The hero of Meridian

After everything had calmed down Cedric stormed down the stairs to where Will and her friends were standing. Will's friends stood in front of her to protect her.

"That was deliberate attempt on my life! Where is she? Oh, now she's done it! What a mess!" Cedric said. Matt stood in front of him and Cedric scowled. "Stand aside now. That creature isn't worth protecting!"

"She's a hero you idiot!" Matt said.

Cedric scoffed. "She's a woman. She'll never be worth anything!"

That blew Matt's fuse. He grabbed Cedric by the front of his shirt. "Listen you little-!"

"That's enough!"

They all looked up and saw Elyon coming down the stairs to them.

Matt walked forward. "Queen Elyon I can explain!"

Elyon waved her hand to the side. Reluctantly Matt, Nigel, Eric, and Caleb moved aside so that Elyon could speak to Will.

Cedric smirked as Elyon began to talk. "I've heard a great a deal about you Will Vandom. You took your father's armor, ran away from home, and disguised yourself as a soldier!"

Matt and the boys glared at Cedric. The advisor had obviously squealed to Elyon about Will.

Elyon continued to speak to Will. "Deceived your commanding officer, dishonored the Meridian army, destroyed my palace, and…"

Will cringed waiting for the queen to punish her. What Elyon said next though surprised everyone. "And you have saved us all," The queen said.

Will looked up in shock. Elyon smiled at her before bowing to Will. Cedric's jaw dropped, then he fell to his knees in front of Will. Then Matt, Nigel, Eric, and Caleb bowed to Will as well. Will turned around and looked at the large crowd as they bowed to her in respect. Even Mr. Huggles bowed his head. Irma and Blunk were sitting on his back.

Irma sniffed. "My little baby's all grown up and saving Meridian." She turned to Blunk. "You wouldn't happen to have a tissue would you?"

Elyon stood up straight and turned to her advisor. "Cedric."

"Yes your highness?" Cedric asked.

"I want you to see to it that this woman is made a member of my council immediately," Elyon said.

Cedric blinked shocked. Then he quickly recovered. "Well I would, but there are no council positions open your majesty."

Matt and the boys rolled their eyes. Cedric just didn't want Will around and they all knew it. Elyon smirked. "Alrighty then. Will, you can have Cedric's job," She said with a smirk.

"What?!" Cedric said. "My…" Then he fainted.

Will and Elyon giggled before Will turned to face the queen. "With all due respect Queen Elyon I honestly think that I've been away from home long enough."

Elyon nodded in understanding. "Then I want you to have this," Elyon said. She slipped a chain over her head. On the chain was a jewel. She placed it around Will's neck. "This is so your family will know what you've done for me. I also want you to have this." Elyon picked up Phobo's sword and placed it in Will's hands. "This is so that the world will know what you have done for Meridian."

Will smiled widely. Then she gave the queen a hug. Elyon smiled and hugged Will back.

"Hey, is she even allowed to think about doing that, guys?" Nigel asked his friends, concerned. Matt, Eric, and Caleb shrugged and laughed.

After Will had hugged Elyon she walked over to Nigel, Eric, and Caleb. The four of them did a group hug.

"I'll miss you guys," Will told them as she released them. Caleb looked at Nigel and gasped. "Dude, are you…crying?" He asked.

Nigel frowned. "No I just have something in my eye that's all!" He snapped.

Without a word Eric handed Nigel a tissue. Nigel quickly took it and wiped his eyes.

Will walked over to Matt with a shy smile. They looked at each other in silence for a minute. Then Matt broke it. "Will…uh…you," The captain stuttered, not knowing what to say. Then he patted Will's shoulder. "You fight good," He said.

Will's smile faded. "Oh, well thanks," She muttered.

She walked over to Huggles and got on his back. "Let's go home Mr. Huggles," She said.

Then she and Huggles leapt down the stairs and the crowd cheered widely.

Matt looked after Will and sighed deeply. Elyon walked up next to him and raised an eyebrow. "You know a flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful."

Matt looked at the queen. "Uh, I'm sorry your majesty, but could you speak plain Meridian?"

Elyon looked at Matt like he had grown two heads. "What is it with you men and romance I will never know. I'm saying that you should go after her you doofus. Cause that is one type of woman you don't meet every day you know."

With that said the queen nodded to the captain and walked away. Matt stood there, thinking about what Elyon had just told him. Then he smiled.

A few days after Phobos had been defeated, Tony Vandom sat by the cheery blossoms trees. He looked at the blossoms and sighed sadly. They reminded him too much of Will. Then that very girl walked into the garden. Will looked at her father and gulped nervously. Then she walked over to him.

Tony jumped when he saw his daughter. "Will?" He asked in shock.

Will knelt before him. "Dad," She greeted. Then she held up Phobos' sword. "I brought you the sword of Phobos and Queen Elyon's jewel. They're gifts to honor the Vandom family."

Tony took the objects. He looked at them for a second before he threw them off to the side. He knelt before Will and hugged her. "The greatest gift and honor a man could have is having you for a daughter, Will."

He smiled as a tear slipped down Will's cheek. Then they hugged again. "I've missed you so much.

"I've missed you too, dad," Will said with a smile.

From the garden archway Susan and Yan Lin watched the scene. Susan smiled and wiped away some tears. She was relieved that her daughter was okay.

Yan Lin, however, was not very impressed. "Great she brings home a sword!" The woman said sarcastically. "If you ask me she should have brought home a man!"

"Excuse me?"

The two women turned and saw Matt behind them, holding Will's helmet. "This is Will's place right?" He asked.

Susan and Yan Lin mutely pointed into the garden. "Thank you," Matt said walking past them.

Yan Lin smirked. "You can sign me up for the next war for sure!" She laughed. Susan smiled and shook her head.

Matt walked up the Tony and Will and bowed to Tony. "Honorable Tony Vandom I-" He was cut off when Will appeared from behind her father. "Will!" He cried. "Uh… you forgot your helmet!" Matt said. Then he turned to Tony. "Well actually it's your helmet isn't it?"

Tony and Will shared a look and Tony gestured his daughter forward. Will smiled and walked up to Matt. She took the helmet and handed it to her father. Then she threw her arms around Matt's neck and kissed him. Matt was surprised at first, but quickly kissed her back.

When they separated Will smirked. "So how about you stay for dinner Matt?" She suggested.

"Howa bout you stay forever?" Yan Lin called. The two teens looked at her in amusement before Matt tuned to Will. "I'm actually pretty hungry now that you mention it."

From the temple the Oracle was watching with a smile on his face. Then Irma suddenly appeared next to him with a smirk on her face. "Come on big guy, who did a good job? Come on tell me who did a good job!" Irma said.

The Oracle sighed. "Oh, alright. You can be a guardian again."

"OH YEAH BABY!!!! BOOYAH!!!!" Irma screamed excitedly. Then she jumped onto her new pedestal smiling insanely. "Yo Blunk! Wake up the rest of the ancestors! It's time to make some noise!" She cried.

"Blunk pumping up the volume!" Blunk cried. He was wearing sunglass and a gold medal with a capital 'B' on the end. He banged the gongs like drums and the rest of the ancestors woke up and began to rock out.

"You know she gets it from my side of the family!" Tibor laughed as he danced with Luba.

"WOOHOO!!" Irma cried, as she swung on a rope around the temple. "Call out for some pizza and let's get some Chinese food while we're at it!" She laughed.

"Ugh, guardians," The Oracle sighed.

Then Irma accidentally let go of the rope and flew out onto the temple steps. She looked up and saw Will leaning over her.

"Thanks Irma," Will said. She and Irma hugged until Napoleon suddenly ran into the temple with the chickens right on his tail.

"IRMA!" The Oracle yelled.

Will and Irma looked at each other then burst out laughing. Then Will smiled. She had finally proven herself to Meridian, saved her queen, gained some new awesome friends, and had one hot boyfriend to boot. Will couldn't have asked for anything better then what she had already received.