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Fighting For What's Meant to Be

Chapter 1 -

Brooke Davis sat in her large, eloquently fashioned New York City penthouse, overlooking the city's skyline.

She wasn't happy. Despite the prestigious job title she held, despite the bystanders in the street that practically wore her name on their backs, and despite the millions of dollars she had earned, she just wasn't happy. Her life was a routine; dull and expected. There was no suspense, no thrill, much like there had been in her teenage days. Back in Tree Hill, where her home once was.

But she had turned her back on that place, packed her bags, and went to New York, not looking back once. All there was in that town was lies, betrayal, and pain, and there was no use living with that if she had an out. And that's what New York was to her. An out.

Victoria, her mother, had insisted that once she graduated highschool, Brooke should completely leave and forget about Tree Hill. That was initially the plan back in junior-year, but instead Brooke had opted to stay, with the help of Lucas Scott.

But thinking back, maybe she should have taken the other route; maybe she should have gone to California that year when her dad got that job. Would things be different? If she had left Tree Hill earlier, would her heart still be carrying the burden of all the disaster that had gone on back in Tree Hill?

Would she still be a twenty-five-year-old woman, left in the world emotionless and unhappy?


Lucas Scott was unhappy. There was not even a faint of a smile anymore, like there had been, when he would glance down at his left-hand ring finger. The wedding band that he wore, the very same rang that once used to make him feel nothing but happiness, was now only a reminder of how disastrous his marriage to Peyton Sawyer was becoming.

He wondered if Peyton was that unhappy, too. Or was she still completely infatuated with the thought that she actually ended up with Lucas Scott, her destined man, the man she had fought for continuously with a passion.

They had been too young. He knew that; they both knew that. They were way too young when he proposed and way too young when they walked down the aisle.

Young and foolish.

Lucas liked to think of it as settling. Peyton liked to think of it as fate.

Lucas had settled for the next best thing, as wrong as it was, and had married Peyton when his heart still belonged to a certain bubbly brunette. But that brunette was long gone, making herself known in the fashion world, and Lucas knew better. And he knew that Peyton, who had been waiting for him for what seemed like a lifetime, deserved better, too. But before he knew it, he was down on one knee, proposing to a girl all because of his settling. He figured that they'd be able to make it work. He and Peyton - they weren't completely bad together. They'd be okay. After all, they had been making it work since the middle of senior year.

And they were okay for a while. Lucas was becoming happier than he ever thought he would be. But eventually that all caught up with him, and he learned the hard way.

Settling was never the answer.

And Peyton learned, too. Because she knew that Lucas wasn't as happy as he should've been. He should've been just as happy as her.

But it didn't quite work at that way.


"Brooke, what are you doing?"

Brooke had been slumped in her chair in her office, daydreaming, when Victoria's high-pitched, stern voice interrupted.

"Oh." Brooke jumped up. "Sorry, I was just..."

"You weren't doing anything, Brooke. And if you were, by some chance, doing something, it wasn't your job. Now, get back to work. You have a company to run, or would you like me to do that for you as well?" Victoria replied snidely, her voice accompanied by the rolling of her eyes.

"Victoria, I need to talk to you about something." Brooke spoke in a low voice. She knew that what she was about to tell her mother was definitely something she wouldn't appreciate or take a liking towards.

"Well, that'll have to wait, dear." Victoria disregarded her, as always. "I'm meeting with the board in a few minutes to discuss the new issue of 'B. Davis'. So whatever it is you possibly have to share with me will have to wait." Victoria waved her hand before turning around towards the door.

"It can't wait, Victoria. By the time you're ready to talk, I won't be here...I'm leaving in a few hours." Even though Victoria's back had been turned and she had been walking away, Brooke knew that with her words, that would all change in a matter of seconds.

Victoria's body stiffened as what Brooke said sunk in. She turned around and narrowed her eyes, expecting further response from her daughter. "Excuse me?"

"I'm going back home."

"New York is your home, Brooke. I don't understand..."

"I'm going back to Tree Hill." Brooke replied, anticipating the worst of her mother's response.

"Tree Hill?" Her voice sounded incredulous. "Tree Hill?" She spat out. "What's in that hick-town that you could possibly need?"

"It's home. There's this void in my heart that I've been trying to fill, and I think that's the place that's going to fill that void." Brooke tried explaining, though she knew it was no use. Her mother would never understand the concept of actually being unhappy when you had tons of money, more money than you ever needed, right where you were.

"A void?" Victoria bit back a laugh. "Brooke, you own a multi-million dollar company, you shouldn't be feeling this 'void'...I think you're just feeling a bit under the weather. I'm sure tomorrow you'll feel better." Victoria explained to her, before looking down at her watch. "I've got to go to the meeting now, but we'll talk more about this whole 'void' later, dear." Victoria began walking out the door and Brooke could hear her laughing and muttering things about how going back to Tree Hill was pathetic and un-rational.

Her mother wasn't taking her seriously, and Brooke knew that in a few hours, when Victoria returned, it would only be then that she would have wished she had taken the time to speak to her daughter.

Because Brooke was going back to Tree Hill. And Victoria wasn't going to stop her. Nothing was, because she should've gone back years ago.


"Brooke...I...uhh..." Lucas was confused as Brooke stood in his doorway, nearly two in the morning, on the day of graduation. The two hadn't spoken since god knows when, so to say it was awkward would be an understatement.

"Sorry it's late...but...can I come in?" She asked, and as he nodded she stepped inside and started pacing around, trying to piece her words together. "I came over to tell you that...that I'm leaving after graduation."

"Leaving?" He questioned. "Leaving to go where?"

"I'm moving to New York...with my mom."

"New York? Really...I thought you were going to go to UNC and..."

"Lucas..." Brooke sighed. "I can't stay here anymore...with all that's happened between us, and Peyton... This is my chance for a clean slate, I'll get to move on from everything...I think this will be good for all of us."


"Look." Brooke cut him off. "I really can't stay long, but I just wanted to let you know and I want you to tell Peyton for me."

"You didn't tell Peyton?" Lucas was clearly confused. She had told him yet not Peyton, who he would have thought she would have been more forgiving towards.

"Just tell her for me, okay?" She asked pleadingly. "Please."

"Can't you tell her at graduation...I mean, you'll see her-"


"Okay, fine, but-"

"I gotta go, Luke." Brooke cut him off again. "Just tell her, okay?" She asked once more as she began walking towards the door. Once her hand was on the knob, she turned to face him for one of the last times. "You be good to Peyton, okay?"

Lucas stood there for a second, just staring at her, almost as if he were waiting for more, before he nodded. Then the door closed and he realized that Brooke Davis no longer stood before him. Only a few hours later, at graduation, would be the last time he would see her, and then she would be out of his life for a time that he didn't know how long would last.


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