Hey, this is my first real fanfic! Hope you enjoy this one. It is based on Yoshi's Island.

Disclaimer: The italics and some passage in regular came straight from the Yoshi's Island intro. These words do not belong to me, but the rest of the story is of my own creation. The characters used also do not belong to me! Yoshi, Baby Mario, Magikoopa, Shy Guy, Baby Bowser, etc, do not belong to me!



This is a story about Baby Mario and Yoshi, a story that took place a long, long time ago. A stork hurries across the dusky, pre-dawn sky. In his bill, he carries a pair of brothers. Suddenly, a shadow appears in a gap between the clouds and races toward the stork with blinding speed.


"The babies are mine!"- Kamek

"Whoa!!!" - Stork

Snatching only one baby, the creature vanishes into the darkness from whence it came. The second baby falls undetected toward the open sea…

On no…!

Meanwhile, down on Yoshi's Island, home to all Yoshis, it's a lovely day, and Yoshi is taking a walk.

"Huh?!?" gasped a green Yoshi.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a baby falls onto his back. Fortunately, the baby seems to be just fine. Wha--? Something else fell along with the baby… Let's take a peek… It looks like a map. Maybe the stork was using it…? Yoshi can't figure out this strange situation. He decides to talk to his friends about it…

" Aaaaaaaaaakk!" screamed a blue robed Koopa.

Kamek, the evil Magikoopa who kidnapped the baby, quickly dispatches his gang of nasty toadies when he discovers that he missed the other baby!

Yoshi casually heads back to the other Yoshi, completely unaware of the danger close at hand. Kamek's forces are actively searching the island. Will the two brothers ever safely reach their parents?

Welcome to Yoshi's Island, a paradise where all the Yoshis live. They are all in an uproar over a baby that fell from the sky.

"Wait! It seems as though the baby knows where he wants to go.." said the green yoshi who walked up to the baby surrounded by the curious Yoshi. He placed the baby firmly on his back as thought the baby is horseback riding except the baby faced away from the Yoshi. "The bond between the brothers tells each of them where the other one is."

The Yoshis decide to carry him to his destination via a relay system. And so begins a new adventure for the Yoshis and Baby Mario. The green Yoshi walked away with the baby on his back as the other Yoshis cheered him on.


Let the adventure begin!

Hope you're excited. This will be an adventure based on the stages on the games. There will be plenty of laughs. Hoped you like it.

~ Starrgrl~