Lessons in Pain

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Author's Note: As far as I know there is no Miss Warwick's School for Fine Young Ladies---any resemblance is strictly a coincidence.


Dean was lying on the bed of the local Stardust Motel in Westmoreland, New Hampshire flipping through the motel channels while Sam surfed the internet. The brothers had been stuck in town overnight due to a sudden snow storm that had left the roads impassable and Dean in a surly mood. He had tried to pick an argument earlier, but Sam chose to ignore him. He knew how much Dean hated being stuck in a boring ugly motel room instead of out at some bar conning the local pool shark out of his recent earned winnings, especially since their funds were kind of low at the moment and the newest credit card hadn't arrived yet which left Dean highly agitated seeing as how they only had less than fifty dollars between the two of them.

Sam had been listening to Dean bitch for over an hour and was about to lose his own patience when he stumbled upon a local reputed haunted school not too far from where their motel was. "Hey Dean, I think I've just found our next hunt and it's not too far from where we are now" Sam called out as his eyes roamed quickly through the material he had found.

"What is it, a possessed snow plow?" Dean asked sarcastically as he flipped through the channels for what must have been the fiftieth time in les than five minutes.

"No smartass, you not going to believe this but there is purported to be an actual haunted girls school on the outskirts of town. Apparently this school was ruled by a very stern headmistress who according to this article ran the school like a tyrant and started dabbling into Satanism and offered up the girls as sacrifices to gain wealth, power, and status in society."

"What else does the article say?" Dean asked with interest as he walked over to sit by his younger brother. He was itching to start a new hunt and this one sounded like the perfect thing to get his juices flowing again.

"Well the school is said to have a secret underground passage that leads to a torture chamber where the girls would be abused and mutilated for days until the headmistress decided it was time for them to die. She would literally cut their chests open and reach in and pull out their hearts in the end as the ultimate gift to her master."

"Damn, that headmistress sounds like one nasty bitch" Dean stated as he gave off a slight shudder. "So why is this a problem for us now when the school killings occurred in 1928 from what I can see?"

"Apparently six people have been killed over the last year. According to sources, four boys were killed approximately eight months ago when they accepted a dare to spend the night at the haunted school. One of the boys was found hanging by the neck. Another two had had their throats slashed from side to side and one of them was missing his tongue. The fourth one had literally been gutted with his intestines laying on the floor beside him when he was found. And get this, all four were missing their hearts." Sam stated with a shiver of his own.

"What about the other two deaths Sammy, what does it say about those?"

"Well, after the four boys were found, the police cordoned off the area to try and keep any more people from going into the old school. And it had been working until they stopped their nightly patrols of the area around three weeks ago. Seems as though a couple of young lovers decided to hide out in the school to get away from the girl's family. When they were reported missing, the police were able to track them to the school and found the two of them lying in the hallway in a pool of blood. The article states that the boyfriend had been beheaded and that the girl had been eviscerated with her female organs removed. Once again, both were missing their hearts.

"Either we've got one hell of a sadistic spirit, or a satanic cult has set up shop in that old school" Dean surmised. "Oh well, better hit the sack Sammy, sounds like we've got our work cut out for us tomorrow and we'll need all the rest we can get."

"I call first shower" Sam said as he shut down his laptop and grabbed some clean boxers and a t-shirt from his duffle bag. He knew damn well that he would be left with nothing but cold water if Dean got in there first.


Dean woke up early the next morning to the sound of something banging on the wall. He groaned as he heard the unmistakable sounds of a couple moaning and making out in the next room. From the sounds of the bedsprings, the couple must have been doing some aerobatic love making. "Just my luck" he said as he rubbed a hand through his mussed up hair and glanced at the time. "Holy shit, who in their right mind would want to make out so frantically at six o'clock in the damn morning" he thought as he threw the blankets off and sat up. He looked over to see Sam still asleep with the blankets wrapped haphazardly around his legs and his hair sticking out in all directions.

"Looks like you had a restless night there little brother" he whispered as he pulled on a pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt. He decided to let Sammy sleep while he went out to make a breakfast and coffee run, making sure to leave a note just in case Sammy woke up and wondered where he was. He grabbed his leather jacket and put it on before picking up his keys and heading toward the door. After checking the salt lines and laying the blanket from his bed over Sammy, he eased the door open gently to avoid waking his little brother and then made sure it was firmly shut and locked behind him. "Yes" he stated with a pump of his fist happy to see that the snow had finally stopped falling and that roads were now clear.

Wondering where he should go to pick up breakfast, he remembered seeing an IHOP or International House of Pancakes on the way into town and decided to stop there to order breakfast. He knew how much Sam loved strawberry pancakes and he could get himself a Belgian waffle making for some damned good eating. It was only a few miles down the road so he wouldn't be leaving Sammy alone and unprotected for too long.

Entering the restaurant, he placed his order for the pancakes and waffle and also ordered sausage and bacon to go with both plates as well as two cups of coffee and two orange juices to go. As he waited for his order, he flirted with a few of the waitresses and had even garnered two telephone numbers. Who knows, he might get lucky in this town after all.

After his order was ready, he paid for the food and then made the ten minute drive back to the motel. He balanced the food and drinks precariously in one hand as he unlocked the door and opened it. He smiled at the sight of Sammy still sleeping in his bed. Sam had managed to curl his long frame up into a fetal position and his hands were clasped together with his head positioned on them reminding Dean of the way a four year old Sammy used to sleep. How he missed those times when Sammy was still innocent to the horrors of the world.

Walking inside, Dean placed the breakfast food on the side table and booted up the laptop to do some more research on the hunt while he waited for his baby brother to wake up so that they could eat. As he researched, he found that Miss Warrick's School for Fine Young Ladies was established in 1922 by an old spinster named Trinity Jane Warrick who was raised by a father who, by all accounts, was strict disciplinarian and demanded respect from his only daughter at all times. Her mother had died when she was only ten and Trinity had run away at the age of fifteen to get away from the father whom she had accused of mental and sexual abuse.

As he continued to scan the information, Dean found that the first murder had occurred in 1926 and that there had been a total of thirteen girls killed in all before the headmistresses reign of terror had been ended when she was finally killed by police in a raid on the school. Her final resting place was in a paupers grave on the school ground since the people of the town refused to allow her to be buried in the city cemetery. "That should make her body easier to find and salt and burn" he thought just as he heard movement coming from Sammy's bed.

"About damned time you woke up little brother" Dean stated with a smirk. "I thought I would starve to death before you finished with your sleeping beauty imitation."

"Time is it?" Sam inquired as he rubbed his eyes with his hands and yawned.

"It's seven thirty in the a.m. and our breakfast is way beyond cold by now." Dean answered.

"Why didn't you wake me dude?" Sam questioned as he threw off the blanket and sat up on the bed.

"Because it looked like you had a rough night tiger and I wanted to make sure you got enough sleep, especially with us going on a hunt tonight" Dean said as he walked over and mussed Sam's hair.

"So what did you get for breakfast, I'm starved" Sam asked through another yawn as he pulled on his favorite pair of frayed blue jeans that had holes in both the knees.

"I stopped by the IHOP and got you those strawberry pancakes you love so well" Dean said with a grin.

"No way, that's awesome dude" Sam said as he rubbed his hands together in anticipation of thrilling his taste buds with his most favorite breakfast yet. As he ate, Sam actually found himself looking forward to a day of more research as well as cleaning and preparing their weapons for the night ahead.


Later that evening, Dean and Sam had packed the gear they would need for the hunt and had hit the road. Dean knew they would have to approach the school under the guise of night because of the police presence that was bound to be there. As they drove past the school, Dean noticed the police car sitting across the road with two officers inside intently watching the front entrance. He also took notice of the two officers who were patrolling the grounds using flashlights. "Looks like we're going to have to make a stealthy approach on this one little brother" Dean said as he drove approximately a mile further on down the road before pulling off into an area of dense foliage and bushes that would camouflage the car from passersby.

After climbing out of the midnight black Impala and gathering their gear, the brothers silently hiked back to the school. As they neared the back of the building, Dean raised his hand in a fist to signal Sammy to stop. Both brothers knelt down as Dean gave silent signals pointing out the two officers that were now patrolling on foot. Once they made their rounds and returned to their cruiser, Dean motioned for Sammy to cover him while he made his approach to the school. After Dean made his way to the back entrance, he motioned for Sam to make his move. It took only a moment for Sam to arrive at his side and he covered Sam's back while his brother picked the lock at the rear entrance of the building.

It took less than thirty seconds for Sam to pick the lock and push the door open. He and Dean eased inside and then quietly closed the door behind him. Dean took lead as always making sure that he would be the first to face any danger that lay ahead. He had been Sammy's first line of protection for as long as he could remember and it would always stay that way as far as he was concerned. As he started down the hallway of the old school, he brushed away the cobwebs as he winced at the creaking sound made by the floorboards. He hoped they wouldn't be loud enough to warn the officers outside that something was amiss.

As Dean opened the first door on his right, he quickly scanned the room for any signs of ghostly activity while Sammy scanned the one on the left. Finding nothing, the brothers moved on to the next two rooms that were further on down the hall. Dean felt like they were most likely wasting their time searching the rooms since had a gut feeling that they wouldn't find anything on the upper floor of the school. He just had an uncanny feeling that they were looking for a satanic alter and that it would be found in the hidden passageway or torture chamber where the girls had been killed.

Finding nothing in the first hall, Dean turned the corner and started down the second hallway with Sammy right behind him. He had only gone a few feet when he heard a sound that made the blood freeze in his veins. He whipped around just in time to see Sammy collapsing to his left knee in pain as his right leg went through the splintered boards on the floor. He saw Sam choke back a scream as tears flooded his eyes. Dean immediately swore in anger wondering just how bad his baby brother had been hurt.

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