Bella Swan and Edward Cullen have been together since middle school. They were best friends, and once their inevitable hormones took over, they could not deny their attraction to one another. They did everything together, and had everything in common. They both loved music, movies, and sports.

Edward was thrown into football by his father at a young age, and what started as a way to make his father happy soon turned into his second love. Of course, Bella Swan had always being his first love.

Bella was always into frilly things, she was in dance classes throughout childhood, and once she got to middle school she became a cheerleader. Although she never thought she would join the varsity cheerleading squad on her first try, they wouldn't have it any other way. She loved it, she was always energetic, and it was an added bonus that she could cheer on her Edward at games.

It was now the first day of her senior year. She was so excited. It was tradition that the cheerleaders would go to the football player's homes on the first day of school and decorate their cars. She had to be up before dawn that morning, which didn't thrill her to the least. She exhaustingly got up and got dressed in her favorite outfit…her uniform. She couldn't believe it that at cheerleading camp not even 2 weeks before that the squad voted her to be captain. It was her dream all throughout high school, and Edward kept telling her it was inevitable for her to get it. He, of course, was the captain of the football team. At every dance they won king and queen, so it was only fitting that his beautiful Bella would be the varsity cheerleading captain.

As she ran out to Alice's car, she noticed Rosalie, and Jessica drinking coffee and yawning quiet loudly. She giggled to herself, glad that she wasn't the only one in this zombie state. Alice giggled at her as she hopped in the car…staring down the star buck's coffee cups. "Here you go sleepy head…I knew you wouldn't live with out this." Bella chuckled and said, "Alice you are the best, did I ever tell you that." "Nope" was all Alice could get out before cracking up, of course Bella always told her she was the best.

Bella had demanded that they headed to Edward's house first, because he was an early bird and she wanted to have it done before he got out of bed. When they got to his house, his father, Carlisle, was on his way to his car. He was the chief of pediatrics at Forks hospital and always got there early.

He grinned as the girls got out of the car and got the bags from the trunk. "Is it that time of year already girls?" Carlisle said. "Yep, is he out of bed?" shrieked Bella at the possibility that she got there too late. "No, he is still in bed, I could still hear him snoring, when I got to the kitchen this morning" Carlisle chuckled. Everyone knew what he was talking about. Edward was such an active person, that when his bed hit the pillow at night, he would start snoring so loudly, it was surprising he never managed to wake himself up. "That's my guy" said Bella. She ran over to Carlisle and gave him a hug. "See you later, Doc, hope you have a great day". Bella said as she ran over to Edwards Volvo.

The girls quickly went to work, hanging the Go Forks magnets on his doors, and writing Cullen lead them the Hornets to victory this year. The finished up by drawing a football on his passenger side window. Jessica, Alice, and Rosalie new that Bella would want his driver's side window all to herself. Bella went over, and wrote I LOVE YOU CULLEN on the window and drew pouty lips below it. She smiled at herself knowing that Edward would get a big kick out of that. Edward had no problem with mushy stuff. If he wasn't such an amazing football player everyone would give him a hard time for being so open with his emotions for Bella.

Bella said "let's get outta here before he wakes up, I don't want to get distracted, and we still have a lot of cars to decorate before school". Alice jumped up and down, all giddy, and said "can we please go decorate Jasper's car next." Rosalie looked frustrated and said "what about Emmett". Bella spoke up and said "Rosie, we will do Emmett's after Jasper's; I already promised Alice she could go second this morning." Rosie giggled and said "oh, alright".

Alice had met Jasper through Bella. Alice and Bella had been best friends forever; their families grew up with each other, so it was a guaranteed match. One night when Bella wanted to go see the new Reese Witherspoon movie, and Edward decided not to go much to Bella's surprise, Alice went with her. As they were sitting in the movies, Edward surprise her and nearly scared her to death. She was sitting there and then all of a sudden a pair of heads covered her eyes. She nearly came unglued when a sexy voice said "hey, is that seat taken". She grabbed him and pulled him over the seats. Alice was really frustrated at the thought of having to sit through another Edward and Bella make out session. She was about to leave, when a shy, low voice said "do you mind if I sit here". She looked over and seen an angel. He was a tall, slender blonde, with the most breathtaking eyes. She couldn't muster any words so she just nodded. He sat down beside her and his arm grazed her arm, and that was the beginning of Jasper and Alice. Edward had later explained that Jasper had been eyeing Alice forever, and that he decided to help introduce them.

The girls headed to Jasper's house. They quickly decorated his car, not with mushy stuff however, she was much more perverted when it came to Jasper. She wrote "if you beat them, you will get a BIG surprise". When Alice was happy with all of the decorations, they headed over to Emmett's house. There, Rosalie took over. She was determined to make Emmett's car the best decorated car out of the bunch.

Rosalie had been with Emmett for only 6 months, but knew it would have been longer if they had known each other. Emmett recently transferred to Forks High School and the minute Rosie's and Emmett's eyes met, they never were apart. They were immediately one of the most popular couples in the whole school. Rosalie was a slender, blonde who looked like she stepped out of a fashion magazine. Emmett was 6"5 and was nothing but muscle. It was no surprise he quickly made the football team without trying out. The coach seen him and said he had to be on the team.

Once the girls were done with decorating the cars, they decided to go and get more coffee. They knew they had a long day ahead of them, and there was no way they would survive without caffeine. Once they were at school, they all sat on the picnic table close to the car. They were waiting for the particular mates to drive up. They heard a lot of honking…and they knew it would be only a matter of minutes before the entire football team would be driving into the parking lot.

Edward arrived first, followed by Jasper, then Emmett. Edward jumped out of his car and ran over to Bella. "hey love, nice job with the decorations" he said to her, before applying a deep passionate kiss to her lips. "I thought you might like it" as she tried to catch her breath. Ever time Edward kissed her, her heart would race, and she would blush. Bella noticed out of the corner of her eye, that Emmett was now with Rosie, and Jasper was with Alice. Emmett being his perverted self said "babe, I love the decorations, but I would rather have had you wake me up in your birthday suit". Rosalie snarled and slapped him on the arm. Rosie was more reserved when it came to their romantic life, she didn't like people to know what she did behind closed doors. Alice jumped into Jasper's arms and kissed him wildly. Jasper sat her back down on the picnic table and said "what do I get when we beat the cougars". Alice grinned and said "you beat them…then you find out". Jasper just smiled, and grabbed Alice by the hand to lead her into school.

As the three couples entered the school, they went over to the table marked for senior's registration. They were all happy because they besides for a few classes that they would all have the same schedule. They made that pact at the end of last year that they would try to have the same schedule so they wouldn't miss a minute apart. They were like the three amigos only it was the three amigo couples. They quickly headed to their lockers, and put up their books.

This was it, the beginning of their senior year, the best year of their lives. They knew that no matter what the future brought they would always be together. Nothing could ever tear them apart, or could it?