Lessons in Pain Ch. 11--the epilogue

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Author's Note: I thought I was finished with this story, but a few readers requested an epilogue with a PCS (Post Concussion Syndrome) Sammy and Dean at Bobby's place. Sarah and Vonnie---this one's for you!


Previously: "Then I guess we'll be spending a few weeks with you." Dean answered for Sammy and himself as he patted his baby brother on the leg. "That will give Samantha here the time he needs to heal and I can have some fun."

A couple of weeks later found the boys in Sioux City, South Dakota at the home of Bobby Singer. Dean was firmly entrenched in working on that classic '67 Covertible Mustang with Bobby as the two of them surreptitiously kept an eye on Sammy as he sat on the porch. Sam had been extremely irritable over the past week and was constantly snapping at them that he wasn't an invalid and that he was damn well able to take care of his own self and to leave him the hell alone. He and Bobby didn't take any offence with the kid's attitude though knowing that emotional sensitivity and irritability were symptoms of the PCS that the doctor had warned them about.

The first week they had spent with Bobby had been a proverbial week from hell so to say. Sammy was extremely moody and every little thing had set him off. Things such as putting a wet washcloth on the nape of his neck during nausea episodes to helping steady him when he became unbalanced when walking had him pissed off to no ends. He had became so angered at one point over his cereal not tasting right that he threw the bowl across the kitchen and stomped unsteadily out of the house cursing up a storm.

Nights were even worse because of the severe headaches that assaulted him leaving him in tears at times and no matter what Dean did to try to help, he just seemed to make things worse. And that wasn't the only problem, Sammy was also suffering from tinnitus which had left him with an almost constant ringing sound in his ears which was keeping him from getting a decent night's sleep. Dean was drawn out of his musings of the past couple of weeks as he felt a tap on his shoulder. "You need something Bobby?" he inquired with a slight hint of embarrassment that Bobby had caught him daydreaming.

"Not me, but your brother might." Bobby pointed out as he watched Sammy struggling to make his way across the porch on unsteady legs. He was still suffering from dizziness and had trouble concentrating enough to put one foot in front of the other. Dean quickly jogged over to the porch and took Sammy by the arm.

"Where you off to dude?" Dean asked as Sam tried to bat his hand away.

"I'm just going to the bathroom if it's any concern of yours." Sammy informed him as he placed a steadying hand on the wall of the house. He had only taken a couple of steps when he was hit with an wave of nausea and began to gag. Knowing there was no way they could make it to the bathroom in time, Dean quickly led Sammy over to the porch railing where he leaned over and threw up on the ground.

"Guh, I hate this" Sam whispered through bouts of vomiting as tears come to his eyes. "I'm so tired of being sick that I wish somebody would just shoot me and put me out of my misery."

"It'll pass Sammy. You've just got to give it some time." Dean intoned as he rubbed his brother's back to get him through the dry heaving now taking over his body.

"I'm tired of giving it time Dean. It feels like I'm never gonna get better. You don't know what it's like to wake up every morning to open your eyes to the room spinning around you. You don't know what it's like to crave the sound of quiet just so you can get some sleep. How in the hell am I supposed to live with this?" Sam questioned as his legs gave away. He would have fallen to the porch if Dean hadn't caught him and gently lowered him onto Bobby's porch swing.

"I wish I could answer that for you Sammy, but I can tell you this…you don't have to deal with this illness alone. I'm here for ya and so is Bobby. We'll do anything we can to make things easier and better for ya kiddo. All you have to do is ask." Dean replied in concern for his despondent brother. Sammy was upset enough as it was without becoming depressed over the situation too.

"I just want to get some sleep, can you help me do that Dean?" Sam asked with pleading eyes filled with hope.

"Yeah, I can help with that" Dean replied knowing that Bobby had the most well stocked first aid kit of any hunter. And if Bobby didn't have a sedative in his kit, he was sure that Bobby would know where to get one. Dean was hoping that with a little sleep, Sammy wouldn't be so depressed. "Come on tiger, lets get you inside." he stated as hoisted Sammy to his feet and helped him into the house. Once he had him situated upstairs in their room after having made that bathroom stop, he returned to the lower level to find Bobby looking at him in concern.

"Sammy doing okay?' Bobby inquired as he wiped his greasy hands with an oil rag.

No he's not and I'm worried about him. He's depressed Bobby and he just wants to get a decent night of sleep. Have you got any sedatives in your first aid kit that'll help?" Dean answered in reply to Bobby's question.

"Sure do!" Bobby replied as he walked over to the small cabinet where he kept his stronger medicines. He pulled out a small vial of amber colored liquid and a sterile wrapped syringe as well as a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a couple of cotton balls. "This ought to do it." Bobby replied as he and Dean walked up the stairs to the room where Dean and Sammy were staying.

Opening the door, Bobby walked over to the bed and sat down beside Sammy who was now softly crying as he rocked himself in comfort. "You're gonna be fine in just a minute tiger." Bobby intoned as he pushed the sleeve up on Sammy's t-shirt and swabbed an area on his arm. He motioned to Dean to help Sammy lay down and then he quickly jabbed the needle into Sammy's bicep and depressed the plunger delivering the much needed medicine.

Within minutes, the hunters noticed a glassy look encompass Sammy's eyes before his eyelid drifted shut and he faded off to sleep. "Thanks Bobby!" Dean intoned as he sat at the head of Sammy's bed carding his fingers through Sammy's hair."

"Don't mention it kid. You boys are my family now and when one of you is hurting, it hurts me too." Bobby replied as he pulled off his ball cap and ran his fingers through his own hair. Knowing that Dean wouldn't leave Sammy unprotected while in a drug induced sleep, Bobby said "I'll see you boys in the morning."


Sam woke up the next morning to the sound of light snoring. He rolled over carefully in his bed to stave off the dizziness that usually came with waking and had to smile as he looked over at his sleeping brother. Dean had one leg hanging over the side of the bed from tossing around in his sleep and hair was mussed to the point that he looked like a little boy. Add to that the fact that he had a line of drool sliding down his chin and onto his pillow and it made for a truly comical sight.

As he lay there watching Dean, Sam wondered just how long he had been asleep. He had no doubt that Dean had probably spent most of his night watching over him after that breakdown episode he had had last night. Embarrassment crept up his neck as he remembered the way he had whined about his symptoms and pleaded with Dean to make things better.

"Sammy, you have nothing to be embarrassed about you know." Dean whispered as he saw the pink tinge take over his brother's cheeks. "Everyone needs a little help now and then.

"I, I thought you were asleep." Sam stuttered out surprised that Dean was now awake.

"Yeah, well that's kind of hard to do when you're sitting there watching me so intently." Dean replied as he sat up and stretched. "How you feeling this morning kiddo?"

"Much better after a full night of sleep thanks to you and Bobby. I'm sorry for losing it on you Dean, I know how much you hate those chick flick moments." Sammy said in answer to Dean's question.

"Not when it comes to your health little brother. I'd rather have a dreaded chick flick moment than have you suffering in pain any day of the week."

"Thanks for that Dean." Sam replied with a grin as he pushed himself to his feet. "Smells like Bobby's cooking breakfast, what do ya say we got get some. I think I'm actually hungry for a change."

"Now that's the best news I've heard in a long time" Dean replied as he slung an arm around Sammy to make sure the kid was steady on his feet before guiding them out the bedroom door.


A couple of weeks later, Sammy was only having the occasional bout of vertigo as his PCS was finally starting to go away. The debilitating headaches were now a thing of the past and he hadn't thrown up in over twenty four hours. He was also beginning to look healthier as he started putting on some of the weight he had lost and his coloring was looking much better. He had taken to sitting on the porch and reading over the past few days as his brother and Bobby worked on the car. He had just finished the book he was reading when he heard his brother call out to him.

"Hey Sammy, wanna go for a ride?" Dean shouted with a large grin on his face as he and Bobby lowered the convertible top of the '67 Mustang. "She's finally finished and ready for a test drive.

"Hell yeah," Sammy replied as he tossed his book on the seat of the swing and walked out to the car. He climbed into the shotgun position as Dean fired up the engine and pulled out of the salvage yard. He totally enjoyed the feeling of the wind blowing through his long hair as he sat back and fully relaxed for the first time in months. He looked over to see Dean sporting what he affectionally called a "shit eating grin" since the smile encompassed almost half of his face. Things were finally looking up for them once again.

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