The sound of I love you

Summary: A short bedroom love scene in the cold winter.

Credits and Claims: I do not own Naruto. (sigh)

Warnings: Mostly romantic but I do suppose there will be lemons. Sasunaru, boyXboy, do not read if you do not like. PS: There will be cursing.

The sound of softly slapping skin resonated through the room, all other noises lost beyond the window. Outside the falling snow gathered.

The tan hips were brought down to meet the pail ones once again. The blonde groaned. The sweat on his skin was cold, but his skin was hot.

His fingers tightened in the raven locks behind him, as he swiveled his head to get a better eye shot of his lover.

"I love you." He whispered, blue eyes glittering in the light.

Dark oxen eyes met his blue ones, then closed and wrapped around a pin prick on his tan neck. Sasuke lifted the tan legs more, simultaneously pushing the tan back more firmly into his own chest.

"I love you too, Naruto." He mumbled into the blondes' ear, licking it gently. The body around him shivered.



They came a few short minuets later. Sasukes' hand coated in cum, his own seed marking the insides of the blonde.

He allowed the blonde to pull away, excessive cum seeping down the firm thigh.

They lay down together; each rapped in the others arms, sweet nothings floating back and forth through the air.

Naruto sighed happily when Sasuke had finished decorating his face with chaste kisses.

"I have to go to the bathroom. Then I'll be right back. Ok?" The blonde whispered after kissing the Uchihas' forehead.

The raven let the blonde slip away as he muttered. "You better."

The tanned beauty disappeared behind a strip of light that outlined the bathroom door.

Dozing, the raven wasn't alerted to the return of his blonde until he felt the bed dip. He reached, close eyed, grabbing his sexy little jinjuriki down for a fiery kiss.

"Did you miss me?" He heard the blonde muse with a titter.

"You ready for another go?" He asked expectantly.

The blonde laughed again. "Don't you know it?"

Sasuke sat up now, crawling over to push the blonde onto his back. The blonde lay prone.

"You're beautiful." The raven said looking over the splayed blonde for the hundredth time that night.

Then he leaned down and kissed him, whispering. "I love you."


Naruto felt Sasuke slip back inside him. He gasped. His sphincter was sensitive and raw, but he love how good it felt after the second round, he just couldn't refuse a third.

"Fuck me good, ok?" He whispered as seductively as he could.

Sasuke nodded with a smirk, kissing him again.


Gasps and moans echoed throughout the rest of the night, the sound of I love you on every breath.