So, I finished Airhead by Meg Cabot today and I'm very interested in Christopher's perspective of what happened to Em.

So this is a new project. :D

If you haven't read the book, please do. It's fantastic.

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"Em! Wait!" I said, reaching out a hand to stop her as she ran towards Frida.

I know she didn't hear me. She was only concerned for Frida.

Em had seen what I had. The plasma TV (supposedly screwed into the ceiling) was about to fall down due to the E.L.F. guy who'd shot the thing with a paintball gun. And it was about to land directly on where Frida was standing, asking for an autograph.

"Frida! Move!" shouted Em.

"Em! Stop!" I yelled out.

If she did what she was going to do. . .

Em pushed Frida out of the way the second the TV broke from its wires.

I could hear blood rushing in my ears, blocking out sound.

What I did hear was when that TV landed on Em, crushing her.

I heard the snaps of several bones.


I ran over to Em, looking at her.

Her eyes were closed.

"Em!" gasped Frida, realizing what had just happened.

Her hands were shaking.

"Nikki!" exclaimed a few voices a few feet away.

The supermodel had collapsed and a few of her friends were fanning her. She must've blacked out.

I turned back to Em.

Frida was cradling her head, the only place that wasn't crushed by the TV.

I looked around for a medic.

"Hey!" I called out to one hurrying near, gesturing to my best friend. "We need help!!"

He nodded and spoke into a radio, saying something about a stretcher.

Wonderful. Em had to go to the hospital. But I guess an injury like this was kind of inevitable for hospital shipment.

I looked back to Frida. She was crying.

"She'll be fine," I told her, not really sure myself.

Frida nodded absently.

"Should—should I call my mom and dad?" she asked me.

I looked at Em again. She wasn't moving.

"Yeah. Call them. I can stay with Em."

She nodded and stood, grasping around for her phone shakily.

Em looked exhausted. We shouldn't have stayed up so late last night playing Journeyquest.

The medic finally reached us and looked Em over.

"Are you her brother?" he asked me.

"No. Her best friend. Her sister's over there," I pointed to Frida, talking into her phone.

"What's her name?" asked the medic, referring to Frida.

"Frida Watts."

The medic nodded orderly and stood to talk to Frida.

Another medic appeared to assess Nikki Howard.

Honestly, I wasn't very concerned. Nikki Howard was just some stupid supermodel who could care less about normal people.

The stretcher came and they loaded Em up on it after they'd figured out how to get the TV off of her.

She was bleeding.

I swallowed.

Maybe Em wouldn't be as okay as I thought.

The medics shepherded Em away, quickly carrying her to the awaiting ambulance just visible outside the double doors of the Megastore. Frida went with the first medic.

She looked back at me, distracted.

"We'll call after we know what's going on," she assured tearily.

I nodded.

I looked around the Stark Megastore, at a loss to know what I should do with myself.

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