Deux or Don't

Ch2 Best Enemies

"Urameshi Yusuke, you get back here with my clothes right now or I'll-" "Nyah, can't catch me Keiko, I'm too fa-" a size 9 foot interrupted his thought – and his mad dash away from his childhood friend. "Too what, Yusuke? Stupid?"

As his rather hard head was imbedded in the wall, he had some trouble answering. Keiko ran up, wearing her gym clothes, and snatched her uniform out of the delinquent's hands. "Jerk."

Later, as she tried to finish the poetry exercise before the bell (even though she seriously sucked up to him, Iwamoto still seemed to give her hard assignments, ever since the incident), she noted a green uniform and slicked-back hair dash past the window (*).

"What the Hell…?" she murmured. Iwamoto took notice.

"Miss Soma, do I need to give you extra work to keep you focused?"

She colored. "No, sir."

"…bad enough he gave us all that whole hit-by-a-car-coma scare, but now he's rushing out in the middle of class – usually he either shows at school or doesn't, he either never shows at the class or does, never left in the middle before…."

She was ticked. It was understandable – despite her denial, Iwamoto STILL gave her extra work, and she'd snuck a peek at her classmates' work as she passed it forward – he HAD given her a harder one. AND he'd caught her looking, so now she had extra homework.

"AND he mispronounced my name! I know 'Sohma (**, ***)' can go either way, but he shouldn't be calling me Mardux anyway! And it's not exactly easy for a Japanese person to say…"

A chill across her neck warned her before the first drop even fell. She stowed her bag under a convenient bus stop and faced the heavens. The sun had just set, and twilight settled in.

The raindrop struck her nose.

As rain plummeted from the sky to the ground, like a message between two distant people, Mardux Sohma danced. She didn't heed the thoughts of any who might have seen her, or her never present family. She loved rain more than any sunny day, and this was her only way of showing it.

Yusuke, trudging home from a pain-in-the-rear fight with the last of the Heaven's Treasures' bandits, simply took the rain as another sign of the universe (****) plotting against him.

* This is when he runs off to fight Hiei, for those who're wondering.

** Sohma – oh, ou, or oo without an ' in Japanese means that that vowel's sound is held. For other vowels, it's be uu, uh, aa, ah, ii, or ee.

*** Not the Fruits Basket family.

**** Koenma.