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There was no getting around it. Anne Possible's children were growing up. The evidence had been there for a while, but it didn't quite register in her mind. Her daughter had graduated from high school, joined up briefly with Global Justice, got engaged to and moved in with her lifelong best friend and, as of three weeks ago, married him. These facts didn't drive home the fact that her children weren't little kids anymore, but her twin sons meeting a couple of girls in their summer US government class sure did! What was worse, other than the fact that the girls were a year older than Jim and Tim were, Anne didn't have anything to complain about. Stacy and Tracy Hopkins were nice, sweet girls who actually liked talking to their boyfriends' parents. Tim's girlfriend Tracy was even interested in a medical career, albeit one dealing with burn victims and not neurology. They were almost too perfect. Now I know how James felt when Kimmie started dating, Anne said to herself for the millionth time.

Anne could see Jim and Tim, who were definitely taking after their father in the height department, walking happily up to the front door with their ladies by their sides. The Hopkins twins were almost the boys' version of Ron Stoppable in terms of opposites attracting. Where Jim and Tim were identical twins, Stacy and Tracy were fraternal; Stacy was a brunette and Tracy was a dirty blonde. Tracy was a little taller than her sister, who was technically the oldest by ten minutes. They were also more athletic than the boys were. They were members of the softball team, whereas the boys were only the Pep Puppies for one school year before they hit their growth spurt and outgrew the costumes. Besides, with Kim no longer on the squad, it wasn't the same.

The boys helped the girls with their studies, and the girls got the boys out of the house more. As a result of this extra outdoor activity, the ever present risk of household destruction from the Tweebs' experiments was brought down to practically nothing. Again, Anne thought the girls were too perfect.

"Mom, we're home!" Tim announced as they walked in the front door.

"Hi, Dr. Possible," Stacy and Tracy said in unison.

"Our dad was wondering if you and the other Dr. Possible would like to come over this Saturday for a barbecue," Tracy said.

"Besides, Mom wants to get to know you all a little better," Stacy added. "And they really want to meet Kim and Ron."

"Well, Kimmie and Ron are usually pretty busy on the weekends, but I'll call them and see if they can make it." Anne was trying her best not to make any brain transplant threats. I am not going to pull any of the same stunts James did on Ron, she repeated over and over to herself, almost like a mantra.

"Hoosha," Jim said. "Let's hit the books. We have that big test on separation of powers and checks and balances at the end of the week."

As the foursome made for the living room to study, Anne Possible let out an almost sad sigh. Her boys were growing up whether she liked it or not. She decided to go into the den and call Kim. Maybe a little mother/daughter time would cheer her up.


"Okay, boss, we just saw them go in the house. They had a couple of babes with them." The man in the greasy coveralls lowered his binoculars. "Are you sure that's them? I mean, they don't look like ankle biters to me."

"Oh it's them," a man with a blond mullet replied. "Seriously. Looks like those two look-a-likes are growing up. Seriously it does."

"But what's the beef, Motor Ed? What did these two do to you?"

"They seriously ripped off my idea!" Ed bellowed. "Check it. A while back we were gonna jack a Roth SL Coup and trick it out. But Red, who showed up and seriously ruined that idea, told me that her brat brothers already did what I was gonna do! It tanked, man. Seriously it did. So I'm gonna teach these two what it means to rip off Motor Ed. Seriously I am."

"It sounds like you ripped them off, boss."

"Hey!" Ed grabbed the smaller man by the collar. "Three rules, okay? No dissing the mullet, no driving my ride, and no questioning my plans! Seriously, it's not cool." Ed shoved the smaller man back and he fell on his backside.

"So now what?"

"We wait till the little clone dudes take their babes home. Then we grab 'em! Seriously."


"I think Ron's got the day off on Saturday, so we can probably make it," Kim Stoppable said. She was driving back to her house from the University of Upperton when her mom called the Kimmunicator in the Sloth. Kim was taking summer classes to get further ahead in her studies, as well as still working at the athletic center. At the rate she was going, Kim would graduate with her bachelors degree by December, and start at the Upperton Law School the following spring.

"Great," Anne said with forced enthusiasm. "I'll tell the girls."

Kim couldn't hide her devious grin. "I still can't believe the Tweebs have girlfriends."

"Kimmie," her mother chided. "Don't do anything to embarrass them."

"So not the drama, Mom. It's not like I had Wade whip up a holographic slide show of the Tweebs' most humiliating moments." Actually, she had, but her mom didn't need to know that.

"Just be nice." Anne looked down a bit.

"Mom? Are you sure you're okay?"

"Fine, honey," she lied.

"They were bound to grow up sooner or later," Kim pointed out. "Now you know how Dad felt."

"Yeah, but these two aren't the boys' best friends since pre-k."

"That so didn't stop Dad from giving Ron the black hole threat every chance he could." Kim gave her mother a reassuring smile. "Tell you what, how would you like a visit from me and Ron tonight? Your son-in-law has been dying to dazzle you and Dad with some new recipes he's learned."

A genuine smile crossed Anne Possible's lips. "I like that idea. I'll ask the girls if they can stay for dinner. That way you can finally meet them."

"Spankin,'" Kim said.

"And Kimmie? You are going to leave the holo-projector at home."

Kim scowled. How does she always know? "I don't suppose you'd believe me if I said that really was a joke."

"See you around six, Kimmie."


Back at the Possible home, Tracy had just gotten off the phone with her dad. "Dad said we can stay if we bring home some of Ron's leftovers."

"I think that's doable," Jim said. "You ladies are in for a treat tonight."

"Our brother-in-law is a genius in the kitchen," Tim added.

"Uh oh," Stacy said as she rummaged through her backpack. "I think I left my epi-pen at home."

"Epi-pen?" Anne asked. Those pens were meant to inject an emergency dose of epinephrine to treat anaphylactic shock. "I didn't know you had food allergies."

"Peanuts and shellfish," Stacy replied.

"Good to know. I'll call Kimmie back and have her tell Ron."

"That won't be a problem, will it?" The tone of Stacy's voice told Anne that she was a little embarrassed by the whole sitch.

"Ron'll be fine with it, Stace," Tim said. "He doesn't usually make shellfish, anyway. It's not kosher."

"Yet he still eats all the bacon at breakfast," Jim chuckeld. "Anyway, we can keep the peanut butter away from you, too. It's no big."

"Still, I'd like to have it, just in case."

"We'll walk you home so you can get it," Jim said.

"We should probably drop our books off, anyway," Tracy said.

"Then it's settled. We'll be back, Mom."


Motor Ed saw the two sets of twins leave the Possible home. "This is it, boys. Seriously. Get the clone dudes!"

Half a dozen gear heads on tricked out motorcycles came out of nowhere with Motor Ed in the lead. He was wailing and playing the air guitar as his goons circled the Tweebs. "You little copycats are gonna pay. Seriously you are."

"Motor Ed?" Jim and Tim said in unison.

"I don't know if you know this, mullet brain, but our sister doesn't live here anymore," Jim said.

"Yeah!" Tim pulled out his Timmunicator and opened an emergency channel. "But if you really want her to kick your biscuit again, she'll be coming for dinner at about six."

"Sorry, dude, but I'm not here for Red. I'm here for you two. Seriously."

"Do you always have to say that?" Stacy asked.

"Yeah!" Tracy chimed in. "It's really annoying."

"Hey! No jailbait chicks can tell Motor Ed what he can and can't say!" Ed snapped. "Seriously, they can't."

"And you wonder why Shego always used to beat the crap out of you," Jim said in an attempt to stall for time.

"No dissing my She-babe, either! Seriously."

"You do know that she married your cousin," Tim pointed out.

"That's just 'cause cousin Drew knocked her up. She was all over me when we were cruising in the Keppler. Seriously."

"But they got married before Sheila got pregnant," Jim added. Besides, he knew what really went on in the Keppler, and it wasn't what Ed was saying.

"Shut it!" Ed snapped his fingers, signaling his men to form up. "Get 'em boys. Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!"

Motor Ed's gear heads gunned their engines and charged. The two sets of twins ducked out of the way as fast as they could. The goons were about to form up again when they heard sound of approaching sirens.

"Hoosha, Mom," Tim said. He saw his mother standing at the front door with the phone in her hand. She'd called the police when she heard the commotion from outside.

"Bogus. It's the fuzz. Get 'em and go, boys!" Ed and one of his men charged again, this time with stun nets at the ready. The Tweebs weren't fast enough to get away this time. They cried out in pain as the electrified netting ensnared them.

"Jim! Tim!" Anne Possible dropped the phone and ran for her sons. They were hauled into the sidecars of two of the goon bikes before she could reach them. "Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Anne Possible sat in the living room, staring blankly at the wall. Rufus was on her shoulder, making calming noises at her. "Why my boys?"

"Because Ed's seriously whacked," Kim said. She and Ron had arrived in full mission gear a few minutes after the Middleton PD finished taking statements from Anne, Stacy and Tracy. They had put an all points bulletin out in Ed and his crew, but Kim was determined to find him first. No one goes after my brothers and gets away with it.

"Can you not say that word?" Tracy asked. "I could go the rest of my life without hearing the word 'seriously' ever again!"

Kim put a hand on the girl's shoulder. "We'll get them back, Tracy. I promise."

"As for the why, Mom," Ron said, "it's because Jim and Tim beat him to the punch on tricking out a Sloth. The dude's got major issues."

"But that's so.... petty," Stacy said.

"So are most super villains," Kim pointed out. "Welcome to my world, Stacy. If you want to date my brothers, this is part of it."

"At least Tim was smart enough to turn his Timmunicator on," Wade said over the Kimmunicator. "I'll be able to track them with both eyes closed and one hand behind my back. While submerged in a sensory deprivation tank."

"Feed the coordinates to the Sloth, Wade. We'll be on our way in a few minutes." Kim knelt in front of her mother. "I promise I'll bring them home safe, Mom."

"I know you will, Kimmie," Anne said. "You'd think I was used to this kind of thing by now. With you and Ron, I knew you could take care of yourselves. It's just, no one's gone after my baby boys before."

"Oh, sorry," Rufus cooed.

"You want Rufus to stay here?" Ron asked.

"No, you might need him. Just bring my boys home safe."

"We're on it," Kim said. "Come on, Ron, let's go show mullet head what happens when he messes with our family."

Kim, Ron and Rufus were about to get in the Sloth when Stacy and Tracy stopped them. "We're coming with you," Stacy said.

"I think Ron and I can handle this just fine on our own," Kim said.

"Yeah, it's just Motor Ed," Ron added. "We'll be done with him well before dinner time."

"It wasn't a request," Tracy said. "That jerk took our boyfriends, and we're gonna get them back!"

"Sorry, too dangerous," Kim said.

"You were younger than us when you started doing this," Tracy pointed out. "So don't feed us that 'it's too dangerous' garbage."

"Besides, you'd do the same thing if it was Ron in trouble," Stacy added in an indignant tone.

"They got you there, KP," Ron said, remembering the time Kim and Felix Renton came for him when he was trapped in the container for the fictitious turbonic charger valve.

"Ron," Kim hissed. "Not helping."

"We're going whether you like it or not," Stacy said. "Like I said, they took our guys. It's payback time."

"You really care about them, don't you?" Kim asked.


Kim could see the determination on their faces, and the fear in their eyes. She knew what they were feeling. They were right when they said she would do the same for Ron. "Okay, you can come. But if we tell you to get out of the way, you do it!"

Stacy and Tracy piled into the Sloth's back seat. "Deal."

"Okay." Kim got behind the wheel. "Let's go save the Tweebs."

"Badical," Ron replied in a low voice, his eyes already starting to glow blue. Motor Ed was in for a world of hurt.