Love in the Snow

Summary: A sweet animalistic(furry?) love scene out in the snow between fox versions of Sasuke and Naruto.

Credits and Claims: I do not own Naruto. For avoidance of plagiarism against another author (whose name I can't find at the moment) I will say that Love in the Snow was partly inspired by a small peace in a fan fic. That mentioned two little foxes in a zoo doing naughty things.

Warnings: Mostly just a little fluffy lemon ball. Sasunaru, boyXboy, do not read if you do not like.

Two little foxes skitted back and forth through the snow banks of the forest. The black fox was chasing the golden one.

"You can't cat-!" The black fox tackled the little golden orange fox just as he was looking back to say this. They rolled and crashed into a snow mound.

Naruto barked. "What's the big idea Teme!?"

The black fox towared over the golden one on it's back.

"You're the one who forced me. You've been running from me all day." Sasuke nuzzled Narutos' ear and neck as he said this.

"We were playing tag!"

"Tag isn't one sided, Dobe." This time he nipped the ear.

The blonde barked again as the big black fox began to lick him. He licked back welcoming the affection. His golden ears were back, submitting to the dominance of his Sasuke.

Coaxing the golden fox onto his belly Sasuke shoved the fluffy tail out of his way. He wasted no time mounting his mate.

"Shouldn't we go back to our den?" The blonde asked.

"I can't wait." Sasuke-fox whispered licking and nuzzling his mate again.

"Mmmnn. Sasukee." Naru-fox whined resting his head on his paws.

"Arch your back for me." Sasuke urged trying to position himself.

Naru-fox could feel his mate wanting to get in him, he of course wanting it too complied raising his hips.

There were a few sharp, brutal thrusts, like always, but everything quickly settled into the norm. Both yipped and growled and gasped with pleasure going at it like rabbits. Sasuke vigorously humped his little fox senseless.

They both managed two rounds before it started getting too cold outside to stay buried between the mounds of snow.

"What do you say we head home now?" Sasuke-fox said licking his lips and then his mates.

"kay,… Sasu-koi."

With that both little foxes headed home the black fox chasing the gold.