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Chapter 3: Another One!

"Um . . . ." I said at the same time as my brother. I looked at him but he looked away from me. That's when I remembered his chilling words. Did I really want my brother out of my life? I don't know if I can give a straight answer to that. He never tried to make contact with me before so why should I give him a chance? "Yeah I'm his sister," I answered everyone. I knew he wasn't going to give a reply.

"Why didn't you tell us you had a sister, Jimmy?" the drummer in his band asked.

"It never came up that's why!" he somewhat snapped at them. My brother then shook his head and said, "I'm going to check on our equipment. My amp sounded off tonight."

We all watched him leave and no one tried to stop him. I thought about trying to but he was the one that turned away from me. But he did reply when I called him brother . . . .

"Dabo. He can't even sort out his own feelings," Kristy said while the rest of my brother's band went back to talking amongst themselves; though most of it was about me. "I'm sorry Christie," she said as she turned to me. "Jimmy is very stubborn. He's got it in his head that since he abandoned you he doesn't have the right to talk to you or be around you. I did speak with your mother though and I intend to meet her even if I have to knock your brother out and drag him all the way there."

I laughed. Kristy reminded me so much of Sandra, just slightly more violent. "It's alright. I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about everything. By the way what does dabo mean?"

"Oh, sorry, it's a way to say 'idiot' in Japanese. The Kansai dialect to be precise. I picked it up from your brother after I met him. He likes to rant in Japanese sometimes."

"It's so cool that you have a brother that can speak Japanese, Christie!" Monica said, completely ecstatic. I loved Monica even though she tended to be hyper a lot.

I shrugged. I suppose it is kind of cool. Better than him being like Derek, who I still can't believe is a father. What the heck! Kristy joined the rest of the band members in conversation, thankfully turning it away from me. I joined back with my friends and naturally we loved to make fun of Raj and Beth. They're just too cute. Definitely one true pairing right there. We probably would've kept talking all night in that café if a Monica hadn't been distracted by a group of cosplayers who were praising her artwork that they saw earlier that day. Raj and Beth took this time to slip away so I turned to Matt and he had the same idea. With Monica distracted, and Hyu-Jeong beginning to flee herself, Matt and I took this opportunity to run off as well and actually get some alone time, if that's even possible at a convention.

Now before I go on get your minds out of the gutter. We're going on a walk. Nothing more. A harmless, innocent, little stroll around the hotel and convention center. We're keeping it G here folks if that's not what you wanted you picked the wrong story to read. Anyways, we began to walk we passed by a large truck. Not one of those eighteen wheelers but more like a truck used for moving. I looked at Matt and asked him, "Do you hear that?" I could've sworn I heard a guitar or something.

"Yeah, I think it might be coming from that truck. I'm pretty sure that truck belongs to your brother's band," he said as he kept his eyes on me, which almost caused me to melt. I love this guy!

"You don't need to worry about me, Matt. I have one more day of the con to see him. I don't even know if I want him in my life or not. Maybe I do I'm not even sure anymore."

Matt pulled me into his arms, another attack on my heart mind you, and held me tight. "Whatever you decide you'll always have a half-blind jerk to hang around."

After our hug, which was just a hug mind you, we kept walking and eventually could see in the back of the truck. I looked inside and sure enough there was my brother. He was playing his guitar. It sounded so different with the sound being clean. I could somewhat hear him singing but I couldn't understand a word he was saying. I managed to get closer to him without him noticing me. Matt followed. I could hear him singing this:

"Forever I'll be faithful

Forever I'll be true

Forever I'll be with you


I didn't know who he was talking to but I knew for sure he said my name once he was done. Of course he could have been talking about his fiancé but I wasn't sure.

"I get the feeling he was singing about you," Matt whispered to me. He always seems to think like me when it came to things like this.

I knew I had to risk it. "Jimmy?" I said as I stepped into the light that was coming from inside the back of the truck. My brother looked up from his guitar instantly.

"Christie? You didn't hear that song just now did you?" He looked somewhat embarrassed.

"Only the last part. I'll ask you about it later but I'd love to hear you play another song! I love your j-rock music and all but I'd love to hear more acoustic stuff."

Jimmy smiled. "And I'll give you an answer. Well I don't have many acoustic songs. I have one I'm starting to work on though. One for Kristy," he said as he flipped through a notebook crammed full of sheet music and lyrics written on every kind of paper you can think of. "It's a song I'm writing to give her some peace." He then began to sing.

"I'm watching over you

Up here in the clouds

I'll be waiting here for you


I'm wih you when you cry

I can feel your love

And I know I love you too


"Like I said it's kind of rough. It's just the middle part though. I'm not sure what I want to put before and after it."

I felt my eyes tearing up. Did he really write a song for Kristy about someone dead? "What's the meaning of that song?" I asked.

"It's one of two I'm writing for Kristy. Kristy she . . . she puts on this aura that nothing bad has happened to her but I dragged her into some really bad stuff. I feel horrible about it even today but I can't change anything. She didn't do drugs but she did tend to drink a lot. She would never show up to work drunk but if she wasn't working she was either drunk or a little tipsy. She left a party completely hammered one day but none of us, even me her then boyfriend, didn't notice. Next thing I get is a call from her mom saying she was in the hospital and in serious condition." Jimmy looked like he could start crying any second. "Kristy almost lost her life. She was for sure set on dying. That was until I came and she saw me crying over her. She told me she didn't want to leave me so she brought back her will to live."

"And she lived and is completely healed," I said as I sat down. Matt sat down next to me and surprisingly didn't say another word.

"Yeah. Well almost completely healed." Jimmy looked like he said something he shouldn't have.

"She didn't recover her will to live by you just being there did she?" Matt asked.

Jimmy looked at him and sighed. "You could tell huh?"

"Psych 101. Better than cable," Matt replied with a smile. I almost slapped him for answering that way but he made Jimmy smile so I didn't.

"Sure she wanted me there but she was going to just give up and die. Then the doctor came in and told her that her baby was still alive. Barely but it was still holding on. Instantly, Kristy began to fight to live. Heck, I didn't even know she was pregnant."

I looked at Matt and I could tell he was thinking the same thing I was. "The baby didn't live, did it?"

Jimmy shook his head. "It did until when she left the hospital. She refused to drink anymore but her withdrawal symptoms were very bad. On the way home from work she had a panic attack. She crashed into a wall, completely totaling her car. Her injuries weren't fatal but . . . ."

Neither I nor Matt made him finish. I knew it had to be hard for him to tell since it was his baby as well. Matt's cell then went off and he excused himself to answer it, leaving me alone with my brother.

"So about the song I overheard you singing . . . was that written to me?" I asked him trying to somewhat change the subject.

"It was all I could think about. I've made so many mistakes in my life, Christie. Hopefully I can start off right one day. Christie . . . I'm not going to make you decide now but instead of leaving it just up to you maybe we should figure it out together. Do we want to keep up this sibling thing or do we want to pretend we just randomly met in the dealer's room at Yattacon?"

I looked at my brother and thought about it for a few minutes. Matt returned from his phone call but just stood behind me. Neither him nor Jimmy spoke. They just waited for my reply.

"I want . . . ."

To continue this in another chapter! Chapter 4: The Big Finale!