A Rich Love

Mikan Sakura is trying to let go of her ex boyfriend, then she meets Natsume Hyuuga, a painter and a handsome man. Despite how poor he is comapred to Mikan's ex, there is still the possibility that these two will fall for each other. NXM/AU


~Chapter One~
Break Up

"Reo... please pick up." mumbled the voice of a brunette haired woman. She had her cell phone to her ear, listening to the rings of her boyfriends' own phone. He was at work, obviously. He was always at work. That was the problem.

Soon the rings ended, and the young woman only ended up talking to his voicemail; again. Her face fell even more as she listened to Reo's voice mail message.

"Yo, it's Reo here. Yeah. The star. Leave a message after the beep, and possibly your phone number if you're a girl and hot." the woman waited for the beep, then left her message.

"Reo... it's me, Mikan. Your girlfriend. You know, I don't want to do this, but you leave me no choice. I'm breaking up with you and when you return to the flat I'll be gone along with everything of mine. I'm leaving the jewellry and expensive presents you gave me, that's why I'm ringing on my old cell... I'm sorry I can't say this to your face, but I know that you will come back and persuade me not to go. You'll say things and say you love me and then we'll have sex and the next morning I'll wake up and regret it all. I can't stand it anymore. You love your work more than me, I know you do. To you I'm just someone to come home to to yell at when your angry, to sleep with when your horny and to be there to make you look good. I an't stand being second best... I never wanted you for money, by the way. I wanted you for you, Reo. I wanted you for you. Not this expensive shit." Mikan waved her arm around the living room of the flat, despite no one being there. She sighed heavily, "So it's over. Goodbye, Reo... I loved you." she whispered, then clicked the end call button as tears leaked from her eyes.

Mikan then picked up her bag of belongings and walked towards the door, key in hand. When she was out of the flat she locked the door, then slotted the key through the letter box. She didn't want to leave any trace of Reo behind her. She was giving him up ultimately. He wasn't going to be back in her life anymore, she hoped.

With that done, Mikan stood straight and walked towards the elevator. She was spending the night at her friend Hotaru's and probably staying there until she got a decent job and a new place to stay. Being Reo's girlfriend meant no job; he needed Mikan in the flat 24/7 so that he had someone to be there for him when he was let off work, which was a random time scheadule so she never knew when he would be home, be it morning or night time.

Mikan took her cell out again and tapped a memorised number into the phone, then raised the cell to her ear. She heard a few rings before her best friend, Hotaru Imai, picked up

"What is it?" the cold voice asked immediately. She knew it was Mikan, but she didn't know what her best friend wanted so late into the evening. Mikan sighed as she stood in the empty elevator, pressing a button to take her down to the ground floor.

"Hotaru, I'm coming over to your place... I left Reo, for good. Can I stay the night?" Mikan asked hesitantly. There was a pause over the phone. Obviously Hotaru was surprised by Mikan leaving Reo, after all, no sane person would leave him, but then again no person loved a man like Mikan did. When Mikan loved someone, she loved them.

"Er, sure, stay however long you want. But you're still paying rent, Mikan!" the young woman snapped down the phone as Mikan smiled sadly to the reflection in the mirrored elevator walls. She nodded.

"Yeah, sure... I'll see you in a few minutes, then." muttered the brunette down the phone. She disconnected the call soon after and stuffed her cell into her purse, waiting impatiently for the elevator to stop. She didn't want Reo to get to her before she could leave because she knew for sure he would persuade her to think otherwise and knowing Mikan, she would turn back and try to sew the patches together again only to lead to failure.

When the elevator finally stopped, Mikan was quick to leave the apartment building. No one saw her seeing as they were all either at work or in bed witrh their lovers. Once outside, she breathed in a lung full of air, feeling a sense of freedom sweep over her as she walked towards the public path. Thankfully that night wasn't too busy, so no paparazzi would be taking photos of her and asking questions. She hated it when that happened.

Mikan was sure that her and Reo's break up would be page 1 news by the morning. It was inevitable. Reo would do it for the publicity, probably tell the reporters a load of bullshit about Mikan cheating on him or being the worst girlfriend in History and then after a few weeks, she'd be old news and Reo would have another tramp on his arm as his little trophy. Mikan knew the story, it'd happened with his previous girlfriends who had all been A list models, singers or actresses.

As Mikan made her way towards the nearest train station she recalled the first time she'd met Reo, the famous star she had never even heard of. Mikan was new to Tokyo, a real country girl, and for some reason she had caught Reo's eye...

"Hey, why are you all alone?" asked a positively sexy voice oozing with charisma and the hint of wnating to flirt. Mikan looked up from the drink she was staring at, blinking at the handsome and tall man in front of her.

"Eh... you mean, er, me?" she asked in confusion, pointing to herself as the man chuckled, sitting beside Mikan as she stared at him curiously. He grinned, staring at Mikan with his alluring purple coloured eyes.

"Who else?" he asked her with his confident voice as Mikan blushed, then returned to staring at her drink. "You know, you;re a very pretty young woman, miss." he then whispered as Mikan slowly lifted her head, her whole face a deep red colour.

"Er... sorry to say this, but you might need glasses." she laughed uneasily as the man arched an eyebrow. This girl wasn't flirting with him recklessly like the other girls at the party. He decided to probe the girl he wanted to take home that night.

"Hey... don't be so modest, you're gorgeus. Anyway, I'm Reo Mouri, and you are?" he asked her in a gentle but manly voice as the girl blinked. His name didn't seem to ring a bell to her, but she still introduced herself.

"I'm Mikan Sakura, nice to meet you, Reo." she smiled as he stared at her for a moment, then leaned closer to the pretty brunette.

"Hey... Mikan, do you know who I am?" he asked her as she shook her head. Reo was impressed and surprised by this. He had finally met a person who didn't know him, plus the girl intrigued him slightly. She was definately different from the other girls who fawned over him all the time.

"Really... interesting. So you don't know that I'm the most famous singer here in Japan?" he asked her. Mikan's face showed that she didn't know anything of the sort, then she started to giggle like Reo had just told her a joke.

"Haha! You're kidding, right? No one, especially a singer as you call yourself, would look at me twice! You gotta be kidding me!" the girl laughed as Reo lost his grin. This girl really had no clue who he was. That was beyond weird!

"Wait so you... you really don't know who I am!?" he cried out as Mikan shook her head. She then turned her gaze to someone else and smiled, standing up and walking towards another woman who was holding a drink in her hand. This woman have dark hair and violet eyes but a stoney look on her face. She seemed different to the happy girl who didn't know who Reo was.

But it seemed that her friend did.

"Baka, who were you just talking to right now?" asked Hotaru coldly as she looked at Reo over Mikan's shoulder. Mikan turned to stare at the dumbfounded Reo for a brief moment. She smiled and waved, then returned to talking to Hotaru.

"Just some guy named Reo. He says he's a popstar or something but I think he's bluffing. Why?" Mikan asked as Hotaru's eye twitched. She then grabbed hold of Mikan's wrist and growled a little.

"Idiot! That's Reo Mouri! The FAMOUS pop star who is attending this party! I only came here to see him because I can get his autograph and sell it! You idiot! He was hitting on you and you just walked away like that!" Hotaru hissed as Mikan whimpered.

"Yeah but how would I know!? I'm not that attractive. Anyway, guys don't normally hit on me and as I said, I thought he was bluffing!" Mikan cried out as Hotaru rolled her eyes. She then dragged Mikan back to the table and stood in front of Reo who was looking even more baffled. The girl he'd been talking to, Mikan, was even redder tha before and looking away from him. The other girl was just holding onto Mikan's wrist tightly and staring straight at Reo.

She obviously knew who he was.

"Sorry about my idiot of a friend, Mouri-san, but she's an idiot from the countryside and doesn't really pay attention to anything that goes on around here. She's new to Tokyo, so forgive her." Hotaru said in her cold voice. Mikan stared up at Reo, biting her lip as he smirked,

"Ah, no worries... I thought she was cute, anyway." he said calmly. Mikan's eyes widened as Reo winked at her. Mikan felt a rush of embarrassment and happiness wash over her.

"So... Mikan-chan... let's go on a date, yeah? I like you, you're a cutie. And honest." laughed Reo as Mikan stared at the man like he was crazy for wanting to date her, but with one glare from Hotaru, Mikan nodded. And that was how it all began...

As Mikan stood inside the crowded train, she started to delete all the texts that Reo had sent her. They were texts about how much he loved her and all. Mikan didn't want any part of him anymore. She wasn't in love with him, they were over... she was a single woman, going her own way. Mikan sighed to herself, lowering her head as small tears pricked her eyes. Would she be able to cope without him? Yes or no? Maybe...

"You sure carry light for someone who just left a bloody rich guy." Hotaru muttered in her cold voice the moment Mikan stepped off the train. Mikan was lost for words, one because Hotaru was actually meeting her and two because Hotaru wasn't scolding her on breaking up with Reo, the most irresistable guy in all of Tokyo. Mikan sighed, walking towards her best friend who surprisingly opened her arms, waiting for Mikan to hug her.

"I left everything he gave me... I don't need those trinkets or useless things." mumbled Mikan as Hotaru rolled her eyes, then suddenly put something to Mikan's head. Oh dear. The baka gun...

"You could've at least given me that bloody tea set he got you, I liked that." snarled the evil best friend of Mikan's as the brunette quivered in fear. It was a good thing she had that very tea set in her suitcase which she planned to give to Hotaru anyway...

"Okay, you can sleep in the spare bedroom, but you're changing the sheets yourself. I am no maid and remember; you look for a job first thing in the morning or I might as well gut you then let you sell your body for money." Hotaru stated as she unlocked her apartment door. Mikan smiled. She was glad to be with her friend again, however cold she may be. Mikan walked towards the spare room she usually stayed in after a break up (this is rare as Mikan rarely dates in this fic), and went to find the sheets and bed covers to make her bed.

Whilst Mikan made the bed, Hotaru talked to her from the couch where she sat, ready to do a complicated Suduko puzzle.

"So what made you run away this time, Mikan? In my opinion you're an idiot for giving up on someone as rich as Reo. If only you were married to him, then you'd get a load of money from the divorce." Hotaru called from where she was as Mikan rolled her eyes. Hotaru always did this to Mikan. She would scold her on breaking up with a guy, then wish that she'd married him just to get some money from the man. Hotaru was a truly selfish woman.

"Hotaru, I'm not you." Mikan tutted, walking out of the spare bedroom to grab a pillowcase or two from the airing cupboard. "And guys don't want marriage anymore, they want a... a bed warmer, I guess. Anyway, I didn't want Reo for his money... I liked him for him." she whispered sadly as Hotaru stared up from her Suduko. She saw how hurt Mikan was, so she stood and hugged Mikan, ignoring the 'important' suduko puzzle.

"Idiot." she scowled, but Hotaru hugged Mikan all the same, her only means of comfort. Mikan buried her head into Hotaru's shoulder, thinking about what she would do in the future. Reo wasn't the sort to come back and take revenge, was he? Mikan didn't know. She did know that she never wanted to date another guy like him again, though...


Okies, that was the first chapter, I hope you guys enjoyed. Natsume turns up in the next chapter, yay~ Thanks for reading!

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