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Chapter 1: Reunion

Once again Yattacon came and there I was with my boyfriend, Matt, his sister, and their friend Greta. Thankfully Emily, Matt's ex-girlfriend, decided not to come this year.

I met up with my friends Beth, Monica, Raj, who's now dating Beth (YAY XD), and Hyu-Jeong. We set up our table in the artist alley while Matt went to help his sister set up their booth.

The con started and I finally escaped Monica and was able to have some alone time with Matt. Naturally I'm clumsy, as always, and I ended up running into someone. We actually knocked each other down. The girl I ran into was a little smaller than me with cute strawberry blond hair. Her hair was pulled into a pony tail on the side of her head and she was wearing a yellow tank top and short blue jean shorts. She even had red suspenders.

"No way, is that a cosplay of Misty from Pokeman?" I said as I helped her up.

"Yeah!" she said with a big smile. "Sorry I wasn't paying attention to where I was going!"

"Oh, no, I'm sorry too. I should've been paying more attention as well," I said, blushing a little. She had such a pretty smile.

"Christie, are you okay?" Matt asked me.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

Then I heard another male voice say, "Kris! They're looking for you at the panel."

Of course I looked since I get called Chriss all the time but the girl I bumped into looked as well. The guy talking had the same hair color as me but different eyes. Did he have a scar above his right eye?

"Oh, sorry about that, Jimmy. I'll be right there. I just wanted to look around at the dealer's room for a little bit. I didn't worry you did I?"

"Not really," the guy said. He was obviously cosplaying as Ash from Pokeman. I wonder if he did that out of free will or just to match the girl I bumped into who he called Kris.

"A panel? Are you an artist?" I asked.

"Nope, I'm a voice actress! They invited me to come this year and I'm so excited. So I decided to cosplay and I made this idiot cosplay with me," she said as she pointed to the boy called Jimmy. Where had I seen him before?

"A VA? That's awesome! I'll be sure to come by!"

"That would be so cool! My name's Kristy, by the way."

"Really?" I said surprised. "My name's Christie, too!"

"That's so cool! We have the same name! Wait you don't mean . . . Christie Leroux? The writer for Wary City? I love that manga! Mangapop is already thinking of maybe making it into an anime! The story and art are fantastic!"

"Really? You think so?" I was so happy that a voice actress new about the comic me and Beth made. "Wait, an ANIME?"

"Yeah, I'm so going to audition! Hey, Jimmy, your band should write some songs for it!"

"Yeah . . .," he said. He looked distracted. "We should go, Kris."

"Right, catch ya later, Christie!"


I turned to Matt who was quiet, as usual.

"That guy," he started to say as I said, "We should go to that panel and bring Beth with us!"

"Wait, what did you say, Matt?" I faced him until he finally answered.

"I was just saying that that guy reacted when he heard your name. And I think I've seen his tattoo before. Sandra might know who he is."

"Really? Well we're almost at her both anyway!"

We went to their booth Delusions. Those kitty hats are always so adorable! Every time I see them I always want one even though I have a ton now. . .

"Christie!" Sandra said as she hugged me.

"Hey," I said as Matt asked, "Do you know a guy with the solar system on his arm?"

Both of us looked at him. Sandra paused and then said, "You must mean Jimmy Leroux, that famous J-rock guitarist and vocalist. He just got back from Japan with his band. He's completely American but he can speak both Japanese and English. I heard his band was invited to the con this year and that they're playing at the J-pop dance this year. From what I've heard he's a pretty nice guy behind that sleeve of his. Why do you need to know about Jimmy Leroux?"

"We bumped into him along with a voice actress," I said.

"No way! You ran into Kristy Oak? She's starting to become famous! She's been in animes and video games and she even helps run a costume shop in Texas! She makes tons of cosplay outfits and even makes special orders and she's only twenty-three! Each con she goes to she cosplays as something different each day and the costumes she wears are all hand made by her! If you go to her panel, Matt, you better get her autograph!"

"I will," Matt said reluctantly. It's better to keep Sandra happy.

"I still can't believe that you ran into Kristy Oak. You guys are double lucky though, you ran into both Kristy and Jimmy! Another rumor about them is that Kristy makes Jimmy cosplay as a character that pairs with the one she's dressed as! I even heard that last year at a con Jimmy, dressed as Kyo from Fruity Basket, got down on one knee and proposed to Kristy, who was dressed as Tohru, also from Fruity Basket!"

Thankfully my phone rang before Sandra could rant more. We went to meet up with Beth and Raj who were with Lida Zeff. I was so happy to see her again and I hoped that she would autograph her latest manga for me.

"Christie!" she said as she hugged me. "It's good to see you! You know how they made a movie about one of my comics? Well I told the director about your manga and they loved it! They're turning it into an anime and they've already cast the secretary. Kristy Oak! She's going to play the secretary from your manga! She came here with her fiancé who's going to write the music for it! The director even said you get a VIP pass and get to meet both Kristy Oak and Jimmy Leroux!"

"We've actually already met them," I said as I grabbed Matt's hand.

"You got to meet them?" Beth said. "Are they nice?"

"Kristy was very nice. Jimmy didn't talk much but his arm said millions! He has a whole sleeve of tattoos! Sandra told me all about him too," I said, laughing a bit.

Beth and Raj were excited about our comic possibly turning into an anime. I was excited as well but I was also worried about Matt. He was really quiet; more quiet than usual.

We followed Lida to where the voice actors were. The highlighted VA was Kristy Oak but there were two others who were also cast in our anime as well. Kristy was happy to see us again and she dragged Jimmy with her. He had taken off the jacket from his cosplay outfit but other than that was still cosplaying along with Kristy.

We laughed, talked, traded autographs, and laughed some more for almost an hour until my phone rang. It was my mother.

"Why is she calling me?" I asked myself as I answered it and went to a less loud place. Matt followed me.

Christie! My mother said on the other end of the line. I just got an e-mail from your prodigal brother! He said he's back in the states! In the e-mail he said that he was going to an anime convention with his fiancé. Fiancé! Can you believe that your brother is getting married?

"I have a brother?" I asked her. I don't remember having any siblings.

Of course you do, sweetie! But he hasn't been home in years and he's about nine or ten years older than you so I don't expect you to remember. He should be about twenty-nine or maybe even thirty by now. Oh, now I feel so old!

"Mom, does my brother have any tattoos?" I asked as I looked back at Jimmy. We had the same hair color and the same last name.

The last thing he told me was he was going to tattoo the solar system to his arm. I told him no but he was twenty-five at the time so he did it anyway. My Jimmy always wanted to do crazy things.

"Like go to Japan?" I didn't notice I was shaking until Matt hugged me tightly.

Yes. He moved there but now he's back! He said he might come home if he felt like it. Which con were you at again, honey?

"Y-Yattacon. . . ."

That's where your brother is! If you see him then tell him to get his butt home and bring his fiancé with him! He has the same hair color as you just his is more auburn.

"I will. Talk to you later, Mom. Bye." I hung up and then hugged Matt.

"Who was that?" he asked.

"My mom," I said through tears. "My long lost brother who I barely remember is at this convention. It's Jimmy Leroux. He's my brother."