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Chapter 1: What Happened?


"Come on, Bella, just kill it already. The rest of us are done, and we want to get home," Rosalie whined, too fast and soft for my prey or anyone other than a vampire to hear or understand. We were on a girls-only hunting trip and I was the only one still thirsty; I had my eyes set on a large mountain lion.

I knew she wanted to get home to her husband Emmett. I could relate to this, because there were times when she was in my position and all I wanted to do was get home to my husband, Edward. Alice, Esme and Renesmee looked like they were thinking along the same lines, anxious to get back to Jasper Carlisle, and Jacob respectively. We had only been gone for a day, but we all missed our mates desperately anyway.

"Fine," I snapped. I leaped out of the bushes and pounced on the lion. My teeth locked on his throat, and I drained him dry in a matter of minutes.

"Are you ready to go now?" asked Esme, my mother for all intents and purposes. Esme loved us all like her own children, and as most of our parents were long dead, we loved her like a mother. Nessie of course was the only one who still had her parents. My daughter would never be without her parents, as Edward and I were both vampires, though I had still been human when she was conceived.

"Yes, I am. Lets go home," I answered. We all ran to the car at vampire speed, to anxious to get home to run at a human pace. Besides, its not like there were any humans here to see us.

We all climbed in to Rosalie's precious car, and sped off toward home.

We had been driving for ten minutes, when Alice suddenly spaced out. She stayed like that for a second and then: "Slow down, Rose! There's a cop coming up in one minute!" she commanded. Rosalie slammed on the breaks, and started driving again, right at the speed limit that she had been ignoring ever since we left the parking lot of the wildlife reserve we had been hunting at.

Sure enough, there was the police officer, waiting for speeders in a spot that was concealed by a thick stand of trees. It was very useful to have a psychic for a sister sometimes.

As eager as they were to get home, Alice and Rosalie couldn't resist stopping at a mall that we passed. I didn't want to go, and I considered just getting out of the car, going in the woods and running home, but they forced me in.


I finally dragged them back out, saying that it would make the guys mad if we took much longer. None of us wanted our mate sad or mad, so they agreed to go home. It also helped that they had had enough of getting hit on by random guys—that any of us could kill with a twitch of our pinky—and the mall was closing.

We drove home so fast that we completed a drive that should have taken two hours in thirty minutes.

When we reached our house, a strange mixture of scents greeted us. There were our own scents, the scent of the boys—vampire and werewolf scents—and Nessie's scent. These were all normal. Then there were the strange human scents, though they were slightly familiar. There was also the scent of a wolf very close by.

We cautiously made our way to the house and opened the door. The sight that met our eyes would have most likely caused us to faint if we had been human.

There were four little boys in our house, and they were clearly human. There was also a russet-colored wolf standing off to the side, twitching as if it were trying to get rid of a cloud of flies.

The oldest of the human boys who had blond hair and spoke with a British accent, was trying to get the youngest of the boys—who had bronze hair—to stop crying. The little boy with the brunette hair was running around with one of Esme's coats tied around his neck, pretending to be a super hero. The last of the boys was watching TV, captivated by a show about the Civil War and totally oblivious to the chaos that surrounded him.

We were stunned. After a minute, Esme finally came to her senses. "Who are you and what are you doing in our house?" she yelled.

All the boys looked at us then, except the bronze-haired one, who was still crying. My maternal instincts kicked in, and I went over and picked him up, being careful not to hurt him. As soon as he was in my arms, he stopped crying, opened his emerald-green eyes and smiled at me. He seemed not to notice how cold my skin was.

Then the oldest of the boys spoke up then. "Esme? Alice? Bella? Rosalie? Renesmee? Thank god your home."

"That doesn't answer the question, but it begs a new one: How do you know our names?" Esme asked.

"Esme, its me. Its Carlisle," the oldest boy said, in his adorable accent.

"You can't be my Carlisle. He's older than you," Esme told him.

"But I am, love!" he said.

Then she walked over to him and looked at him closely. Then, she leaned in and sniffed him.

"You do smell a little like him, if he were human that is," she said.

Alice had drifted over to the other blond-haired boy, the one who had been watching TV.

"Jazz? Is that you?" she asked, leaning in to sniff him just as Esme had done to the older boy.

"Yes ma'am. It is," he told her shyly. He spoke with a southern drawl.

"Rose! Look at me! I'm a super hero!" yelled the dark-haired boy. That certainly sounded like something a young Emmett would do.

Rosalie walked over to him, gave him a thorough examination with her nose, and then scoped him up in her arms, covering his face in kisses.

I looked more closely at the toddler I held in my arms. He was playing with a loose strand of my hair. I sniffed at his neck, and he giggled when my nose brushed him. He smelled like a watered-down version of Edward. Human.

"Bewa!" he squealed. He had a very cute lisp. I was convinced—more by his smell than anything else—that this was Edward, just as the others seemed to be. These were definitely our mates.

Ness was standing holding the wolf in her hands. If the little boys were Edward, Carlisle, Emmett and Jasper, then the wolf was definitely Jacob. It seemed like he couldn't phase.

"What happened, Carlisle?" I asked. As the oldest, he should be able to remember the best. Edward certainly wouldn't. Even if he did, he wouldn't be able to tell us very well.

"We went for a run in the woods, and we came across these flowers. They smelled so good; we decided that we would pick some for you all. We managed to get home okay, at that time we were still normal. We were just hanging out here doing normal stuff. Edward was playing the piano, I was in my study and Emmett and Jasper were playing video games. Edward's music was beautiful as always, but then it changed. It sounded like a little kid playing, and I went in to tell Emmett to stop, he might hurt it and then Edward would be mad at him. It wasn't Emmett though. Edward had turned into a three-year-old human.

"Then Jazz and Emmett came in, they were human too, but not three. Emmett was six and Jasper was five. So I ran into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I saw what I looked like. Jacob came in then, and he was a wolf. I told him to try and phase back and he's been trying ever since," Carlisle explained.

"Can you tell us where you found the flowers?" Esme asked.

"I think so. But can it wait? I'm thirsty," Carlisle said.

"I think you mean hungry," I told him. "Your human, remember?"

"Yes, that," he said.

"I think we should get you all some food. We don't have that much human food here, so how about we go out?" I suggested. Everybody quickly agreed.

"But we have to find them some new cloths first. They can't go out like that!" Alice said. She was right. They all looked like they had borrowed their dad's clothes. Edward especially. His pants had fallen off when I picked him up, and his boxers were only still on because I was holding them there.

"We should get some pull-ups or something for Edward too. The rest of you remember how to use the bathroom right?" I asked.

"I think we can figure it out," Jasper said.

"Good," Alice said. "Now, lets go shopping!"

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