Part 1

This is just a one-shot folks don't get too excited

I had woken up late in the afternoon around one of two. I worked the late shift at Merrlotts and was just plum tired. I was going to be off for the next two nights and I had every intention to sleeping those days away but knew it wasn't really going to happen. I was so far behind in all my house chores that I was going to have to spend the rest of the day getting at least half way caught up.

I washed my lunch dishes and set them in the rack to dry then dried my hands with an old dish towel that Gran always set over the cabinet door under the sink. It was exceptionally quiet in my house now that Amelia and Octavia moved back to New Orland's and of course there is not a man now in my life nor any pitter patter of little feet with the exception of my own. Since De Castro's takeover of Louisiana, Eric has been busy with the new king's regime. He had tried a couple of times to talk to me but I got straight out pissed one night with the lot of them and rescinded everyone's invitation to my home.

I needed a break and so far it's been a pretty looooonng break! Like three months of a break making a total of almost five months of no sex so staying very busy is one of my top priorities or else I'd go insane. Poor Sam had been on the receiving end of my frustrations but he has been a good friend to me and deserves better, I was gonna have to make it up to him somehow. Speaking of my loyal shifter, my cell rang as I was about to head out the door to get some yard work done.

"Hey Sam, please tell me you're not calling me in tonight?"

"No chere, I was just calling to say Hi and see what you were up to. You've been kinda distant lately and wondered if you need help with anything?"

"Oh Sam, thank you but I think I'm ok. I was just headed out to do some yard work to keep myself busy."

"Well, do ya' want some help? It's no problem, I took the night off, Terry is gonna fill in for me. I kinda need a break too. If you want the company that is."

"That's real sweet of you Sam but you don't have to."

"But I want to. I'll be over in a bit have some tea ready for me, kay?"

"Umm, alright Sam, but you…"

"Shush! See you soon." Then he hung up.

Great, just great. I'm not complaining I need the help actually and it's not like I can call Jason, I'm still pissed at him but I've been so deprived of sex and I like Sam and I know he would like to be more then friends with me but now for the rest of the afternoon, I was going to be watching his muscles dance and smell his sweet muskiness as he helped me work my property.

Sam does not compare to the Viking sex god but he is very attractive in his own way. His reddish auburn hair even though he tries to groom it still seemed to have that wind-blown look to it. He sage green eyes always seem to have a sparkle in them even when he's pissed. From all the lifting of beer cases and odd jobs around the bar, you wouldn't know it but he's got some well formed arm, chest and shoulder muscles. I've seen him naked a time or two but never really taking any in depth notice but I noticed enough that he was blessed where it counted. Not as blessed as Eric, I honestly don't think anyone is as blessed as Eric but Sam I'm sure would put a few men to shame.

Just thinking of Sam was starting to get me worked up and I had to mentally slap myself and get with the program before she showed up. It's not like I was now some nymphomaniac but five months is a long time no matter who you are.

I headed outside to the shed and pulled out the lawn mower and started to gas it up and check the oil like Jason showed me. As I was pushing the mower to the front yard Sam's truck pulled into the drive.

"Just be good and keep your mouth shut Sookie." I warned myself.

"Hey Sam!"

"Hey Sook!"

"Sweet tea is in the kitchen whenever you need it."

"Alright then, let's get started shall we."

"Okay, you know where the shed it."


Sam headed to the shed to get some tools and we spent the rest of the afternoon mowing the grass, weeding, pruning and sweeping the deck before we started the assault on the inside of the house. We didn't really talk much while we worked it almost felt as though he belong here. I would occasion catch myself in the act of staring at him and I think he caught me a couple of time too. I couldn't help it though he really was handsome and the sun glistening off the beads of sweat on his skin and at some point in time he took off his shirt and the sweat under his thinly hairy chest was sparkling in the sun. I just could help but stare.

After all the dusting, sweeping, window washing, silver polishing, mopping, and good bathroom scrubbing, I needed a good scrub too. Both Sam and I were filthy and sweaty to the core and we both were hungry but I decided I wanted to forgo dinner and just take a long hot bath and eat after.

"Thanks so much Sam, you didn't have to help me do all this."

"S'all right Chere, I enjoyed the company, really."

"You've helped me so much today and I know it's rude but I'm too tired to make any dinner. I know you're hungry but I just want to take a bath right now. Can I pay you back with dinner tomorrow?"

"You promise?"

"Yeah, I promise!"

"Ok, I'll see you tomorrow then. I'll have Terry fill in again, shouldn't be a problem."

"Thanks again Sam." Sam with his shirt still tucked in his back pocket slowly approached me and gave me hug. His thick arms wrapped around me and mine did the same. His manly scent washed over me. He was musky and smelled of sweat. His after shave had faded but I could still pick up traces of it. His smell was flooding into me and I didn't realize that I was gripping the muscles of his back and a groan escaped his lips.

"She's so beautiful…feels so good… hold me tighter… god I want to taste her… I wish she would let me stay…I love her I wish she would see that."

I forced myself to pull away releasing my hold on him. I rose up on my tip toes and kissed him on the cheek.

"Night Sam."

"Night Sookie."

I didn't bother to watch Sam as he walked out the door I need to get his smell off me before lust took over and I would jump his bones on my deck. I sprinted upstairs and straight to my bathroom.

When I went out the other day I decided to splurge a little at my local Wal-Mart and get bath milk and sugar scrub, a bottle of gin and a bottle of tonic water. I ran my bath as hot as I could stand and added a handful of bath milk. As I waited for the tub to fill I tossed my dirty close at the hamper, completely missing. The shirt hung on the edge of the hamper while my bra, panties and short littered the floor around it. "Oh well." I mumbled to myself and slipped into my bath with a tall glass of my favorite gin and tonic. I was in my own kind of heaven. I had no sooner got in when I heard my bedroom door creek. I figured it was just the air flow in the house moving the door until I heard the scratches at my bathroom door. My heart started to race, I had nowhere to run. "Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!" Just as I was about to go into full blown panic a wet black nose finally pushed through making the door swing open. In the door way stood Dean the collie.

"Sam… Dean! What the hell are you doing? GET OUT!"

Dean emitted a little whimper but continued into the bathroom. He walked over to the tub laying his snout on the edge of the tub. He glanced in the water and his tail started wagging.

"Dean! I am warning you, I swear I'll smack you on the nose if you don't git!"

Dean took a step back and without any warning Jumped into the bath. I drew my knees to my chest as the water sloshed onto the floor. The air began to change and the distinctive sounds of shifting filled the room. After a few moment of sheer disbelief Sam was now sitting across from me in my bath naked as the day he was born.

"Sam Merlott you have five seconds to get out of my bath and three of those seconds are already gone!"

Without a word, he stretched his legs out, leaned forward grabbing my ankles pulling me to him and onto his lap tucking my ankles behind him. His sage eyes were burning into mine. His hands were now on my back pulling me to him.


"Shut up Sookie."

One of his hands, warm and wet slid up my back to my neck gently pulling my face to his. This was so unlike Sam. This confidence and persistence. Very alpha- male.

'So beautiful, I know you can hear me Sookie, please this time, don't fight me. Let me love you.'

"Sam…" I couldn't say anything more because he pressed his lips to mine. It was like our bodies had set fire. Our lips burned against each other. Melting and molding, feeding one another. The fire spread through my body after months of deprivation. The same fire emanating from his being after years of holding back. Holding me tight to his chest I could feel his softened curly hair floating against my chest tickling in a way but not to make me laugh. His rough hands massaging and pressing into my flesh. We both paused for air then his lips found mine again. His tongue began to trace the curves of my lower lip and then the upper. He was not asking for entrance but rather tasting and feeling.

"God you taste so good Sook." Then he kissed me again. Fervorant, passionate kisses. Our tongues dancing together. Slipping over one another's. Tasting and playing. I finally noticed his tongue was more gruff then the norm, his mouth was hot but sweet.

"So do you…" I was able to whisper.

He pulled back for a moment just to look at me. I dropped my eyes in embarrassment until his fore finger lifted my chin so I could meet his gaze.

"Sookie, I am not like any of them. I have no politics. I have no pack or obligations. I am a free man with nothing but time for you Sookie. I have waited for you for six years now and have loved you just as long. I have no secrets or anything to hide. I will protect you. I don't need anything except for you, a good woman. Let me be the man in your life…please."

Tears started streaming down my face as the fire slightly subsided within me. "Oh Sam, I don't want to ruin us. I don't want to hurt you any more then I have already."

"Let me worry about that."

He pulled me back into him for another deep and searing kiss. "I love you Sookie, I always have, I always will."

Sam leaned me back into the water to wet my hair and pulled me up again then began to wash it. I closed my eyes with relief and sighed as his fingers massaged my scalp. When he was finished he leaned me back again to rinse the shampoo out but then held me extended from him as I gripped his biceps. His hand lightly stroked my cheek and smoothing down over my neck to my collar bone and shoulder.

"So damn beautiful, you know that right?"

I pulled myself back up blushing at the same time. He then gave me his signature Sam smile while smoothing my hair back. After a few more kisses we washed each other and got out when the water started to cool. As the water drained Sam stood and got out of the tub and offered me his hand. I blushed with embarrassment. I was currently hidden by the murkiness of the milk-water and he had not seen me naked before though I have seen him.

'Come on beautiful, s'all right now. I wanna see you so bad, I already know you're perfect.'

I took his hand and got out of the tub. He grabbed the towel off the hook and proceeded to dry me off like it was something he did all the time. We felt normal and right, like this was how it was supposed to be. Until now, I just realized that it felt this way all the time with him. After a moment he dried himself and tossed the towel in the hamper then led me to the bedroom.

Before we reached the bed he turned to face me and gently pulled me into his embrace. His body hot against mine. His rough hands now softened by the bath holding me firm yet tenderly stroking my back up and down. The hair on his face tickled a little as he kissed my next and shoulders so lightly. The fire in me began to blaze again. His every touch was like sparks on my skin. I could feel his length getting hard and pressing against the pocket of my hip lightly. I shivered and moaned as his hot tongue and warm breath trailed up my neck to my chin then I moaned again when his lips traced mine and delving in and out of my mouth.

'That's right Sookie, feel me. You feel so good, you're so perfect.'

Sam's thoughts were so clear. He was purposely broadcasting to me and our touch was making it all even more clearer. His every thought was burning into me. You can't lie in your thoughts and his thoughts were so perfect. No lies, just truth.

I pulled away and walked to the bed, positioning myself in the middle facing him. For the first time he looked at me with nervous eyes but the same eyes filled with hunger and need and love.

"Are you sure you want to do this Sookie?"

I put on a playful devious smile and beckoned him to me with my finger. "Dean… come!"

Sam closed his eyes breathing deep then the same smile appeared on his face. As he walked to me teeth bared behind his smile as he hissed a low growl.

'goddamn, goddamn, goddamn.'