Ok, this is only my third Supernatural story, so bear with me. I was watching clips from the season 4 episode "Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester." The other day and found myself wondering what Victor was thinking when he was trying to kill Dean. This is what I came up with. Just a one shot, If you don't want to be spoiled, please don't read!!

"Tell me how it's fair!" Victor hissed, forcing his ghostly hand deeper into Dean's chest.

"You get saved from hell, I die!" He fumed, clenching his teeth, raising his voice. Relishing the pain he inflicted upon his victim.

"Why do you deserve another chance Dean!?" He demanded.

Why? What made this Winchester so special? The miracle boy. The one that had the angels all in a frenzy. Look at perfect, special, important Dean.

Well. If the angels loved him so much they could just try and save him now.

Victor savored the thoughts, his anger boiling down into a satisfying revenge. He closed his eyes, concentrating on the feel of Dean's life in his hands. This perfect oh so special life.

He ran cold, dead fingers along Dean's precious heart, the smooth muscle beating faster with pain. The warmth of Dean's living body both soothed and angered him.

Dean was alive. He was dead, damned to walk the earth as a cursed spirit. A witness to the end.

Not for much longer. Dean would join him. He soaked in the heat, feeding off of it, continuing to caress the precious muscle that his victim depended on.

He laughed. Fragile human.

Drinking in the moment, the revenge, he made his strike, suddenly closing his hand around the frantic heart, slowly squeezing. It would be his. His reminder of victory. His only light in this damned existence.

Dean whimpered, gasping in frantic breaths to stem the pain.

Or was it fear? Victor grinned in malice as he thought of what Dean surly knew. Once the heart was his Dean would be trapped back in hell.

He would have to figure a way to get close enough to the gate just to hear Dean scream.

Seconds away from snuffing out the spirit he so hated Victor found himself riddled with pain. Tiny grains of acid bored through him, sending his lifeless form into pain like hellfire. Fading, Victor grasped franticly at the heart, wanting it, needing to silence it before he was scattered. It was his only chance……

As his fingers constricted they passed harmlessly through, fading away as the pure acid consumed him.

He tried to scream, to vent his frustration, his anguish, but he was all ready gone. The remains of his broken spirit caught in a shapeless mass of fury, fear, and anguish.

He was a trapped spirit for all time.

His one chance for peace lived on.

Just beyond his reach.

Forever tormenting him.

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