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Emmett's P.O.V.

Emmett whas fighting for control, and failing-again. His golden eyes once again looked down at Bella's sleeping form and took a deep breath, trying desperately to clear his mind of his confusing thoughts and emotions, and froze. Taking a breath had been a mistake. Bella's sweet, intoxicating scent threw Emmetts head--and if he was being honest, his heart--into turmoil once more. He growled silently, frustrated and angry at himself for allowing this to happen. God, if Edward finds out…Emmett left the thought hanging, shuddering, not liking the idea of how much pain this revelation would surely cause Edward. He also didn't like the thought of Edwards wrath. Edward could be a wee bit intimidating when it came to all things concerning Bella.

Emmett tried to think of something else—anything else—but his eyes kept gliding back to Bella. Her hair was wild, her soft curls spilling out of its loose ponytail, making it look as if there was a mahogany waterfall cascading across her white pillow. Bella's face was peaceful and youthful, she was breath-takingly beautiful, even when deep in sleep. He still couldn't fathom how she ever thought she was plain, she was anything and everything but. The clock beside her bed read 12:32, the green glow from the numbers making her long, dark eyelashes cast eerie shadows down her pale, soft cheeks. Bellas' smooth, full lips were slightly parted in a pout that very nearly sent Emmett over the edge. He looked away from her mouth before he lost any sense of restraint that he had. If he hadn't have had all these decades of practicing restraint and control, he would have acted on his feelings, quicker than one of her steady heartbeats.

It didn't help his crumbling restraint that they were alone. Charlie had called Bella around 9, saying that the game he was watching over at Billys had been delayed, he decided to stay at the Blacks house for the night. The rest of the Cullens were hunting near Mt. Rainier. They would be gone tonight and most of the day day tomorrow. Edward hadn't wanted to leave Bella, but the rest of the family had persuaded him to go with them—for Bellas on safety, and their peace of mind. Emmett volunteered to stay with Bella, going with the excuse that he had gone hunting just last week and hadn't spent much time with "Our Human Pet". They had all smiled and laughed. Thinking Emmett loved Bella in a way that a big brother would love his sister—oh, if they only knew his true feelings, boy, would they be surprised. He cringed as he thought about how they would react if they found out that is feeling for Bella far surpassed the love a brother has for a younger sister. Emmett prayed they wouldn't ever have to know.

Emmett couldn't deny his feelings any longer, he had fought them for far too long. If anything, his love for Bella had increased through his internal struggle. He loved her enough to leave her be. Emmetts heart hadn't beat in decades, but at that moment, he felt as if it might shatter into tiny, fragmented pieces at the thought of never being able to be with Bella in the way that he day-dreamed of. He'd rather have a piece of Bella, than none at all. Emmett would remain her playful, teasing big brother, and her, his beloved human little sister. He would love her from afar. He would be her secret admirer, her hidden protector, he'd be whatever she wanted him to be.

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