-Hit the Piñata!-


Everyone stared blankly at the colorful paper thing hanging down the tree.

'' it's a piñata! You know! And then we have to hit it!'' Ichigo told the members of soul society while holding a bat.

''piñata?'' Renji asked sheepishly, which made Byakuya shake his head in disappointment.

''yes a piñata! You know a paper thing full of candy! And then you hit it so it will break! '' Ichigo went on.

This seemed to catch Zaraki's attention. '' Break it?''


''may I?''

Ichigo scratched his head at the big grin that had settled onto the face of the taichou of division 11. ''of course you may..here you go!'' he said handing Kenpachi the bat, and covering his eyes whcih only seemed to widen the grin on the large man's face.

Everyone watched blankly as kenpachi started beating the tree.

''its above you Zaraki..not next to you..''

A large cracking sound followed by the tree falling over.

Zaraki removed the piece of cloth to show his left eye. '' What did ya say?''


After a while everyone thought Hitsugaya should give it a try…

The short 10th division taichou refused at first but finally gave in after some comment from Matsumoto.

Everyone watched all excited as the now blindfolded Hitsugaya swung the bat.



Okay.. This is a example of what my friend and I think up in the middle of a night during a sleepover..

Total crack I know.. but be glad you haven't heard the rest XD

Hope you liked it (problably not..)