Game Night With The Grays


Warning: Tiny bit of of swearing and mentions of sex.

Disclaimer: I do not won anything to do with Monopoly or Camp Rock

"Finish setting up the game," Mitchie instructed, "I'm going to call Nate and Caitlyn to check if they are almost here,"

Shane nodded and opened the box of Monopoly, Mitchie left the room to use the phone.

Shane began counting the play money and acting like a rich mob boss, petting the family cat.

"Why yes Mr. Fluffy," rubs imaginary mustache, "This is quite a good stash of money, what do you supposed we do with it?" Shane asked the fat cat on his lap.

Mitchie entered the room, phone in hand.

"Looks like Nate and Cait can't-, Mitchie said, "What are you doing to Mr. Fluffy?"

Shane pushed the animal off his legs without disconnecting the eye contact with his wife.

"Nothing," Shane answered quickly.

Mitchie raised an eyebrow, but quickly brushed off the feeling of couriosity.

"Like I was saying, Nate and Caitlyn are stuck at their hotel for the night and won't be able to come," Mitchie said.

"That's okay we can play by ourselves," Shane suggested.

"I guess," Mitchie said.

45 minutes later....

"Don't buy it Mitch, don't buy it," Shane urged.

"Why not," Mitchie questioned.

"'Cos I want it," Shane replied.

"You already bought like half the board," Mitchie complained.

"So, haven't you heard, the more the merrier," Shane rationalized.

"Shane, honey, It's just a game," Mitchie said patting his hand, "And I'm getting Park Place,"

"Noooo," Shane fell out of his chair.

Mitchie rolled her eyes and struggled to keep comments to herselfs, she succeeding of course.

"It's your turn," Mitchie said.

In a flash, Shane was back in his chair, clenching the dice in his hands.

"Come on doubles," he yelled, he threw the small white blocks, landing on a total of seven, "Dammit,"

"Just move your token Shane," Mitchie pushed.

"5, 6, 7," Shane counted moving the tiny race car, "I'm buying it,"

Mitchie rolled the dice, and landed on a property owned by Shane.

"Yes, I own this bitch," Shane yelled.

Mitchie looked at him with the eyes that read:

No sex for a month.

"But, I'll let you go with a freebie," Shane said a little scared.

"That's what I thought, just because you're winning doesn't mean you have to be a show-off," Mitchie spat.

"Actually my dear Mitchie, that's exactly what it means," Shane smirked.

45 minutes more, At the end of the game...

"I don't get it, how did I lose," Shane sobbed.

"Simple," Mitchie answered.

"And how is that?" Shane asked sharply.

Mitchie sat up straighter and cleared her throat.

"Well my dear Shane," Mitchie mocked, "To win this game you need strategy.....which you have none of,"

"What do you mean I don't have strategy," Shane said, "You weren't saying that last night,"

The eyes of 'No Sex' reappeared.

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