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Edwards POV

'Man your emotions are all over the place. Just be happy that she chose you and move on. You deserve this; she wants this, what else is there? We're going hunting! You're driving me mad!"

Jaspers thoughts flittered into my mind. Bella had fallen asleep a few hours ago and as soon as her breathing evened out my mind started reeling. Her words were swirling through my mind, 'I know you think it's selfish for you to change me, but don't you see how it is selfish for you not to change me?'

Had I given in too easy? I wanted this, oh god how I wanted this; but is this really what she wanted? I mean did she really know what she was asking for. 'I want to be with you no matter what the cost, my life would be nothing without you, and I cannot bear to imagine a world where you don't exist. As selfish as it may be to want this even though it obviously causes you pain, I can't bring myself to take it back.'

She thought she was causing me pain? Has she no idea that she was trying to give me my hearts desire, she was giving me herself, forever. She was willing to leave it all behind, her family, her friends, her beating heart; and what was I giving up? Nothing! She was losing everything and I was gaining everything; selfish. 'Can it really be selfish if we both think it's selfish to want the same thing?'

I couldn't answer her question then and I can't answer it now. I could only speak the truth to her and the fact is that if this is what she wanted, I would give it to her. I would hate myself for doing it, and when she realizes what I did to her she could quite possibly hate me too. No one should ever feel the pain we feel, the bloodlust, the lack of humanity, the sorrow of watching the people you've met over the years die. She was a beautiful person, pure and honest and this life was not meant for her, but I was, and if this is what she wanted, what I needed I would make this life easier for her.

But I still had time. I would not change her while she felt threatened. I would make sure that this change was what she wanted fully. Only when I dealt with Victoria would I broach this subject again. She had my promise and I would follow through, but I needed to be sure this is what she wanted.

She sighed in her sleep and pulled her body closer to mine, hugging me tightly. I couldn't help the smile that fell on my lips. Her hair was fanned across my chest enveloping me in her freesia and scent. Her lips were slightly parted and a small smile played on her lips, she was gorgeous, and for some reason she wanted me. There was never a time in my life that I had wanted to be human more, for her I would do that, I would give up eternity; because eternity meant nothing without her.

My realization hit me fast and hard, the way I viewed eternity was the same way she would view her life, and if my eternity meant nothing without her, then her life would mean nothing without me. She had tried over and over to tell me this, and I just couldn't understand why she would want forever; but she didn't just want forever, she wanted me forever; as I did her.

In a low whisper I repeated my words to her, not in defeat this time, but in acceptance and gratitude for the angel in my arms; "I love you and if you want me forever than you shall have me forever, you are the most important part of my life; always."

I placed a feather light kiss on her forehead and wrapped my arms even tighter around her, I would never lose her, I would do anything to protect her, Victoria was one vampire, and we were seven; she would fail and I would have Bella forever.

Bella's POV

Sleep always came too fast when I was wrapped in Edwards arms. I always wanted more time with him, my body and mind craved him all of the time. I hoped that wouldn't change when I did. Changed, he had said yes, finally I had convinced him that this is what I wanted, what we both needed. I knew he was still weary of the entire thing, but I had a few months to make him absolutely sure about his decision. He thought he was taking away my life, but in reality he was giving me everything id always wanted and many many things id never dreamed I wanted, but most of all he was giving me him.

I fought sleep hard last night, trying my best to stay awake and be in the moment with Edward. But as soon as my lullaby started to stream from his lips I involuntarily surrendered to the darkness. A view of the clock as my eyes fluttered shut told me that is was three in the morning and I mentally cursed the fact that school started at eight. Stupid Fridays.

My dreams were peaceful, and full of Edward. Many of them memories of us and all of the amazing moments we had spent together, I loved this man more than anything and I knew that my heart would always be his, it always had been his, id just not known it yet.

A low rumble sounded in my ears and I felt my body shake a little bit. "Emmett I'm warning you, if…"

Edward's low warning was interrupted by the sounds of splitting wood and a large yell from Emmett.

"Get up little one! We've waited for you long enough; we have big plans for today!"

My grip on Edward's torso tightened, I was not ready to wake up, despite the fact that my body felt unreasonably alert for having only four hours of sleep.

"Emmett, go away!"

Edward chuckled at the threatening tone in my voice, damn him for not needing sleep, for not knowing the grumpiness of being woken from wonderful dreams of the one you loved.

"Eddie, you've got yourself a fiery kitten. I'm shaking in my boots here."

"Listen Emmett I will beat you into next week if she asks me to, so I'd keep on her good side if I were you."

"Like you could little bro, and besides, I didn't spend half my night stealing farm animals just so she could sleep till noon and ruin my plans! Its time to get up!"

I must still be dreaming, there is no way I just heard that properly.

Slowly I lifted my head from Edward's pillow and brought my body into a sitting position, still keeping his arm around me as I leaned into his embrace with my knees tucked up against my chest. Edwards cold lips met with my temple; "good afternoon love."

My eyes shot open wide, "What? Afternoon! Edward I can't afford to miss any more school. I can't believe you let me sleep this late."

Emmett was laughing in earnest now; I looked away from Edwards amused gaze and saw Emmett holding onto his sides as his booming laughter filled the room. I raised an eyebrow at him and then turned to Edward questioningly.

"It seems as though Emmett had some fun this morning making sure school was cancelled for today."

"Hey just because I graduated that place last year doesn't mean I don't remember how boring it was! I just made it a little more fun for the teachers, that's all."

I looked at Emmett my eyes wider than ever, "Farm animals?" I whispered, knowing full well he could hear me.

"Oh little one, Emmett Cullen does not do things half arsed."

"What exactly did you do Emmett?"

He laughed again, "Ill tell you, once you're ready to go! I've got big plans for us today!"

"We'll be ready in an hour Emmett, she needs to eat." Edward sighed as he pulled me into his lap and held me close.

"Hurry up!" Emmett sang as he popped the 'p' and skipped out of the room.

As Emmett shut the now unlockable door, thanks to Emmett, Edward's hand brushed the hair out of my face and placed a gentle kiss on my lips before looking into my eyes with a smile. "How did you sleep?"

"Amazing, as I always do when you're beside me." I replied simply, as I knew every word was true.

Edward was standing with me in his arms in a flash and I let out a small squeal as he spun me around. "Why don't you have a shower and get dressed. Alice left your outfit on the counter in the bathroom. Ill go make you some breakfast, what would you like?"

"I would like for you to tell me where we're going," I pouted.

"Sorry angel, but I can't spoil Emmett's fun. Besides I think you'll like it. Now what would you like for breakfast?"

I smiled up at him, "surprise me!" I said as I skipped towards the bathroom.

"You hate surprises," he chuckled.

"Mmmhmmm," was all I said as I shut the bathroom door to get ready for the day. I had no clue what Emmett had up his sleeve but if Edward thought I would enjoy myself I'm sure I would; and besides I was dying to hear how Emmett got school cancelled by stealing farm animals.

I made it through my shower quickly and put on the outfit that Alice had laid out for me. It was simple for once and comfortable, I was even more surprised that she hadn't come in the room to do my hair or my make up.

So I made my way to the stairs, wearing a pair of jeans, with a dark blue v-neck tee shirt and a matching sweater combo. I had on a pair of navy Jack Purcell's and my hair was pulled up into a messy bun. The smell of pancakes hit my nose and my stomach growled, causing me to hustle down the stairs a little faster than usual.

I made it all the way to the bottom step before my toe caught on mid air and I flew forwards. My arms reached out, and my eyes slammed shut as I waited for the impact of the floor.

Suddenly I was jerked up and was cradled in Emmett's arms, thankful for the lack of impact with the hardwood floor. "Oh no you don't! You're not getting out of today's activities that easy!"

My cheeks flushed red, and I chuckled at myself and my clumsiness. "Thanks Em."

"No prob little one," he said as he started to walk towards the kitchen, me still cradled in his arms.

As Emmet walked me into the kitchen the smile on my face grew larger to see Edward standing over the stove flipping a pancake on to a plate. "Geeze Edward, you gotta teach this girl to stay on her feet."

Edward looked up to see me cradled in Emmett's arms; he looked at me and then switched his gaze to Emmett no doubt seeing the entire incident that had just passed. A small smile played on his lips as he set the plate on the table and walked towards me and Emmett.

"Emmett don't even think….." Edward growled from across the kitchen.

Emmett's chest vibrated with laughter and before I knew it I was being thrown in the air towards Edward, a scream rising from throat as my arms and legs flailed in the air. Edward's arms wrapped around my legs and my shoulder and he cushioned my impact with him making it feel like landing on a pile of pillows. "Are you okay?" he whispered.

I was still too shocked to speak. So I merely nodded my head and continued my focus on regaining my breathing levels. Edward's chest was growling as he shot daggers at Emmett, but then a very small smile crossed his angry face. A very loud crack echoed across the kitchen and I looked up to see Rosalie standing over Emmett with a menacing expression.

"Emmett you idiot! She's recovering from a back injury and you just chucked her across the kitchen! The first time was a mistake, but that was just moronic!"

Rosalie! Rosalie Hale was standing up for me! I just stared at her wide eyed in shock. She looked up at me and smiled, she freakin smiled, and then walked out of the room.

"Bella, I'm sorry I forgot," Emmett's eyes were pleading with me. Still to shocked to speak I just nodded my head again and looked up to Edward who still had a smile on his face. He continued to hold me in his arms as he walked me towards my breakfast.

He sat me down in my chair as I watched Emmett get up off the floor and run after Rosalie shouting apologies to his wife. Edward chuckled and I followed his lead allowing myself a giggle at the situation.

I ate my breakfast with Edward, snaking sly glances at him and smiling as my mouth closed around the delicious pancakes after each bite. He just sat there in silence, staring at me, his gaze full of love; this in-turn just made me smile wider. I truly loved this man.

Once I was finished I was ushered out of the house into Emmett's big jeep. Rose and Emmet were in the front and Alice was sitting on Jaspers lap in the back. She started bouncing up and down and looked at me with the expression of a three year old about to get an ice-cream cone.

Edward helped me into the Jeep and I sat down in the middle seat beside Jasper, who only stiffened a little; he must have hunted extra for this. Before Edward was even fully in the Jeep Emmett hit the gas and began speeding out of the Cullen's driveway. Alice leaned down and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, before she squealed "you're going to have so much fun today Bella!"

Edward picked me up out of my seat and took the middle one, allowing jasper some breathing room. Jasper smiled weakly at me and I just nodded my head in acceptance, this was hard for him. I leaned into Edward. "So no hints as to where were going?"

He wrapped his arm around me and brought his lips to my ear, "not a chance."

I shivered as his cold breath made contact with my neck, and he chuckled.

I scanned the jeep looking for any excuse to keep the attention of my now radiating blush, that when I realized I hadn't heard Emmett's 'farm animal' story. I perked up and smiled as I leaned forward, towards Emmett's seat. "So big man, care to tell the tale about how you sprung us from school today?"

Everyone in the Jeep laughed and Emmett's smile grew to one of epic proportions. "Sit back little one and let Emmett regal you with the story of his mastery."

I laughed and leaned back into Edward's embrace, preparing myself for the story of Emmett's 'mastery'.

"So, we all went out after you and Edward went upstairs, Alice was adamant about it." I sighed a big sigh of relief that they didn't hear our conversation last night; that could have been awkward. "So Carlisle was concerned about you not getting enough sleep, he said that you could get sick again." Edward's arms tightened around me and Emmett continued.

"So I said that we should let you sleep in. Alice almost lost it; she told us that if you missed school again you would be really mad, so that option was out. But I'm Emmett McCartey Cullen, and I knew I could figure out a way to spring you from school and keep you happy at the same time."

I was really enthralled in Emmett's storey, it was quite obvious he cared about me, he didn't want me to get sick, he was looking out for me, kind of like a big brother.

"I've never gotten a school cancelled before but I figured it should be easy. Once again the little pixie gave me a warning, Carlisle would be made if I vandalized anything, or kept the school closed for more than one day; so busting a water mane was out of the question. So I may have gone to all of the local farms around town and stole a few cows, chickens and a couple of sheep."

"You what?!?!" I screamed, as chuckles once again echoed around the Jeep.

"Relax Bella! They were over stocked, these poor animals were being treated cruelly, and when the police, your dad, get them back to their owners they will see that and call the humane society to report them. It was a win, win situation."

I was a little confused. "Emmett I don't get it, you stole the animals, but how did you get school cancelled with that?"

"Ah little one, I have yet to finish the tale of my mastery. So after I stole the animals I put one in each of the classrooms. They were already making quite a mess when I left."

"Oh. My. Gosh," I brought my hand to my mouth to stifle my giggles. "Emmett you didn't?"

"Oh but Bella I did, and don't worry, I will make a significant donation to the school fundraising committee to make up for the damage."

"Damage? Emmett!"

Emmett was now laughing loudly, and Edward was shaking beside me. "So a few of the cows may have trampled on some things, and the chickens pooped everywhere, and the sheep… well the sheep ate a few dozen copies of the midterms that were in the office."

"Emmett Cullen, I can't believe you did that, all to get me out of school."

"Yup! Oh and by the way, a cow may have left a very large pile of nasty on Newton's desk!"

The whole Jeep erupted into laughter, and I finally lost it. I was laughing so hard that tears were now streaming down my cheeks. "Emmett you truly are the master," I said between giggles.

"Don't you forget that little one!"

Edward wiped away a few of my remaining tears and he turned me in my seat to face him. "It's so nice to see you laugh like this, you are too beautiful."

I smiled up at the man I loved more than anything as he dipped his head down to place a tender kiss on my lips. My hands snaked up into his hair and I pulled my body closer to his, at that moment I could have cared less that his family was in the car with us, it was just Edward and I in my own little bubble.

"Hey!" Emmett yelled. "If you two don't mind, were here and my poor Jeep does not need to be defiled by your smooching!"

Edward and I both laughed as we separated. Edward shot Emmett a dirty look and I let out another giggle.

My giggle was abruptly stopped when I realized where we were. "Edward! There is no way I am going in there!" Terror clearly lacing my tone.

Edward laughed, and rubbed my shoulders, "Isabella, do you think I would ever take you somewhere you could get hurt?" He dipped his head back down and traced feather light kisses along my jaw.

"Umm no?" I gulped.

"Good! Now that that's settled lets go."

I grabbed Edwards hand tightly, as I walked towards the entrance of the roller coaster park; this was going to be an interesting day to say the least.

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