"Idiot, this is why I told you to buy the tickets in advance!" Alice looked really adorable when she was angry. Apparently it had been Emmett's responsibility to buy the tickets ahead of time and now he had to deal with Alice and the fact that the movie we had wanted to see was sold out.

"What about bowling? You guys have a bowling alley right?" I suggested and moved behind Alice, wrapping my arms around her waist in an attempt to calm her down. Alice was putting too much pressure on the idea of a perfect evening for her first free night in two weeks. I didn't understand her urgency, for me to consider it a perfect evening I just needed to be with her.

"Bowling could work" a thankful smile crossed Emmett's face. Alice answered him but do to my location behind her I missed what she was saying. She must have agreed because we were soon on our way back to Emmett's car. I actually really like bowling, Rose and I went bowling a lot right after my mom died, it was part of her "get Jasper out of the house" project. There are only three bowling alleys in all of DC, one was on a college campus, one was in the White House and the third was part of a night club and bar. Rose and I both got our first fake ID's so we could bowl at Lucky Strike after 9pm.

It was a short drive from the movie theater to the bowling alley. Alice's bad mood faded once we learned it was cosmic bowling night, I think she figured bowling in the dark would be just as fun as watching a movie in the dark. After some discussion we decided we only needed one lane and would have a little competition bowling in pairs. Alice and I were to be a team, knowing how athletic Bella is I think Rosalie and Emmett might be our only competition.

Alice turned to face me as I came up beside her; she slipped her hands around my hips and looked up at me. "What size shoe do you wear?"

I smiled at her question, "eleven and a half." She blushed at my smile and nodded.

"I'll be right back" she leaned on to the tip of her toes and kissed me gently before walking off with Rose and Bella to get our rental shoes. It didn't take long for us to start bowling.

Due to the fact that Alice entered our names into the computer, our team was going first. I watched as Alice grabbed a bright orange bowling ball that probably weighed about nine pounds and walked up to the lane. She took a somewhat of a running step and practically tossed the ball. I had to stifle a laugh as the ball bounced about a third of the way down the lane and still managed to knock down four pins. She turned around to face us and gave an excited hop.

"Good job" I felt myself laughing as I smiled at her.

"Well thank you" she gave a mock bow and laughed. She waited patiently for her ball before approaching the lane and throwing it again. With her absolutely ridiculous form she still managed to pick up the spare. She jumped up in down as she watch the pins fall.

"Look at that!" I got to my feet as she turned around and hurried over to me. I grinned as she looped her arms around my neck.

"You better be good Hale" I gave a chuckle as she kissed me. We waited for the pins to reset before I grabbed a decent 15lb ball and got ready to bowl. Having done this quite a few times I easily knocked down nine pins and picked up the spare. After I watched the final pin fall I was greeted by Alice practically pounced on me and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"Not too shabby eh?" I began to feel a little nervous as Alice looked up at me smiling. We were incredibly close to each other, our legs and hips touching. Those nerves faded as I lost myself in Alice's eyes. I'm not totally sure how long actually stood there, Alice pulled away from me and not more than thirty seconds passed before my watch started to vibrate.

Emmett looked annoyed and slightly flustered while both Edward and Bella appeared to be laughing. You're slowing the game down lover boy. Rosalie had an enormous smile on her face as she signed to me.

Sorry I flashed Rose a quick smile and wrapped my arm around Alice's shoulder. Instead of sitting down in our seats across from Edward and Bella, Alice led me back towards the snack bar.

"Are you hungry?"I stared at Alice's luscious red lips while she talked to me. I was suddenly hungry but I doubt it was the hunger she had in mind.

"Sure, what would you like to have?" Neither of us were particularly hungry, so we ordered a hotdog and a large soda to share. I leaned against the Formica counter and looked at Alice as we waited.

Alice swatted my shoulder to ensure that she had my attention, "Teach me a new phrase to sign." There was no inquisitive inflection to her demeanor; it had been a demand and it made me smile.

"Feeling a little pushy tonight huh?" I teased playfully and quickly found Alice's hands at my hips. She turned me to face her and looked at me waiting for me to show her something. I didn't even think about my options, I brought my hand up and pointed at her before crossing my fingers and rotating my palm so it faced up. I fought off smiling like an idiot and finished with the sign for beautiful.

"So what's it mean?" She asked as she mimicked my motions with one hand. Her other hand looped around my belt buckle and pulled me closer to her. I'm not quite sure where my emotions were driven from but when Alice got into an affectionate mood like she was in now, I quickly found myself in the same mood, it was like I was feeding off of her. I leaned a little closer and planted a kiss on her temple before bringing my lips to her ear.

"You are beautiful" I could feel my warm breath as I whispered in her ear. My smile only grew as I felt both of Alice's hands took a hold of a handful of my shirt.