Here are your keys Rosalie grumbled as she came back to the car after checking us in. It was my fault that we had to start our senior year at a new place, she was frustrated at me but she would never vocalize her displeasure about it. She would complain about everything else under the sun but not about this. I had gotten myself kicked out of our last school right after finals, Rosalie didn't have to leave with me but she didn't want me to have to start a new school so she transferred with me.

All of our things had already been shipped so there wouldn't really be a major move in process. We were in Rosalie's red Benz. It was her pride and joy; our father had sent us matching ones for our sixteenth birthday. I guess he thought he could make up for the fact that we only saw him for two weeks a year at most with extravagant gifts. Rosalie loved hers but mine still had less than 500 miles on it. My Vespa had been shipped out along with our belongings; I missed it pretty badly, not having it in DC was a hardship. We lived in Foggy Bottom so having a car was completely unnecessary, I loved having my Vespa though; there were few places in the city it couldn't take me.

You are on the third floor; I'm on the second, 205 okay? I nodded and climbed out of the car, taking the folder with my room assignment and course schedule. I took a look at my room assignment sheet as I climbed the stairs to the third floor, my roommate was apparently some kid named Tyler Crowley. He was a senior like I was and he was from New York City. I sighed; I would miss not living with Sean this year, him and I always managed to find some trouble to get into. This place appeared to be way to clean, much like every other town in New England.

I stopped as I got to room 302, I unlocked the door. I was surprised as I saw the size of the room. It was really nice; I cocked my head to the side seeing that some of my things had been set up. All of my clothes were still boxed but my assistance devices were out and plugged in. I couldn't help but smile, someone went out of their way to make me feel at home. Tyler wasn't here yet, as a new student we were allowed to move in a day before the seniors.

I went through my clothes and put them away, I changed into a more comfortable pair of cargo shorts and one of my ratty tie dyed shirts. I looked at myself in the mirror, my honey blond hair was a mess but I looked good. I groaned as my watch vibrated, I looked at it and sighed as "Rose" flashed on the face. She couldn't exactly call me on a cell phone so she had a little button that she could push to get my attention. It was phenomenally annoying as it had a good 500 feet range, she could bother me from most places on campus.

I headed down to her room and knocked on the half opened door. I poked my head in and smiled at my twin sister. What's up? I signed to her as I walked in.

How's the move in going? She signed but she also spoke, she hadn't needed to do this in years.

Good, what's with the lips moving? Feeling chatty? I smirked.

I'd like you to meet my roommate Bella. Oh shit. I'm an asshole. Rose laughed and pointed to behind me. I turned seeing a pale brunette smiling at me as she hung up her clothing.

"Oh Hi, I'm Jasper" I extended my hand and she shook it gently.

"Nice to meet you" I watched her lips intently. "Rosalie tells me you play soccer and baseball right?" I felt my cheeks redden, of course she did. I've played both for as long as I could remember, I enjoy both but I really love baseball though; I was starting catcher all three years at my last school.

I nodded and looked at her for a moment "So you're a new senior too?" I could tell I had asked a bit too softly as Bella leaned her head forward to hear me. It has been a little over four years since I lost my hearing and I didn't always have the best control over the volume of my voice.

"Junior actually, new student though" I nodded. I spent the evening hanging out with Rosalie and Bella, Bella was a sweet gal, incredibly clumsy but sweet. We ordered pizza and spent the evening watching DVD's on Rosalie's big screen. My roommate moved in as planned on Saturday; he was a pretty good guy. The only problem I saw was that he was having difficulty grasping the lip reading thing and often shouted at me. I spent Saturday night being introduced to his friends. Most of them were still juniors and the only one of them that didn't seem to be really annoying was Angela.

It was soon Monday morning and I was being awoken by the vibrations of my mattress as my alarm clock silently went off. I hopped in the shower attempting not to wake Tyler, it was still really early and I had to get breakfast before meeting with the guidance counselor. I thought it was a little premature and figured I'd have to see her sometime soon enough, at these kind of high tuition boarding schools you never saw the headmaster unless you did something really stupid.

I changed into a polo shirt and designer jeans before heading down to the cafeteria. There were only a few people in there so I just grabbed some Poptarts and took a seat by a window. I stared off into space after I finished eating, I was a little startled when my watch vibrated again. I smiled thankfully when I remembered I set it to tell me when I needed to go find this guidance counselor.

I found my way upstairs to the offices, knocking softly on the door labeled Mrs. Cullen. I smiled as the door opened to a beautiful woman with caramel colored hair and dimples opened the door. Hi, you must be Jasper. She signed perfectly to me with a soft smile.

Yes it's a pleasure to meet you. I extended my hand which she gently took. She asked me how I liked everything so far, I told her I thought it was still too early to tell. We chatted for a few minutes, both of her sons played baseball so I'm sure I'd get to know them eventually. She explained to me why we were having the meeting in the first place. She told me it wasn't her idea but that due to the circumstances of my transfer she was being forced to. They completely overreacted. I signed with a half smile half smirk.

She let out a laugh and signed back. You put gelatin in almost every restroom in the academic building before you took a flight home for the summer. I laughed at the memory. It took the janitors over fifty hours to get it out.

If they would have asked me I would have told them all they needed to do was pour hot water into the toilets it would become watery again. She laughed and shook her head.

You and my son Emmett will get along just fine. We chatted for a while longer until the warning bell for the morning assembly rang. She walked with me to the auditorium where 200 or so of my new school mates sat waiting.

How was the meeting with the counselor? Rosalie asked as I took my seat, we were organized in alphabetical order by class. As seniors we were on the right hand side behind the juniors. I told her it was fine and began to look around again, spacing out as I frequently did. I didn't attempt to read the lips of the dean of students who was talking to us from the front of the auditorium. Apparently they were welcoming the new students because I felt a hard jab in my ribs from Rose.

"Fuck! What?" I growled at Rosalie. Say present! She signed quickly. "Oh um present" I looked around seeing my school mates laugh. I was soon on my way to my first class.

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