Judas Kiss

In the ever changing world of dreams, he was a resident. Just for now. Just for a few hours. A few restless hours of nightmares and secrets and black fog.

Young master.

He followed the voice of Sebastian. It was soft, dragging him ever deeper into the fog, pulling him. It scared him. But he wouldn't show it. He was the head of the Phantomhive household! He would not be intimidated by a product of his own mind.

So he kept going.

Young master.

Sebastian's voice echoed everywhere. The fog sent fingers of damp chill crawling up his neck, and for a second, he nearly mistook them for Sebastian's hands. He did not like this world. He did not like the darkness. He did not like the way that he felt smothered.

Young Master.

"This is an order!" he shouted, his voice echoing. "Stop this foolishness and appear before me at once!"

Sebastian was before him in an instant, smiling, one hand to his charcoal black heart. His demonic red eyes glinted in the half light. "Yes my lord."

"What is going on?! Why am I here?! This is your doing isn't it?!" he could feel himself unravel. His voice lost weight. His brain melted. His soul was being taken away.

Sebastian watched him, his smirk ever present, his eyes a reminder of what had been agreed on. "Since when has a demon needed to answer to you? Adorable Young Master?"

Before, he'd always fallen with Sebastian to catch him. Now he was falling because Sebastian had pushed him. It was a black feeling.

Sebastian watched him. He wanted to shout an insult, an order, anything, but his mouth wouldn't open. He wanted to run away from the demon, but his legs were stiff with a primal sort of fear. Besides, running would do him no good. He wanted to grab onto his white gloved hand, the same hand that had dressed him and protected him, but his arms were heavy.

The demon's smirk turned into something almost lewd. "It's was a kiss that betrayed Jesus to his death. And a kiss that will betrayed you." Sebastian's lips pressed against his, and his gloved hand came up to his shoulder, roughly shaking him until he fell.

Young master.

Shut up.

Young master?

I hate you.

Young master, wake up please.

"What?" Ciel opened his eyes. He was groggy, and he had the feeling he'd forgotten something. But he knew what he had to say. "I have an order for you." Sebastian turned to him, silently approving of his words. "Never betray me. Ever."

A smirk. He was starting to hate that smirk. Sebastian came so close to him he could smell tea leaves and strawberry scones. They kissed. For the briefest of moments, their lips pressed together, it was too sweet, almost disgusting. Something flashed in Ciel's mind, but he couldn't put his finger on what. He pushed Sebastian away from him. "Get me my breakfast."

The demon left the room, one hand to his lip, reminiscent of his kiss. "Judas, huh?"


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