The little boy, Matthew, gave her a suspicious look.

"I bet the other two pictures don't look like you, either," he said, dropping them on the bed. Moments later, Diana watched him leave with apprehension, then walked over and picked up the three pictures. One was the one that had come into focus before, Diana Prince in one of her usual street clothes outfits. The second was of Wonder Woman. But the third…

Diana turned pale, backing up to sit heavily on the bed. "It can't be," she whispered. The third picture showed Diana in the same position in the other two. But this time, she was wearing her old uniform, the one she had worn over thirty years ago, while working for Major Steve Trevor. Standing behind her, one large hand on her slim uniformed shoulder, was the man himself. Diana stared at Steve Sr., an ache burning in the center of her chest, the same ache that had stayed ever since she had left Steve when the war ended. In the picture, Steve was staring at her, a desperate look on his face.

Diana closed her eyes and tucked the pictures in her pocket.

So, my little sis got all three seasons of WW for Christmas. We finished the second season last night. 8D. Needless to say, I'm really quite annoyed at the lack of fluff going on between Steve and Diana. So, here's a oneshot just to put one of the moments that they TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE stuck in there. Jerks.