Today was one of the most boring days of my life. I had just moved from New York, New York to Forks, Washington. One of the worst moves of my life. Not that New York was anymore fun... now that I think about it... it was actually very tedious with the same stupid 'outcast' kids trying to be cool by 'not fitting in'. Pathetic let me tell you. I sighed as I tapped my pencil anxiously waiting for my third period to be over so I could skip last and fucking ditch this piece of shit called a school. The bell had finally rung and I darted from my seat. Before I could escape though stupid guys were too fucking fascinated by the new girl at school... sadly it was ME! Ugh, could this situation get any worse? I smiled at the guy in front of me, and let me tell you he was not the first guy I had to fake politeness too.

"Isabella Swan, how very nice to meet you. My name is Tyler." He said with a grin that was meant to be seductive? I nearly choked and held back my laughter.

"How very nice to meet you now if you excuse me I have somewhere I need to be." I said quickly trying to think on my feet not to prolong this situation anymore than I had too.

"Ugh, ok-ok? Sure thing, see you around." He said confused and slightly fazed by me? I chuckled before I burst through the back school doors where the parking lot was. Surely no teachers would catch me here, and so what if they fucking would... this place was shit anyway. I threw my backpack down on the ground next to me as I leaned against the wall. Finally fresh air... though it was too fresh, but who was I to judge... Just then I began looking through my pockets for my smokes I could have sworn I had them somewhere... I began patting every possible pocket on my jeans and jacket which was not very hard to do since I only had two pockets on each clothing.

FUCKING GREAT! Could my day get any fucking worse? I sneered at the sky. I found my lighter and began playing with it. Just as I lit it the third time I found a cigarette being lit right in front of me. I gasp and hesitate to look up. I didn't know any of these little pansies smoked.

I looked up and saw the most gorgeous face I had ever seen, he was absolutely perfect! His nose, his strong jaw, full lips that were now in a smirk and his eyes... oh god those eyes. So deep and full of emotion. Sparking in the foggy town of forks. I decided it was enough gawking at the poor boy and snatched the cig from him quickly and took one long puff. Oh god I needed that! He leaned closer and put one hand right next to my face against the wall while the other went to his black leather jacket pocket. Oh he was even dressed like a motherfucking sex god! His face mere inches from mine. I could feel my heart thudding in my chest but decided to play it cool.

"Thanks I needed that; I seemed to have misplaced my pack..." I whispered against his face since he was so close to me no need to be yelling. He gave me a crooked smile showing his beautiful white teeth that should be on a crest commercial.

"Hmm." He replied satisfied. He stared into my eyes not scared shitless like other douche bags that couldn't even look at me straight in the eyes for longer than five seconds. I was impressed.

"I'm impressed." I smirked at him giving him my own signature smile. Not that I knew what it was but I guess I had a feeling. He cocked his head to the side and analyzed what I had said.

"Oh?" He replied amused. I raised my eyebrow nodded a yes.

"Oh yes, first you come pulling this whole stunt with the cig; May I remind you thank you I really, really needed one. And then being this close to me plus staring me straight in the eyes the entire time. Yup I would have to conclude that I am in fact fucking impressed." I said grinning while running my fingers through my hair to give it some volume from this flat humid air. It was totally putting a damper on my sexy hair. Then he did the most extraordinary thing I have ever fucking seen. He ran his fingers through his beautiful copper hair! I was so jealous of those fingers... all in due time.

"I must say I am too impressed." He whispered closer this time to my face, I raised my eyebrows letting him know to continue. He does. "I like the way you represent yourself, you don't seem like some petty chick who doesn't like to live. I can see that, you like risk..." He said the last word letting it drag out from his perfect lips. I swear I felt my breathing hitch. "You are the only girl I had seen skipping class and puffing on school property, no scratch that puffing at all!" He said with his own grin. I bit my lip after I licked it something I did when I was so fucking turned on and nervous. Something in his eyes changed and his gaze darted to my lips. They stayed there for a while until he returned it back to my eyes with a smug expression.

"So let me guess... you are the so called 'bad boy' of Forks?" I said laughing at the idea. Wow who knew this shit town would hold such a treasure. He glared at me for a second then instantly changed his expression to his crooked smile.

"You could say that... I'm sure everyone at school thinks that... but in reality I'm just like you, who doesn't like tedious, boring ass school work. I like to live for the moment." He whispered even closer quickly stealing glances to my lips then back to my eyes. Oh fuck it if he lives for the moment then so do I! With the cig between my fingers I went up on my tip toes and wrapped my arms around the sexy guys neck and pulled his lips crashing them down on mine. I have never felt better, his lips were so soft and perfect against mine. They moved slowly at first then he eagerly took control that I happily handed over to him. Finally I could run my hands through his hair. His hair felt like silk between my fingers, and he smelt so fucking delicious, and tasted even better. Like peppermint and smokes, I couldn't get enough. My tongue fought over his in perfect harmony, I felt myself moan into the kiss as his grip around my waist tightened. He slowly slid his hands lower until he was gripping my ass. I rubbed myself against him and heard him groan, eventually we pulled away and stared at each other analyzing what the fuck just happened. My whole body was buzzing, I couldn't understand this feeling, and it was so new yet so scary.

"Another thing to be impressed... well two actually." I said smugly. His eyes narrowed as he intensified his gaze into mine, surprisingly I didn't let it affect me, obviously it fucking made me swoon but not in an embarrassing way.

"I'm listening..." He whispered near my lips, I felt his warm breath send shivers down my spine.

"One, you are a hell of a kisser and two you didn't look away after or do any of the pussy shit I've seen." I answered biting my lower lip.

His hand was still placed firmly on my ass since my black skinny jeans hugged it so well, I was proud of my assets... he gently squeezed it and winked. I couldn't help but feel my lips twitch into a smile in response.

"Good to know I beat your other fags. Now onto other matters --" He was cut off by the vibrations in his pocket and the school bell at the same time indicating that school was over. "Shit got to bounce. Catch you later babe." He said as he began walking backwards still facing me and wink before he turned around and ran to a black Harley in the lot. I was impressed once again and SHIT did I just fucking make out with a total fucking stranger who may or may not even go to this school. I mean I didn't even get his name what kind of messed up shit was that?!

For the first time in my life I stood there confused out of my ass! So I did what I do best, I walked to a guy and decided to get a ride, I had to find the coolest one in the school though... compare him to this mystery kid I just molested. I looked around the lot and found a guy circled by a bunch of other guys in football jackets and a bunch of slutty girls. I grimaced and put on my brave face before strutting their way. My stupid father gave me a ride to school saying 'Bella I know it sucks, but you will get your car soon trust me, I'm working on it.' To tell you the truth I had no fucking idea what he meant.

So the guys noticed me and cleared a path for me to make my way to the most known guy, yea I probably knew he was some bonehead jock who only cares about sports and fucking but hey I'm a fucked up girl who only cares about mentality problems; figuring people's minds and also... fucking. So what the hey, I mean I did just make a fucking fool of myself didn't I making out with a guy I didn't even know who gave me a smoke that could have someway endangered my life... but why did it not bother me as it should? I was concentrated on it so hard I haven't even realized that the guy had put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him, damn jock had moves I guess...

"Names Bella Swan, you?" I purred leaning in. I heard his sharp intake of breath and tried my best to hold in my chuckles, he was just way to easy... hmm easy... I was way too easy with that guy today... but why did I not care, I didn't even care that I didn't know his name or had no clue whether I would see him again or not... strange.

"James... but for you my beautiful Bella Jay-man." I heard a bunch of gasps around me mostly from girls I looked around confused then turned back into James, he must have sensed my confusion. "Babe," WHAT THE FUCK! I was not his babe! Why was it so different when that mystery guy called me babe rather than this perfectly handsome, confident guy? Things are getting more fucked by the minute... sheesh! "I don't just let anybody call me Jay-man... only for special little things like you." He winked at me. I glared at him for a second due to him referring to me as a 'thing' I was not fucking pleased. I would torture this bastard. I smiled in return and looked at him suspiciously.

"Want to give me a ride home darling" I purred while feeling his jackets collar and patting it. He shuddered and pulled me tighter to him.

"For you baby, anything." He said as he stroked my shoulder. I swear I heard the loud motorcycle engine speeding by and it just reminded me of him.

"Fucking Cullen!" One of the guys yelled in frustration, I stood there totally confused by the situation. All the girls around me where looking the way the bike passed, with their mouth's hanging open. Hmm I wonder if there were two bad boys in this town all the more fun for me. I decided to play up my new girl status.

"Who was that?" I asked bored. Everyone turned to me instantly glaring.

"That was Cullen, the hottest guy on this planet!" One girl said in a high pitched voice.

"Ugh yea! Like he never comes to school and I bet he is like failing everything! I have only seen him three times here with two of his friends, Jazz and McCarty." The other girl said with frizzy brown hair.

"Ugh I love them all! I wish I've seen them more often, I swear four times a year is not enough! I think they only come to write exams... though I do not know why. They're like almost expelled anyway." The other girl with straight brown hair said. Hmm so I wonder which one I hooked up with.

"Do they all drive motorcycles?" I asked faking innocence.

"No, I think only Cullen drives one, McCarty drives this huge jeep it's like huge!" The fist girl replied. Ugh her voice is annoying me already.

"And Jazz... oh Jazz he drives this gorgeous black mustang!" The brown haired girl said. So I guess she liked this Jazz kid, and the frizzy bitch likes the Cullen kid and the blonde likes McCarty? Hmm lets what else I could make of this situation.

"So are they single?" I asked sweetly. The girls glared at me meaning either yes, and we didn't get them OR no they are mine back off bitch. Either way I wouldn't care.

"No, they don't exactly date... well actually no one has ever seen them date anyone at school." The frizzy bitch said with an attitude.

"I think they are all fags!" James said loudly that all his other guy's friends cheered him on. I rolled my eyes and tugged for him to drive me home.

"Well thanks for the background info ladies. I will see you later I suppose." I smiled the most sickening sweet smile and blew the boys a kiss. Then James walked me over to his deep green, oh that green reminded me off those gorgeous eyes. Anyway this deep green dodge truck, he helped me up and then walked into his own side.

"So Bella, want to stop by my house?" He said wiggling his eyebrows up and down. I mean do I have sleep with me your first meet stamped on my forehead; I just shook my head from side to side in a no.

"Sorry my father is expecting me; he wants to go car shopping with me." I said thinking on my feet with an excuse, which is not exactly a lie. He just looked straight ahead; clearly feeling rejected which he should. After fucking referring to me as a thing. Well fuck him. I gave him my address and he dropped me off I quickly pecked him on the cheek and jumped out.

"Thanks Jay-man!" I said with a wink and ran to my front door. I heard him drive away and finally released my breath I never knew I was holding. I walked into my nice house; I wasn't poor but not the rich kid. I was perfectly happy with my wealth... I'm not too sure about my gold digging mother though.

"Bells?" Charlie said from his office. I walked in and waved.

"Yea dad?"

"What were you thinking for your car? Any suggestions?" Charlie asked me clearly excited to go car shopping. I laughed lightly, honestly as long as it drove and worked I'm fine with anything.

"Ugh, honestly daddy whatever you feel most comfortable with. Maybe like a Rav4 Toyota? It's small cute and I can have it in many colors?" I said more and more excited. That was a great idea! A Rav4 WOW! I would get in white with my own licence plate and pimp it out. Yeah!

"Sweetie that is a great idea. I'll pre order it now and you will have it by the next three days?" He said hoping I wouldn't be too upset.

"That's perfect daddy, just make sure it's white with black interior." I said sternly and walked to my room. I took out my cell from my pocket and decided to see if my foolish mother called... nope. But I did have another call.

Missed Call: Jacob

Aw my best friend Jake! I missed my Queen Jay! Suddenly there were way too many 'Jay' beginnings and nicknames. I shook my head to clear all the confusion not that it helped at all. I decided I would call him back.

"Hey, Hey, Hey! How is my precious little doll doing?" Jake asked sweetly. I smiled just hearing his voice.

"Fucking pathetic really babe!" I answered pouting.

"No way, tell me everything. How have you managed to become pathetic almost instantly?" He asked curiously. I laughed and nodded.

"Ugh well school sucks, people suck and I made out with a fucking sex god without even know his name after meeting him for 5 minutes."

"Fuck. OFF!" Jake squealed into the phone.

"I am so confused Jake! I wanted to compare his kiss to other kids but I couldn't bring myself to kiss the most popular kid in school. I was so like ugh; I don't even know what the fuck I'm feeling." I said frustrated.

"Don't worry everything will work out. Trust me! I recently went to this fortune teller and she told me I would get a boyfriend soon... finally! And for you she said that your life will be complicated and you will have to make a decision that will affect your entire life!" He said trying to scare me, I laughed at him loudly into the phone.

"You are abso-fucking-lutely insane you know that?" I asked rhetorically.

"Yea, yea babe just when your fortune happens let me know. I want to be there for you for whatever change it will be alright."

"Sure babe, whatever you please."

"Anywho love I will be going now, I miss you honey bunches of oats! Don't do anything drastic without me alright baybay!" He said into the phone softly.

"You bye, love you." I said as I hung up. I seriously needed to make some friends my age. I did my homework and went to bed hoping I would see the mystery boy tomorrow.


The rest of the week was really uneventful, I made a few girlfriends, one was Angela she was very sweet but sometimes I felt as if she was too good to be my friend. She was the sweetest most innocent girl I had ever met. Then I made friends with this girl Jessica but I knew she wasn't good news, she was one of the slutty cheerleaders that was at the group with James and she is in love with him and 'Cullen' and his whole group which I by now found out was called 'The Saints' I was laughing for days at their nickname. I mean honestly come on! Who the fuck comes up with that I could come up with a better name. I mean what are they the fucking 'PLASTICS' honestly Mean girl does not run high school! So it was once again boring third period history and I decided it would be best to skip last Trig and just go out back. I was so happy to be finally getting my SUV on Monday no more having to fucking pretend to be friends with Stanley or James.

So I got up as soon as the period was over and walked out, this time thankfully no one got into my way. I was walking out the same door and leaned against the back wall again. Then I heard someone come out from the same door and looked up wondering who in this school would skip also. I saw James. He began making his way to me with a sickening smile.

"Bella, Baby it isn't wise to skip." He said smirking and getting closer to me. I smiled back searching for my pack of smokes. Finally finding it I pulled it out and took one out with my lips from the pack so I wouldn't have to pull it out with my fingers. James gawked at me shocked I guess...

"You smoke?" He asked surprised. I nodded at his obliviousness, I mean how did he not smell my breath? He did try to kiss me enough times. "Bella, ugh, that's fucking hot!" he exclaimed proudly. I smirked and rolled my eyes.

"Want one?" I asked holding the pack right in front of his face. He got nervous all of a sudden and backed away a little, I wanted to laugh at his pussy ass.

"Cant babe, I would but I do sports if they found out I would be kicked out." He explained to me while still holding his hands out in front of him in surrender. I laughed lightly and nodded in understanding.

"It's alright babe, go back to class." I said as I walked up and gave him a lingering kiss on the cheek. After all he did drive me back home most of the time. He nodded and ran back holding his cheek with his palm. I stood there alone again and thinking about the last time I was standing here at this time what happened, and now I haven't seen him since. I flipped my hair to my side and slid to the ground sitting on my jacket so I wouldn't get dirty. I was smoking peacefully thinking about my boring life here while blowing hot air onto my hands to warm myself up since I was sitting on my jacket.

Then I felt someone put a jacket on my shoulders, it was black leather and smelt very familiar, I looked up and gasped inwardly. It was him 'Cullen'. What the fuck was he doing here with me offering me a jacket? I thought that was like against 'bad boy' rules. Then he knelt next to me and pulled out a cig from my pack and lit it through mine. I was face to him for those seconds staring him deep in the eyes, still so fucking beautiful. After he lit his cig he went back against the wall next to me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked nonchalantly looking ahead of me into the parking lot. I saw him shrug and run his fingers through his hair. Ugh those god damn fingers so long and I bet so talented.

"Had things to do at school." He said in his velvety soft voice. I was still looking ahead stealing side glances at him.

"Hmm." I replied biting my lower lip while taking another drag.

"How is school?" He asked, was he trying to start a conversation after what happened last time? I'd much rather just do what we did last time and fucking fuck him.

"School is school. It fucking sucks and I might be going into depression very soon." I replied shrugging my shoulders. Taking another drag.

"Oh?" he asked suspiciously, I shrugged again, "I see you getting along fairly well with dumb jock hero." He said keeping a straight face. At first I thought he was joking but I looked at him turning to face him with a confused look on my face. What was he getting at? Yes I was friends with him so what? It's not like I have seen him at school ever after we fucking made out! So I did what I do best, I shrugged and took another drag.

"What's it to you." I asked casually not adding any venom to my voice. He ran his glorious fingers through his hair again and took a drag out of his cig.

"Whatever." He murmured.

"So, The Saints..." I said chucking. He looked at me shocked and glared for a minute.

"Fuck, are they still calling us that?" He asked clearly pissed and embarrassed by his nickname.

"Yep, Cullen." I replied with a grin. Bastard had a fucking sexy name not going to lie.

"They are fucked man!" He said frustrated by something again running his fingers through his hair. I guess he did that when he was nervous or angry.

"I guess, I think it's cute." I said laughing; he turned to me with a mischievous smile and raised an eyebrow. I bit my lip trying not to laugh. "I mean you should hear they shit they say about you and your friends. I thought I was in some movie, I must say good job! The rep is great for the ladies and scares and pissed the shit out of the guys. But most of them think you're gay so I guess they survive." I added trying to hide my smile but not succeeding.

"Haha! Fucking pathetic!" He said breathlessly while laughing. "You think I need some rep to get girls?" he asked smirking; I rolled my eyes and nudged him. "Bella, Bella, Bella... if only you knew." He said with a glint of something in his eyes.

"You know my name?" I asked puzzled.

"Why of course Miss. Swan, if I intend on the repeat of last time I supposed it would only be acceptable if I at least knew your name." He said mischievously. Oh fuck! I so wanted it to happen again too! I just put out my cig and stood up picking up my jacket and shrugging it clean. He was just looking at me deep in thought.

"I guess Cullen. Here thanks." I said handing him back his jacket, he looked at me like I was crazy and shook his head from side to side.

"Oh Bella, you are such a silly girl." He said standing up and taking it from my hand, our hands touched and I felt my heartbeat skip and I was charged with some kind of energy all of a sudden. I quickly retrieved my hand and put my jacket on and flipped my hair out of it. He was watching me the whole time then put out his cig.

"What?" I asked coolly. He smiled at me with that gorgeous crooked smile. He walked closer to me and I was face to face with him. He put a stray hair behind my ear and my face felt hot in the places he grazed with his fingers. I shivered at his touch then he cupped my cheek and I blushed, DAMMIT! Fucking blush, I couldn't control it even if my life depended on it. He gave me the cutest, most sweetest smile I had ever seen with something in his eyes, they sparkled more than diamonds. He slowly leaned in and I couldn't help but close my eyes at the proximity.

I felt his beautiful lips on mine, soft and hard at the same time, moved perfectly with mine. We opened our mouths at the same time and gently caressed each other's tongues. This kiss was different from any other kiss I had ever shared with someone, it was gentle and loving. A kiss you would give someone you care about. Then our kiss turned more eager and hungry, he pulled me closer to him with one hand around my waist while the other one was behind my neck arching it up to meet his face for better access. Once again best kisser ever. My hands where in his silky hair again gripping and un-gripping. He moaned into the kiss quietly then pushed me against the wall and hiked up my leg around his hip, I did as he wanted and grinded myself into him and we both moaned. I have never been more turned on in my life. The bell rung and he pulled again reluctantly. I stared at him gasping for air watching him do the same.

"Come on." He said as he picked up my back pack and took one of my hands and ran with me over to his bike.

"Wait what! Are you serious?" I asked dazed from the whole situation. He picked me up easily and placed me on his bike, went over to his trunk put my backpack in and pulled out a black helmet and put it on me fastening it tight. Then he put on his own black one and pulled down his screen of clear glass to see through. Then he sat right in front of me and turned over his shoulder to tell me something.

"Hold on tight and don't be scared. Make sure you hold on tight!" He said as he turned his baby to life. I wrapped my arms around him locking them over his stomach and nuzzled his neck and kissed it. He turned my way again and winked. And then we were moving so fast down the road I squealed and closed my eyes and putting my legs over his thighs tightly. I heard him chuckle and shake his head. After a few long minutes we stopped and I opened one eyes carefully making sure it is safe to do so. I saw him staring right at me with a grin.

"Scared?" He question sarcastically, I rolled my eyes and nodded a yes.

"But it was fucking awesome! So exhilarating!" I added with a smile the biting my lip. He leaned in and sucked on my bottom lip a little then kissing me thoroughly. He pulled away and jumped off the bike and held out his hand for me. I blushed and took his hand. He helped me down and took off my helmet off of me. He began chuckling and I glared. I looked at his bike mirror and gasped. Then I shook it left and right then up and down and flipped my hair all around then I settled straight up with my hair falling into place with a devious smile. He was standing there with an open mouth then quickly recovered and pulled me closer to him.

"I guess you fixed your helmet hair." He whispered into my ear. I giggled and rolled my eyes. I scanned where we were and pursed my lips confused.

"Where are we?" I asked him.

"My meadow." He replied casually. We walked for a while and I was getting tired I tripped over a tree branch and he caught me mid fall. "I think it would be best if I carried you." He said smiling his crooked smile. Before I could say anything he picked me up bridal style and carried me with ease the rest of the way.

"Aren't I heavy? You can drop me if you'd like." I said biting my lip nervously. He chuckled.

"I would never drop you Bella, don't be ridiculous." He said rolling his eyes. I smiled and nuzzled his collar bone. We stopped and I looked around, it was gorgeous. I gasped and he slowly put me on my feet. There were flowers everywhere with beautiful green grass and just streams of sunlight emerging through the deep trees.

"It's beautiful!" I said in awe. He wrapped his arms around my waist from behind me and kissed my neck.

"I know, that's why I brought you here." He said against my neck while kissing it tenderly. My head fell back onto his shoulder as I gave him more access to my neck. He was gently sucking and nibbling all over then he went right where my collarbone is and sucked there when I gasped.

"I think I just found your spot." He said with a smile against my skin. I moaned at the cool air on my skin and he continued there for a few moments.

"S-stop, don't leave a mark!" I managed to say clearly. He stopped abruptly and stared down at me. I turned around to face him and he looked serious, and trying to calm himself. "Ugh, I ugh meant I just don't want a hickey then everyone will assume it will be from James..." I said biting my lip. He looked far out in the distance and took a deep breath.

"Bella have you hooked up with him?" He asked calmly balling his hands into fists.

"Excuse me but I don't think that is any of your business when we make out and then I don't even know your name and you just fucking run away, now asking if I hooked with James? How is that hardly fair, you thought I was going to wait for some stranger that I wasn't even sure that went to our school!" I said folding my arms across my chest.

"You don't know shit!" he yelled at me, I jumped back shocked and stared at him. "Did you or didn't you? Yes or no?" He asked again a little more calm. I bit my lip and shook my head as a no. Then he started walking up to me with a small smile.

"Good." He whispered into my ear as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me up to him. I was staring him in the eyes frightened.

"Are you fucking bipolar or something, 'cuz I don't want to deal with that shit." I said staring him straight in the eyes. He chuckled and pulled me closer.

"No silly, I just don't want anyone else touching you." He said seriously still chuckling. I tried to pull away but he wouldn't let me.

"Listen Cullen you and I are not official or anything, this is my second time meeting you with a name! Then you go all nuts on me about some fucking guy and now you're telling me you don't want anyone else touching me. Shouldn't that be up to me?" I said with a raised eyebrow. He looked sad for a second then gave me a sad smile while settling me on the ground.

"Right... so do you want me to drop you off at home?" He asked running his fingers through his hair. Was the 'bad boy' nervous? I gasped at his idea, I wanted to spend time with him, he had no idea how much time I thought of him.

"Are you serious, the Edward Cullen wants me all to himself? Didn't see you as the committing type." I said narrowing my eyes at him watching his reaction closely. He glared at me for a second then sauntered over to me.

"I take that as a no?" He whispered closely to my face. We started at each other for a few moments, him debating over something and me just trying to figure out what the hell was going on. "Fuck it, do you want to fuck and get it over with then? So we can clear the air and you could live your life and fuck whoever else you please?" He asked all serious watching me intently. It took me a moment to go over everything he just said and I was going through my options. One I could take advantage of his offer because I sure as hell will regret not doing him when I had the chance and two if I don't then who says that he will come back and try what if this was my last chance.

"Fine." I said calmly shrugging. He raised an eyebrow at me clearly confused by my answer.

"Fine?" He asked.

"Let's fuck." I said nonchalantly as I picked out another cig between my fingers and lit it. He was frozen momentarily the shook his head and watched me suspiciously. I rolled my eyes and put my cig in front of his mouth offering him a drag. He put it between his sexy lips and took a nice drag and I just watched with my mouth open. I pulled back and took another one then dropping it on the ground killing it with my foot. "Where do you want to?" I asked again since he hasn't said anything. His lips were in a tight line with his jaw locked.

"Wow, I thought you were joking there but since you are not right here and now." He said in his smooth voice, my heart was already out of control. I nodded and began taking off my coat. He crossed his arms across his chest and stared at me curiously.

"What?" I asked annoyed.

"You are very strange Bella... you think I would have sex with you on this wet grass with you naked?" he said as if I were stupid.

"Well what else then?" I asked rolling my eyes.

"Hold on I have a blanket in my trunk. Be right back." He said as he ran off. A couple minutes later he was back with a navy fleece blanket. He laid it onto the grass and motioned for me to sit there, I followed and sank to the ground.

"Nice touch Cullen. Pleases me to know you care enough about my comfort." I said running my fingers through my hair. Instantly he was in front of me on all fours staring into my eyes.

"Are you sure about this Bella, you don't have too if you don't want to." He asked quietly as if beckoning me to back down but I wasn't going to. My stubbornness would never allow it. I gave him a devious smile and rolled my eyes.

"Is it just me Cullen or are you nervous? If you are don't be, and if you want to back down then please I'm not usually used to forcing guys to have sex with me." I whispered against his face. He took a deep breath to calm him I presume and closed our distance, his lips touching mine. I knew I would never grow tired of the feeling of his lips on mine. He put one arm around my waist holding me up while straddling me between his legs, his other hand on the blanket for support. Pulling me closer to him as he deepened the kiss I arched my chest into him as I moaned and he began trailing his kiss down to my collar bone sucking there, but this time I didn't care if he left a mark. I threw my head back and arched even more to give him more room. He was sucking and biting all over my neck and I was going crazy. He began unbuttoning my white shirt quickly while kissing at the hollow of my throat. Then his lips returned to mine as he forced his tongue in but I welcomed it eagerly. My shirt was pushed off my shoulders and I was left in my black lacy bra. He pulled away for a second and took all of me in with his eyes. He licked his lips as if I were his favourite entree and attacked my chest placing a wet kiss right between my breasts. His hand went around my back and he unhooked the bra with ease and it fell down exposing me. Then instantly I felt his hands massaging them both as I moaned louder.

"Edward... ugh...oh! You... too...much... clothes..." I managed to say between moans. His hands went missing for a moment as I opened my eyes and saw him nearly naked just in jeans shirtless. It was my turn to lick my lips at his deliciousness. He was perfectly sculpted, every muscle well defined. I ogled him beyond believe. I heard him chuckle.

"Like what you see?" He asked fully knowing I did, bastard! I sat up straighter and flipped us over so I was straddling him. He was shocked by my sudden movements as he wrapped his arms around me pulling me in for another kiss. I bit his lip and sucked on it gently until making my way down his neck placing lingering wet kisses, tickling him with my tongue. I made my way down his stomach and grazed it with my fingernails. He moaned as I licked my way down to his jeans and tugged playfully showing him my intentions. His head snapped up as he looked at me with half lidded eyes. I wiggled my eyebrows and I unbuttoned his jeans and slowly teasingly pulled his zipped down. He lifted his hips helping me take of his pants. I was surprised that he didn't wear anything underneath.

"Going commando I see." I stated biting my lower lip. He was hard for me already and I just took it all in. He was big... very big. The most perfect size really. I heard him groan at my waiting. "Patience, let me admire this present god graced you with." I said with a smile. He laughed lightly then groaned again.

"Bella! Ugh! If you're not going to do anything about it I will just have to fuck you right now!" he said threateningly. I laughed and rolled my eyes. I supposed it was enough teasing. I spread his legs to make room for me and licked it from its base all the way to the tip. Getting it nice and wet for me. He moaned my name and I loved the sound of it. I licked him again all over then began stroking him with my hand. Up and down, fastening my pace then I finally put my mouth over his head and swirled my tongue around it like a lollypop. He grunted and bucked his hips, I then took more of him in gently grazing him with my teeth then it all happened so fast he gasped and I was under him all of a sudden.

"If you keep doing that I don't think I'll be able to hold off much longer and I still haven't finished with your magnificent breasts. I moaned as he put one in his mouth and began flicking at my hard nipple with his tongue then biting it. I screamed his name running my fingers through his hair then he switched to the other one doing the same thing. He began placing soft kisses trailing down my stomach all the way down to my jeans. He quickly unbuttoned them and slid them off of me with ease. He was way too good at taking girls clothing off. Obviously.

"You are absolutely beautiful Bella." Edward whispered staring me up and down my entire body. I suddenly felt self conscious and tried to cover myself with my hands. He took a hold of my wrists and pinned the above my head.

"Oh Bella, you silly girl. Cover yourself again and I will make sure you have nothing to cover yourself with!" He said sternly I nodded biting my lower lip again. "Oh god! You don't know what you do to me when you bite your lips like that! I just want to..." He trailed off then all of a sudden he was between my legs. He spread them gently massaging my calves in the process and positioning his face right in front of my entrance. I hadn't realized when he slipped off my underwear but did not care at the moment what so ever.

He grazed me with his nose inhaling deeply and I shivered and moaned. He took a hold of my hips tightly and looked at me straight in the eyes.

"You smell fucking delicious Bella, so, so delicious I can't wait to taste you. So be a good girl and don't move." He said sweetly. I moaned at his words and nodded unable to speak. Then he slowly licked my clit and began circling it. I was going insane by that point. But something was wrong, this didn't feel like your average fuck and run more like love making... not that I have ever experienced love making before... but this definitely was not fucking. He was too sweet and caring... but I didn't give a fuck at this point, I was going mad with the intense pleasure of his mouth on me.

"Oh god don't stop Cullen!" I moaned. Suddenly he was sucking and biting harder, his tongue doing crazy things. I was so close I could feel it, then he stuck in two fingers into me and his tongue sucked on my clit, I screamed and came right there. I was panting and whimpering going off my orgasm. He moved up and placed himself between my legs with his tip pointing right at my entrance. I groaned and threw my head back.

"Now Bella are you ready?" He asked huskily, I was sweating I nodded and got up on my elbows to be closer to him. He put his arms around me to hold his weight and leaned his chest against mine lightly, I moaned at the feel of his body on mine. He was now rubbing his tip up and down and I couldn't take it anymore.

"FUCK CULLEN! Stop fucking teasing and fuck me!" I screamed demandingly. He stopped moving and just stared at me for a few moments. I began rubbing myself against him to get some friction, he was completely still I was dying. I looked into his eyes and his gaze was so piercing and intense I caught my breath. Then slowly his mouth turned up at the corner revealing his gorgeous crooked smile and he thrust into me that I screamed and threw my head back. He stayed there for a moment letting me get used to his size, I wrapped my legs around his waist and squeezed for him to move. He went lower onto his elbows that his face was inches from mine as he began thrusting in and out. I couldn't remove my eyes from his I don't know what happened but something just clicked and I had no idea what.

I closed our distance and kissed him hungrily he was taking charge instantly. He continued to thrust into me while we kissed, I was close I could feel it, I moved my head and threw it back as I was gasping for air and closed my eyes waiting for the wonderful feeling to take me.

"I can feel you Bella, you are close... come... let go... cum..." He whispered the last part into my ear as he bit the place between my neck and shoulder. I screamed his name and came harder than ever before. He kept moving and came by groaning my name and collapsed to the side. I fell back gasping and calming my breaths. That still didn't feel like a fucking... should I confront him? I decided not to. None of us said anything as we lay there calming down, then I felt cold and I shivered. I sat up and began looking for my clothes.

I got up and found my underwear and bra scattered everywhere. Oh the memories of him and I just made me wetter. I closed my eyes and put myself together. It was just a onetime thing get a hold of yourself Bella. I began putting my shirt over my bra when I felt Edward grab my arm and turn me to him. He was still naked and sitting up, I gave him a questioning look and he pulled me in and kissed me softly. I was so confused by then I didn't know what the fuck that was for. I pulled back reluctantly and he just stared at me.

"You don't have to do that, we already... fucked... just get dressed and please take me home." I whispered. This time he pulled me in and kissed me roughly as if he was punishing me for something. I really didn't understand him. He pulled back gasping and lay me down and went over me. "What are you doing! Fuck Cullen up for another round?" I harshly whispered. He grazed my jaw with his nose and slowly began making his way to my neck and down to my collarbone. He stopped there and began leaving light kisses then they became more lingering and wetter involving his tongue. He began sucking and I moaned and arched into him, I could feel his erection against my thigh since he was once again between my legs.

He sucked for a while — while his hand began rubbing my breasts over my bra. "Edward...s-s-stop..." I tried to say. But it came out as whimpers and squeaks. Then all of a sudden I felt his hand removing my underwear and sliding it down my legs, he then bent his legs at the knee and pulled me up so I straddled him while he kept sucking and now rubbing my clit in circular motions. I moaned and threw my head back to give him better access. He was sucking for such a long time I lost track of time. Then he took a hold of my hips and positioned me right above his waiting dick. I put my hands on his shoulders and my nails dug in as I lowered myself onto him. He groaned against my neck and I felt his breath on the sensitive place he sucked that made me scream and moan louder than ever at the same time.

His grip on my hips tightened as he moved his mouth from my sensitive spot to my mouth in less than a second and began moving me to his pace. My fingernails were digging deeper and deeper into his skin and he hissed against my mouth as I rode him. I fastened my pace as he undid my bra and began pinching my nipples. I growled and bit his lip until I tasted blood. He moaned in pain or pleasure I wasn't sure but I didn't care. I sucked and nipped at his lip until our kiss taste mixed with his blood I had never been more turned on in my life. Our pace fastened once again and I knew I was close as I began clenching around him and he groaned as he was close as well, he then pinched my nipple hard and I screamed and both of us came at the exact same time. I threw my head against his shoulder and gasped loudly; he put his head against my shoulder and was gasping for air as well. His arms wrapped around my limp body then I realized my fingernails were still dug deep into his skin on his shoulder, I moved it and gasped at what I left, I kissed it sweetly hoping he would forgive me and I wrapped my arms around his back caressing it soothingly.

"Sorry..." I whispered into his ear. He tightened his hold around me and breathed deeply. I sighed and felt a stray tear fall down, I didn't know why but I quickly wiped it away and pulled myself away from him but he wouldn't let me move, he just held me there. "Edward... I have to go home... my father is probably worried..." I said hesitantly knowing our time was up. He took a deep breath and I thought he was smelling my hair but I was probably imagining. He released his hold on me and gently settled me on the blanket.

"Right, get dressed." He said coolly. I didn't get him; he had the same cold expression on his face when we were fighting about James. I sighed and began once again putting on my clothes. Finally I was fully dressed and waiting for him to pick up the blanket. But he left it there ran his fingers through his hair a couple of times and he looked as good as ever. I just stared at him trying to figure out our situation... but nothing came to mind. "Let's go." He ordered. He just began walking ahead of me not holding my hand or anything, asshole! I glared at him the whole way back to his bike, surprisingly not falling once. We made it back and he went to his trunk and pulled out my helmet and threw it at me as if it were a weapon. I gasped and caught it before it hit my face.

"What the fuck Cullen!" I spat at his angrily. He just turned around with narrow eyes and jaw clench.

"Get on; I don't have time for whining." He replied staring at me like I was some dirty animal. I put the helmet on and sat behind him and didn't want to put my arms around him. "Unless you want to fly off you better put your arms around me." He said flatly. I grunted and put my arms around him loosely. He tensed for a second and then turned on his bike. It vibrated beneath us and I suddenly tightened my hold around him. But this time I put my face as far as possible from touching him. We were moving quickly through the wind and my hair was all over my face, then we stopped. I gasped as to how he knew where I lived. I didn't even bother asking. He turned off the bike and walked to his trunk and pulled out my backpack and threw it on the ground. I took off the helmet and threw it on the ground in protest.

"You fucking asshole! I get it that we fucked and now you're over it but there is no fucking reason to act like a fucking PMS'ing BITCH!" I screamed as I picked up my backpack and stormed to my house. I ran to my room and tears began to fall. I heard his bike and the noise faded into the distance. I cried myself to sleep that night trying my best to forget the wonderful sex we had.