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Chapter 1

Across the room



From across the room, his golden gaze caught sight of her.

She knew he was watching her....Every move she made....Eyeing everyone she socialized with....

And she made sure that he knew, she was watching him.....eyeing his fine body hidden by the tuxedo he wore.

Across the distance, around the crowd.... the teasing game continued.....



It was the New Year's party of the century, a black tie event held at one of the most prestigious venues in Japan 'Sakura Kotta Hall'. He was confined to his sleek black tuxedo, which he found constricting. No matter how many times he had to wear such an outfit, he could never get used to being in it. What he wouldn't do to be in some comfortable sweats and a loose t-shirt.

Kagome was in a magnificent gown– her own design of course – a white silk gown - one off-the-shoulder strap and cascading red floral appliqué, surrounded by gold beading. A gather resting high on her thigh was the stopping point of the daring slit. A corset top, it hugged her body nicely, thrusting her heaving breast forward, spilt over with just enough to tempt.

Catching sight of her 'friend' across the room, Kagome held onto her martini and glided gracefully toward the young woman in a simple, all black, strapless gown. As she neared the silver haired DaiYokai, Kagome bit down on her lip, lids slowly closing and opening. To ensure that she matched him. As she passed him, she switched her hip slightly - enough to draw his attention toward her full asset from behind - and continued her way toward her friend Shiori.

Sesshoumaru's gaze followed her swaying hips. He waited until she was a good distance away before nudging his friend in the ribs.

"Mangy wolf," he called his buddy since childhood.

"What, mutt?" the wolf demon replied. They've given each other enough nicknames through the years that none of it mattered anymore and if they didn't know any better, their real name didn't exist.

"Who is that?" Sesshoumaru inquired.

"Who?" Kouga darted his head around trying to see what the DaiYokai meant.

"Her! Over there!" Sesshoumaru flicked his head in Kagome's direction.

"Oh her? That's just Shiori Takanashi," Kouga replied, turning back toward his drink again.

"No, not her! The one with the black hair." Sesshoumaru nudged the wolf.

Kouga turned around once again, sipping his drink. "You see her?" Sesshoumaru pressed on. Kouga swallowing his brandy choked on the burning liquid.

"Oh, I know you're not eyeing Kagome Higurashi!" Kouga answered, half hacking from his drink.

"Yes, her! Who is she?"

"No, no, no, man. I'm not going down this road." Kouga rose from his seat to leave, only to have the DaiYokai grab his arm.

"What?" Sesshoumaru's eyes burned on Kouga's face.

"Man, mutt. That's one woman you don't want to mess with." Kouga answered.

"And why not?" Sesshoumaru asked, his curiosity now heightened by the mystery of the woman.

"Man, she's Bankotsu's number one woman. He's got a tight grip on her! Anyone who even glances her way gets his ass kicked, or worse! Believe me, she looks delectable, but that woman is venomous! She'll chew you up and spit you out, then leave your carcass for Bankotsu to finish!" Goosebumps spread across Kouga's skin at the thought of the beautiful dark miko.

"Hn." Was all Sesshoumaru said before letting go of Kouga's arm and striding over toward Kagome.

Bankotsu, a well-known gang leader with enough money to buy the country, had avoided jail many times. Anyone who was brave enough to testify against him had always been found in 'witness protection' and brutally murdered. He was vicious, a cold-hearted evil incarnation.

Sesshoumaru had met the man once or twice through business meetings and merger agreements as well as stock trading. He'd never thought much of the man other than that their business together had been fruitful. The idea that this cold-hearted bastard owned an alluring woman, such as her, made the DaiYokai's blood run hot.

Was he jealous? Perhaps.

Sesshoumaru could have any woman he wanted. Deemed one of the most successful business men alive, among Forbes top wealthiest men on Earth, he was desired by many. Aside from his financial fortune, he topped the chart where looks was concerned. But this woman, this Kagome Higurashi, he'd never seen before. Why had she never made an appearance until now? Her inexorable appeal drew him in like a vortex. Here he was shrugging off Kouga's tugging hands trying to pull him back as he continued to make his way toward the mysterious woman.

"Shiori, how are you darling?" Kagome's sweet voice drummed softly against her ear as they fake kiss each other on the cheeks.

"I'm well, and you Kagome?" Shiori asked, watching the miko drain her martini to near empty.

"Delicious." Kagome replied, ignoring the young woman's question altogether.

"Kagome, would you like a new drink?" Shiori offered, eager to please the miko.

"I don't want to bother you, darling," Kagome's sultry voice answered. Even though she was a woman, Shiori couldn't help but feel a twinge in her gut. She could only imagine what that voice did to the men.

"It's no bother. What would you like?" Shiori offered, unable to resist catering to the stunning miko.

"Well, if you insist darling. Make it a vodka martini, dry, this time." Kagome ordered.

"Sure." Shiori turned to head toward the bar.

"Oh Shiori darling?" Kagome called.


"Make sure there are at least three olives."

"Of course." Shiori answered. Kagome tilted her head and smiled softly.

Kagome didn't need eyes in the back of her head to feel the heat of the DaiYokai approaching her. Smirking to herself, she raised the martini glass to her lips and drank the rest of the liquid. Her timing was perfect as she turned around and the DaiYokai was in front of her.

"Oh." She purred, her aura emitting of nothing but pure sex.

"Hn." Sesshoumaru smirked as she turned to stare into his eyes. Without taking her eyes off of him, she reached for the cherry in her martini glass and slid it between her red lips. Sesshoumaru watched with fascination and arousal as her wet lips encased the tiny red cherry. His peaked ears heard the little snapping sound as the cherry was separated from the stem.

The crowded hall filled with A-list friends, colleagues, and business partners seemed to vanish into thin air. The DaiYokai stood still, watching the naughty miko slid the stem in and out of her mouth. Her tongue flitted against her cheek as she tilted her head, waiting for him to introduce himself.

"Evening, I'm Sesshoumaru," He finally said.

"Excuse me," Kagome answered as she raised the empty martini glass to her lips and slide her tongue around the rim of it. As she made a full circle around the glass, the tip of her tongue extended and the cherry stem, now tied into a little knot, slid out and at the bottom of the vortex. Sesshoumaru swallowed. Kami all, if she could tie a cherry stem with her tongue in mere seconds, he could only imagine what damage she could do with his dick.

"I'm Kagome," she finally offered.

"Ah, Kagome." Sesshoumaru took her hand in his, "Very pretty name." he complimented.

Her soft flirtacious giggle was obvious. She leaned in toward him, standing on tip toes on her heels "You say that to all the girls you meet…..Sesshoumaru?" she hummed in his ear, and a rupture of volcanic arousal surged through his body.

Recomposing himself, he cleared his throat. She was playing a game with him, he knew, but he wasn't going to let her get the best of him. "No," he replied. "Only sexy, dirty, mikos." he answered.

Her elegant fingers clasped over her mouth as her eyes widened in a mock 'shocked expression'. "Well, it looks like I need to take your number so that I can see you outside this venue," Kagome rasped. A flick of her finger and her Judith Leiber 'Goddess' handbag snap closure came loose. She slid her hand inside and pulled out a silver, crystal encrusted pen.

"You don't have paper." Sesshoumaru pointed out.

"My hand will suffice," she answered, tucking the clutch under her arms, palms spread wide with pen waiting. Of course he could just give her his business card, but it seemed she didn't want that.

Sesshoumaru didn't know where this flirting game was going. What he really wanted was to pull her off the floor and find a room somewhere, then fuck her senseless, her body was calling him and it was so hard to resist. But instead, he began to recite his number. He watched as she didn't take note.

A loud giggle emerged from her throat. "Oops," Sesshoumaru watched as once again, the miko covered her palm over her mouth. "I forgot, Sesshoumaru…" she slid the pen back in her clutch. "I already have a man." With that, she turned, her swinging hair brushing his face. She walked toward the white haired hanyou who was carrying drinks in both hands. Halfway toward the girl, Kagome turned, caught his eyes, licked her lips, then winked.

His groin ached painfully. He knew she was Bankotsu's woman, he knew he himself was attached, but the temptation that was Kagome was killing him. He found it so hard to resist, so difficult not to follow her around like a little lap dog. Sesshoumaru envisioned himself curling up in her lap while she stroked through the fine fur and scratched right under the ear because she knew exactly where to soothe the pain. He knew she would know exactly how to sooth his pain.

His gaze followed her and met her own once again as she approached the stairs to the roof. Setting his champagne glass on a tray passing by, Sesshoumaru obeyed the miko's little index finger beckoning him, 'come'. She wanted a lap dog. He understood. He wanted her so bad, he could cry. And, as his conscience yelled at him, reminding him of the one he cared for, at home, he couldn't stop himself from heading in the direction of the roof....



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