kiba slowly brought his mouth over the hardened flesh, encasing the blond in first a dry heat, but the lips softly made contact at the two inch mark on his shaft. "Ooooo Kiba," the blond moaned as his head tilted this way and that slowly. The heat was blissful, protective, loving. His brunette slowly began using his tongue, changing the steamy heat into a wet and smothering one. Naruto shivered and wiggled as his head was surrounded with hot saliva. All that was currently happening was Kiba slowly licking the side and swirling over the head of his lover's erection. "I love you mate," Naruto barely spoke. He was relaxed fully, breathing slowly, laying back, eyes closed, smiling, and his arms splayed to the side and behind him. His brunette was joyful to see his alpha like this. Naruto needed to relax. He had had a rough day. Kiba slowly sank to the five inch mark, bringing Naruto's manhood to rest against his well-trained throat. "Ooooh fuck," the blond whispered. There was the occasional shake which told the brunette he had successfully stimulated a sensitive spot. Mewls here and there told him how much he was impacting his mate. It was a night to be taken slowly. Both young men were sharing their love and fully exposing their inner selves to each other. It was Naruto's night to be treated as a king, no…a god. Kiba received special rights on his birthday too, but he held absolutely no ill feelings toward his lazing alpha. He had been treated more than fairly by the blond, allowing Kiba to be an alpha when he wished to, and never once complaining. No one else could make that claim.

I will love you with my all Naruto-Sama, Kiba told himself as he swallowed the blond in his entirety. Naruto quietly howled out his name. There was a full moon that night too. This was the night of canines' true calling by their instincts. Kyuubi felt it too. The dog and the fox fell into equilibrium. No movement came without help, and it wasn't even consciousness. Instincts guided the both of them as they stared into each other's eyes, as they enjoyed each other completely. Kiba could feel the tremors beneath him. Naruto was reeling, and he fell back in preparation for the joy to come. They could both feel it, the mounting pressure. As Naruto moaned loudly and his body spasmed, Kiba's body instinctually echoed him. Kiba didn't orgasm, but he could feel his mate's. It was an amazing and frightening feeling, but the feral instincts that had been rooted thousands of years ago had come to the fold completely, both boys no longer simple humans. They were not hybrids; they had reached the other side of the spectrum. Images flew through their heads, Naruto seeing fox families, fights, children, mating, and so much more. Kiba saw wolf packs, heard howling, felt the will to protect and serve, and a loyalty to his mate holding a massive chain to his heart. Above all other instincts, both of the young men felt the instinct of love. In the short moments of Naruto's body howling, spasming, and filling his mate's mouth with his white essence, his nectar, and in the moments of Kiba sucking on his holy shrine and tasting of his mate, they met in the cosmos, both souls binding together. They could see each other standing before an endless expanse of stars, naked, smiling, and staring at each other in the endless wonder of their love. Kyuubi, stuck in the exact middle of this celestial occurrence, was possessed for lack of a better term. His instincts were even stronger, demons being far more in tune with nature than humans. Somewhere out in the world, another fox demon was howling out. Kyuubi's destined mate and he were calling for each other, and they could hear each other too.

"Kami-Sama," the Nine-Tails breathed as he fell on his knees. "Wait for me my mate. When he who was cursed with my life passes to the peace of death, I will find you. We will mate; I promise you. Wait for my touch. I love you, my destined mate," he spoke before collapsing and losing consciousness. Naruto and Kiba embraced and kissed in the cosmos, their souls marking each other to be bound together forever. Their souls promised each other: when one dies, so will the other. No time will keep them apart. Love will hold them in eternal bondage, never to tire of the other, never to grow apart, never to betray, to always be together.

Naruto appeared to be seizing, but his flailing and howling of Kiba's name stopped. The entire village had heard him, and now all was silent and still. His seed coated his softening manhood, and Kiba looked dazed, his eyes half shut. It was an eerie moment as some semen leaked from the corner of his mouth and dripped. Still there was no movement from either one but breathing. All they could see was the cosmos and each other. Eventually they flashed back to themselves. Both had long and sharp intakes of air. They panted heavily before Kiba looked up, and Naruto looked down. Cerulean blue met hazelnut brown. "K-Kiba," Naruto whispered. Truth be told, Tsume and Hana were both frightened half to death. The dogs had begun flailing and howling, and cries could be heard in their own minds. Naruto's and Kiba's coupling had affected the entire clan, and somewhere in the Land of Earth, a clan of half men, half foxes was howling in answer. Tsume and Hana rushed to the boys' room. Naruto and Kiba were staring at each other, in understanding, in surprise, in wonder, and in fear of the unknown. What their minds had experienced, was it real? What held the women's attention though were the boys' appearances.

"Naruto, Kiba," Tsume exclaimed. She held her son tightly, albeit away from the blond. "Kiba, talk to me."

"Naruto?" Hana asked as she stared at the blond boy. "They're alive, but it's like they're somewhere else. Wake up…"

"What the Hell did Naruto do to my child?" Tsume asked as she held her son's head in the crook of her shoulder. She cried into her sons' hair, unknowing and unbelieving of what had occurred. "Get that demon out of my house," the woman ordered.

"Mom," Hana spoke in surprise at her. "You can't…"

"GET HIM OOOOOOOUT!" Tsume roared despairingly at her. Kurumaru had remained conscious, but just barely. He walked in shock to the room. "Can't you see what he's done?" she asked while angrily fisting Kiba's tail in her hand. "They're both transformed into…half-demons. Get that accursed monster away from my son. Give him to the villagers for all I care. Keep Naruto as far away from my son as humanly possible NOW!" Tsume roared with tears flowing from her eyes.

"Mom," Hana spoke. Both boys just silently stared at each other, evidence of what they had been doing apparent.

"You…cannot do that, Tsume-Sama," Kurumaru breathed. The woman was shocked. Kurumaru was telling her not to get rid of the one who had obviously caused this. "This is beyond even our full understanding. It…is the will of the Ancients. They have mated. In the instincts of all living creatures, there is one which is stronger than all the others, one which binds, them together."

"Kurumaru, what are you saying?" Tsume asked him.

"Your son, and Naruto, have mated," the wolf replied. Hana caught him before he collapsed.

"They've had sex plenty of times. What makes this different?!" she asked angrily. "What did that demon child do to my son?!" There was a pause before Kurumaru could speak again.

"Love," he whispered. "They became mates, deeper than physical intimacy." Tsume and Hana both found him cryptic and impossible to understand. "Their instincts, have peeked. Both of them have become their secondary species if you will. The instinct to love a mate, care for it, nurture it, to truly love it unconditionally and sacrifice all for it, is a power feared by all of nature. It is the strongest power beneath the gods. Their souls have intertwined, completely. That very power, shook reality to its core. If you separate them now, this world will collapse. It is the knowledge of the Ancients. It is the will of nature itself. They have become one in every sense. What you see, is the acceptance of each other's inner nature." The dog's breathing was labored, and he had to pause often. "Their conscious minds will return soon enough, separate yet one. Their bodies are merely transformed temporarily through jutsu, originally as an erotic gesture. What you see is not their permanent forms, but the forms they chose to share with each other, exposing everything to each other, and pouring out acceptance of those gestures. Your son…he proposed to the Uzumaki it seems. During their coupling, all canine instinct across this world was dramatically increased, thousands of times over. I experienced it too. My mate, my true mate, awaits me, at Han's house. Her name is, Runkai. You at the very least heard your mate's call if not actually seeing him or her. Tsume-Sama, what has occurred here, is no evil action, no plague, betrayal, or abomination. Your son has achieved what no one has in centuries. Kiba will grow strong in Naruto; I see it. This if anything is a sign of coming peace, a golden age." Tsume looked back to Kiba. He was smiling just a bit; Naruto was as well. "I could hear them all, the howls of every kind of canine. Tsume-Sama, surely you heard the cries of foxes did you not?" Tsume was afraid to answer. "Another of our clan exists. Somewhere in the Land of Earth, foxes and men are joined, like dogs and men are we. People in this clan, and people in that clan, are meant to come together. They will go searching for the answer. Tsume-Sama, it is your responsibility to guide them to Konoha. No other call like this will be issued for a very long time, maybe not even ever. Please, while the signs of hope remain strong, bring the salvations of both clans. Bring the foxes and the dogs together. Let your son be who he truly is, and let Naruto be with his true mate. This is the will of the Ancients. So let it be written…so let it, be…done," the black wolf ended before collapsing into unconsciousness.

Tsume and Hana were in a state of shock. How on Earth could all of this have just happened? Both boys seemed to only have eyes for each other, and Hana helped her mother put Kiba next to Naruto, the boys facing each other, staring endlessly into each other's eyes, both suspended in the space of consciousness, both feeling each other, and both seeing each other.

"I guess in the morning, I'll talk to Tsunade," Tsume spoke quietly. "I asked Kurumaru this, but he didn't know. What does a mother do when she can no longer tell what is a threat and what isn't? I feel like I should be killing Naruto, but Kurumaru told me not to. What do I do Hana?" she asked as she cried.

"Listen to your canine instinct," the girl spoke, hoping her words were correct. Tsume did her best to focus her mind. Protect them, a voice whispered.

"I need to keep them safe," she spoke before dragging Kurumaru away. Hana and she both went to their rooms. Shen and Raija were afraid and had piddled, but the Inuzuka mistress didn't care. Everything about the night was unusual. "How could I have gone back to judging him as a demon?" Tsume asked herself. "Just what kind of person am I?" Her tears and crying brought her painful rest, but she could find no steady ground.

"Na-ruto," Kiba whispered. Their minds snapped back finally. Both of them looked afraid, but the common fear was once more reassuring. "Was that"

"Real?" Naruto ended for him. "Kiba, we were floating amongst the stars, and I could see everything. I understood so much, but I can still feel something. Kiba, something happened. It's like you're inside me, and I know things I shouldn't, like your Dad."

"Naruto, I'm so sorry about your childhood," Kiba spoke before he broke down crying. His mate was instantly comforting him. The dog-boy almost completely stopped all action. His mind emptied, and his body relaxed. "I love you."

"As will I, love you for all of time as your mate Kiba," Naruto told him before kissing the brunette lovingly. It was still nighttime. Wolves howled in the distance, and the full moon hung in the air. Their sweat had dried, and their energy seemed to have returned completely. "Kiba, something just happened that neither of us can understand, but I know it was love that caused it. Will you, make love with me?" He was asking so formally, but Kiba's instincts were at their absolute height.

"It is still your birthday," he mentioned. Kiba took the fox's lips in his own and fondled his ears. Naruto melted under his true mate's touch. His mouth laid open for his dog to ravage, but Kiba restrained himself out of love. The brunette massaged his mate's seal with compassion and love, and Naruto's soul called out. A fox's howl sounded in his mind, but it was not mournful. It called for its mate. "My mate, let my love flow through you," Kiba spoke before a golden light came from his fingers. It seemed like flowing golden liquid, and a "drop" hit the spiral. Naruto tensed up as his seal slowly became flooded in gold.

"Mate," he moaned/whined as he came, semen covering Kiba's back as he straddled the blond. Naruto shook, and the brunette's soul echoed with the feeling. The seal was completely encased in golden light, and Naruto lightly panted. "Kiba, my mate, my love…"

The brunette was not yet finished. He grabbed the lubricant from the nightstand and lathered his mate's erect dick. "Naruto, I have one final gift for you," he spoke quietly. Kiba supported himself with his feet as he positioned himself above Naruto's manhood. He lightly sat on the tip, and Kiba moaned as his insides were gradually stretched open. Naruto moaned as well, Kiba's love still flowing in his seal. The cosmos danced as the two mates coupled. No word existed in mortal tongue for this. This…sexual activity, wasn't simply sex, was above love making, steps far beyond consummation. As the true mates became one, all fell into balance. Peaceful rest fell upon the Earth, even to Tsume. Kiba mewled when his mate was completely buried inside him. This night marked so many things, countless things, but the two which stuck in both boys' heads were the fact that it marked Naruto's birthday, and the day they took being mates to some profound and inexplicable level.

"Kiba," Naruto moaned. The brunette filled the seal with more of his light, and he leaned down and kissed his mate. Beautiful was a word far too insignificant to describe this. Harmony came the closest. Two beings were in complete synch. The gods watched in awe, their heavens being lit up more brilliantly than before. Naruto wrapped his hands around Kiba's head and back as they kissed more intimately than ever. He rubbed over the Inuzuka's tattoos, and the same light came from his fingers in answer. Kiba's face was aglow with his mate's love, and he could barely stand it. The brunette rocked his hips, and Naruto thrust his body forward lightly, hips meeting with every go. Both boys panted and stared into each others eyes as they made love. Naruto supported himself with one arm and began pumping his mate. Their tails wrapped around each other, drawing their hot bodies close together. "Kiba, you are beautiful my mate," Naruto spoke. "Please, who is the one you treasure above all others in this universe?"

"Naruto, Uzumaki," Kiba spoke, surrendering his entire self to his fox as Naruto gave him a hickey once more, pouring his own golden light into him. Both boys howled, and wolves answered as Kiba came hard on him. Naruto locked their lips together as the hot, white nectar streaked across his body, the seed of his mate showing his satisfaction. And what satisfaction it was. One would be curious to know where it all came from, but Naruto had a considerable puddle on his seal, and his chest was covered in streaks along with Kiba's. The blond released deep inside his mate, and the golden light surrounding them began to fade. "Happy birthday…Naruto," Kiba spoke before losing consciousness and collapsing on his side. Naruto wrapped them in a sheet just before their transformations wore off and he lost consciousness.

"Mate," he whispered before his eyes shut. Nothing in the stilled eternity would dare disrupt the flow the Ancients had designed. For to do so would be condemning existence to failure. Nothing in the world disturbed them, the two true canine lovers.

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