Long ago the kingdom of Meridian was ruled by a wise and powerful Queen named Elyon and she protected her people from anything that might threaten them. So she had built a large wall that went around the border of Meridian to better secure it. She thought that no one could pass it. But Elyon was about to be proven wrong.

One night a guard named Aldarn was walking down the great wall when suddenly a hawk flew down and grabbed his helmet of his head. The bird let out a screech and a grappling hook appeared on the edge of the great wall. That one was followed by several more. Aldarn quickly ran to warn everyone else.

"We're under attack!" He yelled. "Light the signal!"

As he reached the ladder to climb up, Frost the hunter and the tracker appeared. They tried to cut the ladder, but Aldarn made it up in time. He ran over to light the fire when suddenly he saw a dark figure. He gasped when he saw the figures face. It was Phobos, the most dreaded man in all of Meridian. He was the leader of the Huns, a powerful group of fighters.

He walked over to the other side of the cauldron as the hawk flew down and landed on his arm. Aldarn stood still for a minute before lighting the fire. Phobos stared at him steadily.

"Now all of Meridian knows that you're" Aldarn said.

Phobos grabbed a flag with the Meridian symbol on it and put it in the fire. "Perfect, that just what I wanted," He sneered.

About an hour later the General of Elyon's army, Raythor, approached her throne and bowed before her.

"Your majesty, the Huns have crossed our northern border," He told her.

"Impossible," Elyon's advisor, Cedric, scoffed. "No one can get through the great wall!"

Elyon held up a hand to silence him and looked at Raythor.

"Phobos is leading them," Raythor told her.

Elyon sat up straight and narrowed her eyes at his name. Even in the royal palace people feared his name.

"We will set up defenses around your palace immediately," The General promised her.

"No," Elyon said standing up. "Send those troops of yours to protect my people. Cedric."

"Yes your highness?" Cedric asked as he followed Elyon down the steps until she stopped at Raythor.

"I want you to make sure that ever province gets word of this invasion, I want reserves called up, and as many new soldiers as possible," Elyon said.

"Forgive me, my queen, but my men can handle Phobos and his army," Raythor said.

"I can't and won't take any chances with this Raythor," Elyon said. "A single grain of rice can tip the scale. One man may be the difference between victory and defeat."

Elyon was partially right. However the person who would be that difference was not a man but rather a young girl…

In one of Meridians cities a young girl was sitting on her bed playing with some rice in her bowl. She had bright red hair, brown eyes, and wore a pink shirt and tan pants with white tennis shoes. Her name was Will Vandom.

Will sighed as she thought of the big day ahead. It was the day all the young girls in the city went to the matchmaker. Making a good match was one of the most important things a girl could do to bring her family honor. Unfortunately Will was never the girly-girl type, she was more tomboyish. She sighed again. She had a feeling that something was going to go wrong during her meeting. That was why she was writing everything down on her arm with a pen. Sure it was cheating, but Will did not care.

"Be quiet and demure, graceful, polite, delicate, refine, posed, and punctual. Yes! Ha, ha! I got it!" Will cheered, pumping her fists in the air.

Suddenly the rooster outside crowed startling Will. She had forgotten that she had to get her chores done before she went to town, and she would already be late as it was. She ran from the room blowing on the ink on her arm to dry it.

"Napoleon! Napoleon! Na-" Will cut off when she saw her black cat sleeping on the floor.

She gently shook him awake. "What is it doll?" The cat asked sitting up.

"I'm sorry Napoleon, but I need your help doing my chores or else I'll be super late!" Will said as she tied a sack of grain to Napoleon's waist and a stick onto him so that it was directly above his face.

The cat shook his head. "Nu uh. No way doll. The last time you had me do your chores for you I nearly got fried! There's no way that I'm…" He trailed off when Will tired a ball of yarn on the end of the stick.

Just as Will knew it would Napoleon's feline side kicked in instantly and he ran outside trying to get the yarn. The red head laughed and ran to get her things ready while Napoleon did her chores.

Napoleon ran outside past the chickens leaving a grain trail for them to peck at. The chickens then chased after Napoleon to get more grain. They ran past Will's horse, Mr. Huggles. He had a grey coat and a white mane. He neighed and shook his head at the sight.

In the family Temple Will's father, Tony Vandom, who had his daughters red hair, was praying to the family ancestors.

"Honorable ancestors please help Will impress and matchmaker today," He said.

Suddenly Napoleon came in and ran around him in a circle. The chickens then began to eat the grain around Tony.

"Please, please, help her," Tony said with a sigh.

As he stood up to leave, Will ran up the steps holding a tea pot and tea cup.

"Dad I brought the-" Will cut off when she tripped and dropped the cup and tea pot. Luckily Tony caught the teapot with the cane he was using to stand just in time. The tea cup crashed to the floor though.

"Will, "Tony said, shaking his head.

Will shrugged. "No biggie, dad. I brought a spare!" She said pulling the extra cup out of her pocket. Then she poured some tea into the cup. "Remember the doctor said three cups of tea in the morning."

"Will," Tony began.

"And three cups at night," Will finished.

"Will, you should already be in town," Tony said. "We are counting on you to-"

"To uphold the family honor," Will finished having heard that speech a thousand times before. "Don't worry dad, I won't let you don't," Will promised, as she hid her arms from her father so he wouldn't see her writing.

"Wish me luck!" Will cried as she ran off.

"Hurry, Will!" Tony called after her.

After she was gone Tony looked down and saw Napoleon playing with the yarn, which he had managed to get off the stick. He sighed.

"I'm going to pray some more. That girl's going to need it," Tony said with a small chuckle.