Good Boy Dean

Part II

Sam/Dean's POV

"Good boy!" She stated approvingly as I moved closer to the edge of the bed.

She laid back and began to stroke her tight abdomen while keeping her eyes locked with mine.

"Sookie, I want to be sweet but you know you are playing with fire Chere."

"Is that so?"

"Yes, that is so."

"Well then, are you my good boy Dean or are you Sam… The Boss?"

A growl rumbled in me once again. I wanted both. I had waited so long for this moment. I wanted to show her how much I loved her, that I have always loved her. I wanted to be her loyal man. A man that never failed her compared to those blood sucking bastards that had turned my world upside down ripping her from me at every chance they got but as she laid there on the bed. Her hands gingerly roaming her tanned and tender skin, my primal need for her began to rage war.

"The question really is Chere, do you want Dean or Sam?" With that I tried to soften my eyes as I looked upon her. Tonight I wanted to be her Sam so I pushed my other side away but kept it at arms distance for later. She saw my face soften and Sookie the sex kitten turned on her side and patted the place next to her. Her eyes dropped with embarrassment as she let all pretenses fall, suddenly unsure of herself. I took my place next to her and lifted her chin to so she looked directly at me.

"Sookie, I have loved you far too long to not have you anymore. I am so sick of watching you get hurt in every way. Give me a chance. Please."

Her southern drawl leaked into her voice as her emotions took over. "I had always known that you would be there for me but I was just so afraid 'cause I had already lost so much you are the last thing I wanted to lose. I just don't want to lose you Sam, I never have."

"I'm not going anywhere Sookie." I began to kiss her so tenderly, pouring every ounce of love into the kiss that I could almost feel her tears begin to swell behind her eye lids. The light from the bathroom poured over us. I broke from the kiss and started to trail my lips down over her soft and warm form. My finger tips traced over her skin and paused and the surprisingly subtle scar on her side. I pulled my lips from her skin and began to survey all of her beauty that had been so abused by those blood sucking bastards or at least because of them. My finger tips touched every scar. Where she was staked, shot, a few very faint puncture marks and the marks on her back. Her beauty had been desecrated yet she is still alluring. He battle scars were just another sign of how tough and brave she truly was more then I already knew. Her skin began to flush with embarrassment as my thumbs brushed over the fading pin pricks on her breast. She turned her head away from my gaze and tried to sit up.

"I'm sorry Sam I'm not as perfect as you thought."

"No baby, come back. You're so beautiful, in every way. I am angry at what they have done to you. But every scar, every mark on you is just a statement of how brave and wonderful you are. Don't be embarrassed, love. Come here, lay with me, let me feel you."

She raised her hand to cover the marks on her breast and her sweet skin flushed a luscious shade of pink. I pull her hand away and lean over her to kiss her tender marked flesh.

"I don't care Sookie. You're here with me now, that's all that matters."

Her breath hitched and her breasts began to heave with anticipation. I kiss her marks again just above her tight pert nipple, then nuzzle her breast with the tip of my nose while breathing in her alluring scent. I tried my hardest but could not contain the whine that escaped my throat and I drew that warm pink nipple into my mouth. If I was a man dying of thirst and you offered me a gallon of water or the option to die suckling at her breast I would rather die a very happy man.

As I suckle and lave at her breast she weaves her delicate fingers into my hair. A quiet growl rumbles low in my belly and I nip gently at her bud. Her reaction is a gentle tug on my locks causing me to growl louder and nip and pull a little harder.

"Sam, oh gods!"

I release her bud and nuzzle her some more. Worse than a vamp high on fairy I just want to rub my face all over her beautiful body. I want her scent all over me. I wanted to embed it into my very being. I have waited for this for so long. Just the smell of her makes want to cum on her thigh but I'm better than that and I will do her better than that.

"Damn you smell so good baby."

"Sam I want you!"

"Sorry baby, I'm not finished yet."

My fingers glide along her golden skin. The simple sensation drives my senses wild making my loins throb and ache. I nuzzle my way down to her belly circling her navel with the tip of my nose. Her moans and heavy breaths drive me mad with hunger for her as well and her ambrosia perfume assaults my senses. Her arousal is intoxication. She is clenching her thighs together in hopes to relive her ache to be touched and satisfied, she is as anxious as I am. I lap lightly at her belly eliciting more moans from her pretty mouth and nuzzle her sides causing her to giggle and squirm. My Sookie is ticklish, I'll remember that for later but now is not the time for play so to bring her back to me I nip her hip gently but aggressively. She gasps and bucks. My left hand molds to her breast, rolling, pinching and tugging on her sweet bud while my right caress her hip and thigh. I'm doing my best to bury my face in her skin until my lips meet her round scar on her side. I kiss it gently and lap at the wound as though I was continuing the healing process, even if the healing is only mentally.

"Oh, Sookie, look what they have done to you." I continue to kiss the old wound while caressing every high and low of her beautiful frame.

My nose and lips made their way lower as I moved to the side of the bed taking my place kneeling at her feet. I gaze down at my luscious Sookie who is now gripping the bed linen. Her knees are raised still clenching and rubbing her thighs together searching for relief. I capture her eyes with mine and they are filled with desire and hunger. She looks like a goddess, withering before me, ready for the taking. I plan on giving her both Sam and Dean. Our eyes meet again and she speaks to me in almost a whisper;

"Do you really love me Sam?" Her blue eyes start to well up as her stare pierces into my very soul. I am lost to her as I have been since she first walked into my office looking for a job.

"Sookie, you know of all people know that I do. Everyone knows that I do. I have been waiting six long years to tell you that I do and I always will. I love you Sookie! Damn it I love you so much. Will you let me love you?"

Her tears slide down the side of the side of her face, getting lost her silky locks. Her mouth moves but almost makes no sound but I hear what she says with my sensitive hearing. Finally with one simple word my heart explodes with joy. "Yes."

Her knees open as I lower myself down to her angelic face and kiss her lips gently at first. Her soft lips mold to mine setting fire to them branding her taste and touch to them. Just her simple kiss has marked me. I am forever hers I know that now. It was always her. I brace myself on my forearms holding my weight off her just enough, but I'm close enough to feel her body burning beneath me. I gently grip the back of her neck pulling her lips deeper into mine. I cannot get enough of her. Our lips part and tongues collide. Her sweetness envelops me shooting tingles and heat down my spine and all the way to my balls.

"FUCK you feel so good, you taste so good, I'm all yours Sookie, God I love you."

Her arms embrace me and grip my shoulders holding on for dear life. Her knees widen a touch more gripping my hips. He body cradles me, holds me. A perfect fit of a beautiful puzzle. Our kiss deepens if at all possible and her mewls and moans are getting the better of me along with the gentle roll of her hips. My cock is so hard its staining against its own skin. She starts to kiss, lick and nip along my jaw up to my ear. My own moans are becoming harder to control. The occasional whine and whimper also evades my grasp. Her kiss swollen lips burn against my ear as she whispers her needs.

"I want Sam. Make love to me Sam. I'm ready, make love to me now."

"Are you sure baby?"


I kiss her deeply as I reach down to ready myself to enter what I'm sure will be heaven. I gently let the back of my fingers brush along her ready and swollen sex. She whimpers into my mouth. She is so wet and ready and hot against my hand. I grasp my cock swollen red and turgid. Pre-cum had beaded at the head. I lean in to rub it all over her nether lips and passing over her hyper sensitive clit. Her fingers grip harder into my shoulders. "Please Sam!"

"Alright my love."

I'm proud to say that I'm not your average man. I'm long and thick and the feeling of pushing into her wet tightness is excruciating ecstasy and so is the look on her face as we connect.

"Sweet Jesus Sam!"

"Fuck Sookie!"

I'm now buried deep, loins meeting loins. I knew that hell was supposed to be hot but I didn't know heaven was hotter. I wait for her to adjust before I start a languid pace.

Her face is so beautiful. Her eyes locked with mine, lips slightly parted. Her honey breath warming my cheeks. I lean in to kiss her tenderly and pull back again to watch the passion build in her eyes.

She begins to raise her hips meeting my strokes as her legs wrap around my waist pulling me deeper still.

"More Sam! Give me more!" She breaths.

I pick up my pace but keeping it gentle. I want to show her true love. Deep love. I also am not ready to cum yet. She leans up to suck on my ear lobe and kisses her way down to my shoulder and I hear her beg again.

"More Sam."

"Damn it Sookie you feel so fucking good."

I give her more, pushing harder and deeper. Her fiery walls begin to tighten. Time is now of the essence.

"Ooohh Sam…"

He lips press again to my shoulder, her mood has changed because the next think I know her teeth grip the soft flesh of my neck, spurring me on and marking me as her own. My natural reaction is what she was looking for. I rise up suddenly and slam into her depths growling loudly into the room.



"I thought you wanted Sam?"

"You gave me Sam, now show me Dean."

"Fine you want Dean, I'll give you Dean!" I was not angry but her little bite did the trick stirring the deep seated primal needs of my true shifter self.

With speed that may rival a vampire I pull out of her and flip her to her hands and knees.

Sookie gasped and yelps at the sudden change then arched her back to better present herself to me. She glanced over her shoulder and gave me her own soft growl.

I gripped her hips with authority and re-entered her gracefully. Our collective moans filled the room.

"So goddamn perfect… beautiful… my Sookie at last."

My hands slid smoothly up her sweat slick torso and grasped her delicate shoulders and thrust into her deeply hitting home. "Yes, yes Sam YES!"

My gut began to tighten my end is emanate but not until she comes. I bend over her sweeping her hair to the side as I continued to thrust into her. One hand steadies myself while the other cupped her breast that is swaying and bouncing with our motions. Pinching her nipple between my thumb and fore finger I whispered in her ear; "Are you ready Sookie, are you ready for more?"

"Yes! YES!"

"Will you be mine Sookie? Will you be just for me?" I continued to thrust with a purpose.

"Yes Sam, ah ah ahhh."

"I love you Sookie."

"I love you Sam!"

I hated to mark her beautiful body but the shifter in me begged to claim her and so I did. As soon as my teeth gripped the flesh of her shoulder, her whole body submitted and her tight pussy gripped my cock with a vengeance as she came hard on my dick, shuddering and pulsing. Her cries of release washed over me as I came with a thunderous menacing growl spilling my hot seed deep within her womb. Her walls milked the very life out of me as we collapsed to the bed, panting for breath occasionally twitching from aftershocks.

We lay there quietly allowing our bodies to cool as I kissed and licked my bite lovingly. She pulled away and we both groaned at the loss as we were still connected. She faced me a placed her gentle kisses on my face and lips.

"I've always loved you Sam."

"I know Chere."

I sat up and pulled just the sheet over us, it was all that was need for this summer's night. Plus I was there to keep her warm and safe. I had no intentions on going anywhere. We snuggled into bed, kissing softly until exhaustion won over from all the day's activities and all I knew was that heaven was breathing slowly and softly on my chest and my world was a better place.

It had been four years since that summer night. Sookie agreed to marry me two weeks after that night before we even knew what we had forgotten and what had occurred from our lack of judgment. But here we sit at the table eating breakfast with the summer sun shining in the kitchen, spilling its radiant light on the golden skin of my beautiful wife and our blond haired, green eyed four year old son, Kagan Merlott. Sookie's dreams had finally come true and so had mine. Though the world was still swirling with madness of vampires, wares, fairies, shifters and all other forms of super naturals, we kept to our quiet corner of Bon Temps. As the full moon comes and goes I wait for the night that my shifter son joins me for a moon light run and I also await for the day my expecting wife gives birth to what I know with be the most beautiful little girl in all of Louisiana.

Later that night Sookie leans in to kiss me goodnight after another fiery round of passion and whispers in my ear…

"Good boy Dean."

The End.

A/N: I thought we needed a Sam story. So here it is. I hope you enjoyed it. RussellMrs.