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Additional Ending

Soten Mizutani sat in the psychologist's room, looking around at all of the really neat stuff. He had tons of books and statues that looked oddly old. The room was a fair size, enough for her to run around or play hide and seek in, and the large couch and chairs didn't nothing to diminish it. There were large bay windows that were much taller than her – even the psychologist. They were open today, with only the screen as a barrier from the seven-story high fall. The breeze cooled her and she imagined herself jumping out of the window and flying far, far away.

"How are you today Soten?" a thin, older gentleman asked, his smile kind. "Feeling any better?"

Soten shrugged. Her father had started sending her to see 'Dr. S' every Thursday for an hour. It was long and it was boring. She hated answering all of his stupid questions. Didn't he know how to play and have fun?

"What did you do yesterday? Your father told me you were out playing with some friends," Dr. S hinted, the smile still in place. It was like it was permanently there. It reminded Soten of a fake.

"My father knows nothing," Soten answered immediately, her tone slightly cruel. "Daddy knows nothing."

"What should he know?" Dr. S asked, leaning forwards and tilting his head. Was he supposed to look all innocent like that? And how dare he ask her?

He's begging for it, the voice chanted in her ears. And then her head started to pound.

"I don't like that question," Soten said sharply, looking at Dr. S. "You always ask dumb questions."

"I'm just trying to help you Soten," the doctor responded, still smiling.

"Stop smiling," Soten ordered. "Stop it right now!"

As if on cue, Dr. S frowned. "What's wrong? Is something bothering you?"

Soten jumped off of the couch and ran to the window, pushing against the screen slightly. "I want to fly," she said, her child-like voice sounding adorable if the circumstances were different. "Can you break the screen so I can fly?"

"No, that would be a bad idea," Dr. S said tirelessly. "Come back over here."



"No." Soten crossed her arms and glared at Dr. S.

Finally, with a sigh, the doctor came over, pushing her small body away from the window. "Go back to your seat," he ordered.

"NO!" Soten screamed. "NO! NO! NO! NO!"

Suddenly, the doctor looked terrified. He wasn't smiling anymore and Soten felt better. The pounding in her head lessened and she felt more powerful, more in control.

"I DON'T LIKE YOU!" Soten screamed. The doctor just stumbled back, his body leaning on the screen at a dangerous bend. "GO AWAY!"

"Soten," Dr. S tried to reason but it was too late – far too late.

Soten shrieked an undeniable cry of fury and without warning, she lurched her body towards the doctor and shoved him with all of her might. She could feel her muscles growing beneath her, as if she were as strong as any grown-up. A few snaps could be heard and Dr. S panicked, waving his body and clutching at her like a lifeline.

"GO AWAY!" Soten repeated, pushing hard and biting down on the hand that gripped her shirt.

Dr. S yelped in pain and wailed around, the final snaps of the screen being heard.

The screen broke.

The doctor fell out.

Soten smiled wickedly, enjoying the sight of the doctor as he gave her one last pleading look. He looked purely horrified. He knew he was going to die. He knew that it would only be a couple moments before his head splattered against the pavement below.

A scream could be heard and Soten inched towards the open window, peering down at the sight below her. There Dr. S laid, a pool of red blood surrounding his skull. His one leg was bent at an awkward angle underneath him and his eyes were open, staring up at the sky – at her, accusingly.

Soten gave a small laugh, the sound nothing like the childish giggle she usually gave.

In fact, the voice wasn't hers at all. It belonged to the voice of an older woman. Looking down at the dead man below her, the young child grinned.

"You've been a bad, bad boy."

The End. Or is it...

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