Title: Blood
Sometimes, A Muse
Legend of Zelda
Dark Link x Link
R for blood and sex and a tiny bit of language. You've been warned.
Word Count:
Drabble. The rain will wash the blood away.
Don't own the characters, don't have any money to give you if you sue. Original plot elements are mine.
Author's Note:
In my journal, I requested people to give me characters and prompts as an exercise to help combat take advantage of my insomnia; for each prompt I would supply a drabble dedicated to the requester. This request was for Dark Link/Link, with the prompt "bloody kisses in the rain." This has a "looser" feel than some most of my other work, but I hope it doesn't disappoint!
Dedicated to hiza_chan (on LJ), who requested the pairing and supplied the prompt.

And when his other half kisses him, he tastes like blood. He's covered in it, of course: no one fights like his shadow, all violent tearing, rending, ripping. Not even the Sheikah assassin, stealthy enough to sneak up and plunge a blade through your gut before you even knew he was there, and oh, did he have blood on his hands. No, for his shadow the act of killing is as important as the death of his enemy; it is something to be enjoyed, savored, relished. And the corpses are still and bloody and they were alive once but they're too mangled to be able to tell what they were when they were alive.

And right now the rain's streaming down, mingling with the blood on the ground and the blood on his body and there's even blood in the air, so much blood. It's red and thick but that's ok because it's raining and the rain thins the blood and it all washes away in streams of reddish-pinkish-red.

And there's blood in his mouth, but that's ok too, because there's always blood when his shadow kisses him. There's always wet heat and questing tongue and sharp teeth and everything clashes together and there's blood, but it's a heady flavor, thick with the taste of lust. And he moans, he always moans when they're like this, he moans and pulls his shadow closer and they kiss and tease and grind and oh fuck does he want this, need this, want this so bad. And kiss-tease-grind turns bite-strip-thrust and thrust and oh right there thrust as his shadow joins with him once more.

He's only complete when they're like this, when he's joined with his shadow and two halves are made whole and really, he is only half a person because he's only whole because his shadow makes him so. His shadow completes him and he completes his shadow and they're nearing completion and he throws his head back and screams his pleasure, white-hot fire in his blood. And blood, blood, fire in his blood and blood in his mouth and his shadow and himself and it's so good, too good and he loses himself, they lose themselves, in how good it is.

And there's blood and it's all ok because the rain will wash the blood away.