An Influential Past

Written by CosmicTwilight


All characters herein belong to that o Stephanie Myers, they are merely borrowed for pure fan use only and I gain no profit whatsoever, this is merely written from a bout of curiosity that formed after reading the books.


What if there was more to Edward? What if there was more to the reason of why he was so adamant about turning Bella into a vampire? What could possible make Edward into the person that he is with Bella?


There was nothing more she wanted, she stated she was happy with me. I was the one thing she wanted in the whole world. She didn't care for a regular man, someone who could go out everyday, someone who would eat normal food. Not someone who had to leave every now and then to hunt. Hunt to live. Live, that was a bit ironic considering I do not technically live. I am the walking undead, immortal for eternity until I am destroyed. Like her, I too am confident in the way things are, I am content to have her in my arms, to kiss her warm lips, listen to her beat as she runs her hands through my hair.

Her smile, her voice, her scent. Oh god her scent was wonderful, it's almost like an injection of heroin every time I breath in her scent. The wind rustling through her hair, blowing the scent to me. Calling for me. No screaming for me. Screaming for me to come to her. It was so hard the first time I met her, so hard to not leap onto her and drink the sweet wine that is her blood. But something in me held back. She didn't know at the time but she was driving me insane. I had only just met her, but I'd fallen in love with her, a mere mortal. I knew deep down that the Volturi would not approve, but at that point and time I did not really care. Nor did I consider how deep we would each go. It reached the point where I cared for her more than I cared for my own existence.

I would proudly risk my life for her, which I have done on many occasions. At the time I wasn't sure why I jumped infront of Tyler's car, why I risked myself for someone I was trying so hard to stay away from. But it became clear that night I found her in that alley in Port Angeles. A lot of things became clear that night.

My dear sweet Bella, fell so deep into what we shared, it wasn't long after we returned from Italy that she prompted me with the question I had been dreading ever since I'd laid eyes on her.

"Can you make me a vampire?"

I breathed in deeply, lost in my own thoughts. I could never tell her why I was so dead against her throwing her life away. She had so much to live for, so many people. She could never know the story of why I am so protective. But then again, she could read me like an open book.